Famous People Who Died In 1901

Discover the most famous people died who died in the year 1901. This list includes people like Queen Victoria, William McKinley, Benjamin Harrison, Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec, Victoria, Princess Royal and many more. This list of celebrities is loosely sorted by popularity. People featured on this list, include political leaders, presidents, philosophers and empresses & queens who died in 1901. This list includes people from United States, Switzerland and many more countries.

Queen Victoria Queen Victoria
24 May 1819, British
Queen of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and
William McKinleyWilliam McKinley
29 January 1843, American
President of the U.S.A

Victoria, Princess RoyalVictoria, Princess Royal
21 November 1840, British
Empress of Germany

Benjamin HarrisonBenjamin Harrison
20 August 1833, American
23rd President of the United States

Henri de Toulouse-LautrecHenri de Toulouse-Lautrec
24 November 1864, French

Giuseppe VerdiGiuseppe Verdi
10 October 1813, Italian
Leon CzolgoszLeon Czolgosz
05 May 1873, American
Assassin of American President William McKinley

Mahadev Govind RanadeMahadev Govind Ranade
18 January 1842, Indian
Judge, Social Reformer

Charles HermiteCharles Hermite
24 December 1822, French

John George NicolayJohn George Nicolay
26 February 1832, American
Fukuzawa YukichiFukuzawa Yukichi
10 January 1835, Japanese
Writer, Teacher, Educationist, Philosopher,

Li HongzhangLi Hongzhang
15 February 1823, Chinese
Diplomat, Mandarin
Abdur Rahman KhanAbdur Rahman Khan
1844 AD, Afghan

Elisha GrayElisha Gray
02 August 1835, American

Johanna SpyriJohanna Spyri
12 June 1827, Swiss
Writer, Novelist, Children's writer
Arnold BöcklinArnold Böcklin
16 October 1827, Swiss
Painter, Sculptor, University teacher, Graphic

Chlodwig, Prince of Hohenlohe-SchillingsfürstChlodwig, Prince of Hohenlohe-Schillingsfürst
31 March 1819, Swiss, German
Former Chancellor of Germany
Francesco CrispiFrancesco Crispi
04 October 1818, Italian
Prime Minister, Statesman,Lawyer Journalist

Khwaja Ghulam FaridKhwaja Ghulam Farid
1845 AD, Pakistani

Adolf Erik NordenskiöldAdolf Erik Nordenskiöld
18 November 1832, Swedish
Henry Peach RobinsonHenry Peach Robinson
09 July 1830

George Francis FitzGeraldGeorge Francis FitzGerald
03 August 1851, Irish
Physicist, University teacher