Famous People Who Died In 2012

Discover the most famous people died who died in the year 2012. This list includes people like Whitney Houston, Michael Clarke Duncan, Neil Armstrong, Griselda Blanco, Henry Hill and many more. This list of celebrities is loosely sorted by popularity. People featured on this list, include political leaders, artists, composers and journalists who died in 2012. This list includes people from United States, United Kingdom, India & Germany and many more countries.

Neil ArmstrongNeil Armstrong
05 August 1930, American
Whitney HoustonWhitney Houston
09 August 1963, American

Michael Clarke DuncanMichael Clarke Duncan
10 December 1957, American

Andy GriffithAndy Griffith
01 June 1926, American

Rodney KingRodney King
02 April 1965, American
Victim of Police Abuse

Sage StalloneSage Stallone
05 May 1976, American
Actor, Director
Griselda BlancoGriselda Blanco
15 February 1943, Colombian
Drug Trafficker

Henry HillHenry Hill
11 June 1943, American

Ernest Borgnine Ernest Borgnine
24 January 1917, American

Robin GibbRobin Gibb
22 December 1949, British
Ravi ShankarRavi Shankar
07 April 1920, Indian
Musician, composer

Gore VidalGore Vidal
03 October 1925, American
Sally RideSally Ride
26 May 1951, American
Physicist, Astronaut

Larry HagmanLarry Hagman
21 September 1931, American

Etta JamesEtta James
25 January 1938, American
Ray BradburyRay Bradbury
22 August 1920, American

Martin KenzieMartin Kenzie
29 April 1956, British
Trayvon MartinTrayvon Martin
02 February 1995, American
Shooting Victim

Marie ColvinMarie Colvin
12 January 1956, American

Jack KlugmanJack Klugman
27 April 1922, American
Jenni RiveraJenni Rivera
02 July 1969, American

Nora EphronNora Ephron
19 May 1941, American
Screenwriter, Producer, Director
Natina ReedNatina Reed
28 October 1980, American

I. K. GujralI. K. Gujral
04 December 1919, Indian
Former Prime Minister of India

Norodom SihanoukNorodom Sihanouk
31 October 1922, Cambodian
Former Ruler of Cambodia

Alex KarrasAlex Karras
15 July 1935, American
American Football Player
Joe PaternoJoe Paterno
21 December 1926, American
American Football Player
Chad EverettChad Everett
11 June 1937, American

Stephen CoveyStephen Covey
24 October 1932, American
Writer of "The Seven Habits of Highly Effective

Mona Shourie KapoorMona Shourie Kapoor
03 February 1964, Indian
Wife of Boney Kapoor

Mitch LuckerMitch Lucker
20 October 1984, American
Sun Myung MoonSun Myung Moon
25 February 1920, South Korean
Religious Leader

Verghese KurienVerghese Kurien
26 November 1921, Indian
Social Entrepreneur

Elyse KnoxElyse Knox
14 December 1917, American

Adrienne RichAdrienne Rich
16 May 1929, American
American poet

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Lupe OntiverosLupe Ontiveros
17 September 1942, American
William HeirensWilliam Heirens
15 November 1928, American
Serial Killer

John Demjanjuk John Demjanjuk
03 April 1920, Ukrainian, American
War Criminal
Mehdi HassanMehdi Hassan
18 July 1927, Pakistani
Ghazal Singer

Humayun AhmedHumayun Ahmed
13 November 1948, Bangladeshi
Writer, Filmmaker

Ahmed Ben BellaAhmed Ben Bella
25 December 1916, Algerian
First President of Algeria
Carlos FuentesCarlos Fuentes
11 November 1928, Mexican
Mexican novelist

Rita Levi-MontalciniRita Levi-Montalcini
22 April 1909, Italian
Bryce CourtenayBryce Courtenay
14 August 1933, South African

Elliott CarterElliott Carter
11 December 1908, American

Jim StynesJim Stynes
23 April 1966, Irish
Australian Rules Footballer

Amanda ToddAmanda Todd
1996 AD, Canadian
Committed Suicide Due to Bullying

Andrew Fielding HuxleyAndrew Huxley
22 November 1917, British
Physiologist & Biophysicist
Renato DulbeccoRenato Dulbecco
22 February 1914, Italian, American

Enrique BolañosEnrique Bolaños
13 May 1928, Nicaraguan
Former President of Nicaragua

Abune PaulosAbune Paulos
03 November 1935, Ethiopian

Lil JoJoLil JoJo
06 April 1994, American
Hip-Hop Artist
Edward Donnall ThomasE. Donnall Thomas
15 March 1920, American

Frank Sherwood RowlandFrank Sherwood Rowland
28 June 1927, American
Atmospheric Chemist
Robert HughesRobert Hughes
28 July 1938, Australian
Art Critic, Writer

Cyril DombCyril Domb
09 December 1920, Israeli, British
Theoretical Physicist

Joseph E. MurrayJoseph E. Murray
01 April 1919, American
Plastic Surgeon
Wisława SzymborskaWisława Szymborska
02 July 1923, Polish
Nobel Laureate in Literature

Bal ThackerayBal Thackeray
23 January 1926, Indian
Politician, Journalist, Painter
Donna SummerDonna Summer
31 December 1948, American

Israel KeyesIsrael Keyes
07 January 1978, American
American serial killer

Carroll ShelbyCarroll Shelby
11 January 1923, American
Formula One driver, Automotive designer, Racecar
Richard DawsonRichard Dawson
20 November 1932, American
Television actor, Film actor, Actor, Television

Rajesh KhannaRajesh Khanna
29 December 1942, Indian
Actor, Politician, Film producer, Singer
Sherman HemsleySherman Hemsley
01 February 1938, American
American actor

Adam YauchAdam Yauch
05 August 1964, American
Musician, Singer

Ajmal KasabAjmal Kasab
13 July 1987, Pakistani

Tony ScottTony Scott
21 June 1944, British
Film director, Film producer
Sahara DavenportSahara Davenport
17 December 1984, American
William Rees-MoggWilliam Rees-Mogg
14 July 1928, British
Journalist, Writer, Economist

Levon HelmLevon Helm
26 May 1940, American
Singer, Musician, Autobiographer, Composer, Actor,

Andy WilliamsAndy Williams
03 December 1927, American
Singer, Art collector, Musician, Putita

Ben GazzaraBen Gazzara
28 August 1930, American
American film actor
Phyllis DillerPhyllis Diller
17 July 1917, American
Actor, Comedian, Voice actor, Stage actor,

Yash ChopraYash Chopra
27 September 1932, Indian, Pakistani
Film director, Screenwriter, Film producer, Artist

Charles DurningCharles Durning
28 February 1923, American

Dave BrubeckDave Brubeck
1920 AD, American
Pianist, Songwriter

Dick ClarkDick Clark
30 November 1929, American
Television presenter, Entrepreneur, Radio
Don CorneliusDon Cornelius
27 September 1936, American
Television show host

Mike WallaceMike Wallace
09 May 1918, American
journalist, film producer, television presenter,
George McGovernGeorge McGovern
19 July 1922, American
Politician, Soldier, Historian

Thomas KinkadeThomas Kinkade
19 January 1958, American
Painter, Artist

Sylvia KristelSylvia Kristel
28 September 1952, Dutch
Singer, Film actor, Film director, Actor, Model,
Jocky WilsonJocky Wilson
22 March 1950, British
Darts player

Lynn ComptonLynn Compton
31 December 1921, American
Lawyer, Police officer, Judge
Arlen SpecterArlen Specter
12 February 1930, American
Former United States Senator

Ron PalilloRon Palillo
02 April 1949, American
Actor, Stage actor, Television actor

Celeste HolmCeleste Holm
29 April 1917, American

J. Christopher StevensJ. Christopher Stevens
01 April 1960, American
politician, lawyer, diplomat
Jon LordJon Lord
09 June 1941, British
Composer, pianist

Marvin HamlischMarvin Hamlisch
02 June 1944, American
Composer, Conductor, Songwriter, Film score
Jean GiraudJean Giraud
08 May 1938, French
Caricaturist, Comics writer, Screenwriter, Science

Vidal SassoonVidal Sassoon
17 January 1928, British
Businessperson, Autobiographer

Maurice SendakMaurice Sendak
10 June 1928, American
Artist, illustrator, writer

Corrie SandersCorrie Sanders
07 January 1966, South African
Herbert LomHerbert Lom
11 September 1917, Czech, British
Television actor, Film actor, Actor, Novelist,