Famous People Who Died In 1917

Discover the most famous people died who died in the year 1917. This list includes people like Mata Hari, Buffalo Bill, Edgar Degas, Dadabhai Naoroji, Auguste Rodin and many more. This list of celebrities is loosely sorted by popularity. People featured on this list, include soldiers, aviators, artists and journalists who died in 1917. This list includes people from United Kingdom, United States, France & Germany and many more countries.

Mata HariMata Hari
07 August 1876, Dutch
Dutch exotic dancer
Buffalo BillBuffalo Bill
26 February 1846, American

Edgar DegasEdgar Degas
19 July 1834, French
Impressionist Painter

Scott JoplinScott Joplin
24 November 1868, American
Composer and Pianist

 Dadabhai NaorojiDadabhai Naoroji
04 September 1825, Indian

Auguste RodinAuguste Rodin
12 November 1840, French
Tom ThomsonTom Thomson
05 August 1877, Canadian

Elizabeth Garrett AndersonElizabeth Garrett Anderson
09 June 1836, British
Mayor of Aldeburgh

Adolf von BaeyerAdolf von Baeyer
31 October 1835, German

Emile DurkheimEmile Durkheim
15 April 1858, French
Sociologist & Philosopher
Andrew Taylor StillAndrew Taylor Still
06 August 1828, American

Eduard BuchnerEduard Buchner
20 May 1860, German
Nobel Laureate in Chemistry
Emil Adolf von BehringEmil Adolf von Behring
15 March 1854, German
German physiologist

Teresa CarrenoTeresa Carreno
22 December 1853, Venezuelan
Singer, Pianist, Composer

Anton HausAnton Haus
13 June 1851, Austrian, Croatian, Slovenian
Naval officer
Theodor KocherTheodor Kocher
25 August 1841, Swiss

Maksim BahdanovičMaksim Bahdanovič
09 December 1891, Belarusian
John William WaterhouseJohn William Waterhouse
06 April 1849, British

02 September 1838, American

02 September 1838, American
George DeweyGeorge Dewey
26 December 1837, American
Officer, Writer

Edward Burnett TylorEdward Burnett Tylor
02 October 1832, British
Bob FitzsimmonsBob Fitzsimmons
26 May 1863, British

L. L. ZamenhofL. L. Zamenhof
15 December 1859, Polish
Linguist, Ophthalmologist, Inventor, Poet,

Ferdinand von ZeppelinFerdinand von Zeppelin
08 July 1838, German
Aviator, Officer, Balloonist

Oswald ChambersOswald Chambers
24 July 1874, British
Author, Theologian
Frances Xavier CabriniFrances Xavier Cabrini
15 July 1850, American
Missionary, Cleric
Franz BrentanoFranz Brentano
16 January 1838, German
Philosopher, Psychologist, University teacher

Albert BallAlbert Ball
14 August 1896, British
Aviator, Military personnel

Werner VossWerner Voss
13 April 1897
Aviator, Military personnel

Walther SchwiegerWalther Schwieger
07 April 1885
Mackenzie BowellMackenzie Bowell
27 December 1823, Canadian
Politician, Entrepreneur, Journalist

Georges GuynemerGeorges Guynemer
24 December 1894, French
Aviator, Military personnel

Noel Godfrey ChavasseNoel Godfrey Chavasse
09 November 1884, British
Military physician, Athletics competitor

Emil Theodor KocherEmil Theodor Kocher
25 August 1841, Swiss
Swiss physician

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Léon BloyLéon Bloy
11 July 1846, French
Writer, Poet, Essayist, Journalist, Novelist,
Ferdinand Georg FrobeniusFerdinand Georg Frobenius
26 October 1849, German
Mathematician, University teacher

Octave MirbeauOctave Mirbeau
16 February 1848, French
Novelist, playwright, journalist, pamphleteer
Dave GallaherDave Gallaher
30 October 1873, New Zealander
Rugby union player

Andrew MurrayAndrew Murray
09 May 1828, British, South African

Leone Sextus TollemacheLeone Sextus Tollemache
10 June 1884, British
Talbot Mercer PapineauTalbot Mercer Papineau
25 March 1883, Belgian, Canadian
Lawyer, Military personnel

William Frederick CodyWilliam Frederick Cody
26 February 1846, American
John Watson FosterJohn Watson Foster
02 March 1836, American

Albert RyderAlbert Ryder
1847 AD

Léon MinkusLéon Minkus
23 March 1826, Austrian

Jean-Gaston DarbouxJean-Gaston Darboux
14 August 1842, French

Oswald J. ChambersOswald J. Chambers
24 July 1874, Welsh