The typified personality traits of individuals born on December 3rd are astrologically derived from the dual influence of Jupiter. The celestial body not only rules the zodiacal group of Sagittarius but also the date in which these individuals are born. Thus, the planet solely determines the probability of the individuality of these natives. The intensified influential power of Jupiter is seen in the unique characteristic of December 3rd folks which include a sociable attitude, lot of confidence, independent nature and strong will. They are highly enthusiastic and energetic with an effervescent attitude. Charming in their ways, these people have good looks and an appealing personality. However, December 3rd individuals have proneness for over-confidence and idealistic nature. These people also feel discontented by restrain or limitations in life.

Ozzy OsbourneOzzy Osbourne
71, British
Tiffany HaddishTiffany Haddish
40, American
Actress, Comedian

Brendan FraserBrendan Fraser
51, Canadian, American

Amanda SeyfriedAmanda Seyfried
34, American

Julianne MooreJulianne Moore
59, American

Daryl HannahDaryl Hannah
59, American
Lil BabyLil Baby
25, American

Anna ChlumskyAnna Chlumsky
39, American

Rajendra PrasadRajendra Prasad
78, Indian
Former President of India
Jean-Luc GodardJean-Luc Godard
89, Swiss, French
Film Director

Patricia Dianne KrenwinkelPatricia Krenwinkel
72, American
Joseph ConradJoseph Conrad
66, Polish, Ukrainian, British

Holly Marie CombsHolly Marie Combs
46, American

Danielle ColbyDanielle Colby
44, American
Reality TV Personality, Burlesque Dancer

Andy GrammerAndy Grammer
36, American

Ethan SandlerEthan Sandler
47, American
Jake T. AustinJake T. Austin
25, American

Benny HinnBenny Hinn
67, Israeli

George B. McClellanGeorge B. McClellan
58, American

Charles VI of FranceCharles VI of France
53, French
King of France
Marques BrownleeMarques Brownlee
26, American

Brian BonsallBrian Bonsall
38, American
Anna FreudAnna Freud
86, Austrian
Founder of psychoanalytic child psychology

Kai-Fu LeeKai-Fu Lee
58, Taiwanese
Computer Scientist

Janet Lee BouvierJanet Lee Bouvier
81, American
Pietro BoselliPietro Boselli
21, Italian
Model, Engineer, Fitness Athlete

Anton WebernAnton Webern
61, Austrian
Music Composer
Paul J. CrutzenPaul J. Crutzen
86, Dutch
Atmospheric Chemist

Sven Vilhem NykvistSven Nykvist
83, Swedish

Richard KuhnRichard Kuhn
66, German
Ruby JayRuby Jay
15, American
Singer & YouTube Star

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Terri SchiavoTerri Schiavo
41, American
Salvador MoncadaSalvador Moncada
75, Honduran, British
Honduran-British pharmacologist and professor

Manne SiegbahnManne Siegbahn
91, Swedish

Josh LewisJosh Lewis
18, British
YouTube Vlogger

Gemma StylesGemma Styles
29, British
Instagram Star
Airionna LynchAirionna Lynch
23, American
Kiki PepperKiki Pepper
31, American

Gavin ButlerGavin Butler
16, American
YouTube Personality, Author

35, British
YouTube Star

Afton SmithAfton Smith
52, American
Actress, Brendan Fraser’s Ex-Wife
Ethan KellyEthan Kelly
17, American
TikTok Star

Hilton CarterHilton Carter
40, American

Nic KaufmannNic Kaufmann
19, Singaporean
TikTok Star

Ryan ShakesRyan Shakes
18, American

Jenna DewanJenna Dewan
39, American
Andy WilliamsAndy Williams
84, American
Singer, Art collector, Musician, Putita

Sean ParkerSean Parker
40, American
Jimmy SheirgillJimmy Sheirgill
49, Indian

David VillaDavid Villa

Mithali RajMithali Raj
37, Indian
Michael AngaranoMichael Angarano
32, American

Lee IsraelLee Israel
75, American
41, American
Singer-songwriter, Music executive, Model, Rapper,

Jaycee ChanJaycee Chan
37, American
Actor, Singer, Songwriter

Konkona Sen SharmaKonkona Sen Sharma
40, Indian

Michael EssienMichael Essien
37, Ghanaian

Montell JordanMontell Jordan
51, American
Singer, Singer-songwriter, Record producer
Eamonn HolmesEamonn Holmes
60, Irish, British, Northern Irish

Katarina WittKatarina Witt
54, German
Actor, Figure skater

Mel SmithMel Smith
60, British
Television actor, Film actor, Actor, Comedian,

Ola RapaceOla Rapace
48, Swedish
Sarah-Jane DiasSarah-Jane Dias
37, Indian, Omani

Mark BoucherMark Boucher
43, South African
Dan SnowDan Snow
41, British
Television presenter, Rower

Andrew StantonAndrew Stanton
54, American

Liza LapiraLiza Lapira
38, American
Television actress
Art BrilesArt Briles
64, American
American football player

Wan Azizah Wan IsmailWan Azizah Wan Ismail
67, Malaysian
Ophthalmologist, Politician
Keegan Connor TracyKeegan Connor Tracy
48, Canadian

Daniel BedingfieldDaniel Bedingfield
40, British
Singer-songwriter, Singer

Natalie J. RobbNatalie J. Robb
45, British
Actor, Film actor
Fedor von BockFedor von Bock
64, German

Adam WingardAdam Wingard
37, American
Asa HutchinsonAsa Hutchinson
69, American

Paul NicholasPaul Nicholas
74, British

Steven CulpSteven Culp
64, American

Nino RotaNino Rota
67, Italian
Composer, Conductor, Teacher, Pianist, Actor,
Bayezid IIBayezid II
64, Turkish
Alicia SacramoneAlicia Sacramone
32, American
Artistic gymnast

Igor LarionovIgor Larionov
59, Russian
Ice hockey player

Bobby AllisonBobby Allison
82, American
NASCAR team owner, Racecar driver

Gilbert StuartGilbert Stuart
72, American
Portrait painter, Painter
Joseph GattJoseph Gatt
45, British

Christian KarembeuChristian Karembeu
49, French, New Caledonian
Association football player

Paul BernPaul Bern
42, German, American
Film director, Screenwriter, Film producer

Henry Fitzalan-Howard, Earl of ArundelHenry Fitzalan-Howard, Earl of Arundel
32, British

Abimael GuzmánAbimael Guzmán
85, Peruvian
Political Activist
Ralph McTellRalph McTell
Guitarist, Songwriter, Singer-songwriter

Hayley OkinesHayley Okines
17, British
Ferlin HuskyFerlin Husky
85, American

Hassan KhomeiniHassan Khomeini
Politician, Cleric
John BackusJohn Backus
82, American
Mathematician, Computer scientist
Carrie BickmoreCarrie Bickmore
39, Australian

Personality Traits & Characteristic of Famous People Born on December 3

Endowed with an appealing personality, charming nature and good looks, December 3rd individuals top the list when it comes to having top-notch personality traits in the zodiacal group of Sagittarius. These people enjoy living a good life. They enjoy the physical gifts that life has to offer but along with that manage to keep in touch with their spiritual values as well. What’s more, since these people enjoy communication and have a strong sense of sociability, they mix well with people, their warm and friendly nature adding on to the purpose. However, behind these sociable ways, they have a strong will that helps them stand up to themselves in any circumstance or situation.

Being healthy is one of the predominant concerns of individuals born on December 3rd. These people desire to look good, and feel great about themselves and in an effort to achieve the same, they try to maintain their health and well-being. December 3rd individuals have an inert desire to live up to the old age with a hale and hearty health condition. The only problem that December 3rd individuals need to deal with is weight issues. Since these people are party animals and like to overindulge in alcohol and fatty food, they gain weight considerably. As such, December 3rd individuals need to watch out on the bulging fat and keep their waistline in control.  

Financial condition of December 3rd individuals is mostly stable with a few hiccups here and there. These people have the potential to earn a lot of money, due to their hard-working nature and good luck. However, holding on to whatever they have earned proves to be difficult for December 3rd natives. These people have a generous nature and thus often get impulsive while spending money. Those with this birthday need to tighten their spending spree and instead learn to save considerably.

Impressive personality coupled with strong communication skills makes choosing a career option easy for individuals born on this date. These people are creative folks and tend to trade on to their personality to earn the money. Endowed with immense determination and honesty, December 3rd individuals have a natural talent to translate success in which ever career they choose. While their need for excitement and changes makes advertising and public relations ideal job choices, these people can also be fit for management and self-employment due to their assertive nature.  

Relationship, Marriage & Children
Individuals born on December 3rd share a strong bond of love and affection with their parents, siblings, relatives and friends. These people are sociable and amicable by nature and hence are never short of friends. These people are romantically inclined and like pursuing love. However, once the chase is over, they lose their interest in the person. An ideal partner for December 3rd folks is one who keeps the chase going and never  makes it easy for these individuals. Their main aim should be to keep their partner interested and engaged. Once this is done, it would be easier to make December 3rd men and women stick on to their mate forever. Commitment is something individuals with this birthday have a phobia for. These people equate commitment with losing personal freedom completely and hence take long to say yes. As such, their perfect partner should be one who does not have a clingy nature. Coming to parenting, December 3rd people make supportive parents. They teach their children the value of competition and make them strong to face challenges and hardships that life offers. They always act as a guiding light for their little ones.

Lucky Color: Yellow, Lemon, Sandy Shades
Lucky Number: 3, 12, 21, 30, 39, 48, 57
Lucky Days (of the week): Tuesday, Thursday, Sunday
Lucky Days (of the month): 3, 12, 30