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Birthday: December 3, 1993 (Sagittarius)

Born In: Maplewood, New Jersey, United States

Marques Brownlee is one of the most popular and straightforward gadget reviewers on the internet. His technology-based videos can be found on his eponymous YouTube channel, which was previously called MKBHD, which happens to be his stage name. MKBHD is an abbreviation for his name and the term, high definition. His YouTube channel has been recognized as the best tech-based channel on the internet in terms of the number of subscribers and the number of views. Marques Brownlee has been acknowledged as the best gadget reviewer. He has also interviewed many celebrities, including the CEO of Motorola. He has also been featured on the official website of Time magazine. Apart from being a tech freak, Marques Brownlee is also a professional Ultimate Frisbee player and currently plays for the team New York Empire, which won the 2019 American Ultimate Disc League season.

Quick Facts

Also Known As: Marques K. Brownlee

Age: 30 Years, 30 Year Old Males


father: Marlon Brownlee

mother: Jeaniene Brownlee

Born Country: United States

Height: 6'3" (190 cm), 6'3" Males

U.S. State: New Jersey

More Facts

education: Columbia High School, Stevens Institute of Technology

The YouTube Story

Marques Brownlee started posting videos on YouTube as a mere hobby. As he loves to talk about the latest technology, he decided to review the latest gadgets on the internet. Marques created his YouTube channel on March 21, 2008. But he only started uploading videos the following year.

Some of his initial videos were on Golf. He himself is a golf player and displayed some of his swings in the videos. The first desktop he ever used was the HP Pavilion DV 70 and this was the product that Marques first reviewed. Initially, he used to review only hardware and free software. But gradually, he started reviewing iPhones, accessories, and many other gadgets available in the market.

Marques Brownlee is obsessed with delivering high-quality content. He is also quite prompt in uploading his videos. As soon as a new gadget is made available in the market, its review can most definitely be found on Marques’ YouTube channel. He is also quick in replying to the queries posted by his fans.

Marques can go to any extent to come up with an honest review. All the reviews are based on his personal experiences and he once declared that he doesn’t get paid to review the products. However, top-notch gadget and software companies do approach him to feature their products in his videos. But Marques always gives preference to the choice of his fans and reviews those products that are high in public demand.

Along with software and phones, he also reviews accessories like Bluetooth devices, speakers, headphones, screen guards, etc. Among Marques Brownlee's most popular videos is the one in which he reviewed the sapphire crystal display of the iPhone 6. He literally tampered with the display shield in every possible way to show its durability. He scratched and stabbed it multiple times and even drove a car over it.

His popularity furthered when he was featured on the official websites of The Verge, Forbes Tech, HuffPost Tech, CNET, and Time Magazine. He never compromises on the quality of his videos. All the equipment used to make his high-definition videos is quality checked by him. He uses a high-resolution camera that delivers a resolution of 6K.

Given the fact that his reviews are so genuine, other tech-based YouTube channels recommend and promote his channel for a deeper insight into any product. A popular YouTube channel named Engadget recommended Marques Brownlee's channel for an elaborate review on cloud storage which was a new launch back then.

Apart from reviewing technology, Marques Brownlee has also interviewed a few famous personalities. He first interviewed the CEO of Motorola, Dennis Woodside, in December 2013. He then interviewed the YouTube star and blogger Evan Blass. The professional NBA player Kobe Bryant has also been interviewed by Marques. During the interview, they spoke about Kobe’s technology interests. Marques also interviewed Apple’s Senior Vice President of Software Engineering, Craig Federighi, right after the company launched MacBook Pro. He has further interviewed Satya Nadella, Bill Gates, Will Smith, and Elon Musk, among other big-time entrepreneurs and celebrities.

In 2014, Marques started an award ceremony in which he awarded newly launched smartphones, based on their functionality. The awards were given under different categories like best camera, best OS, best structure, etc. He later decided to make it a physical award ceremony by awarding the companies with a trophy for their outstanding launches. Since 2014, Samsung and Apple have been winning consistently in certain categories.

Marques Brownlee is an internet sensation who gets paid handsomely for all the videos that he posts on YouTube. He is also popular on Instagram where he has 4 million followers. He also gets paid for being a part of the New York Empire and all these sources of income contribute to his net worth which keeps fluctuating between $4 million to $12.5 million.

He now owns several channels on Youtube including ‘The Studio,’ ‘WVFRM Podcast,’ ‘MKBHD Shorts,’ ‘Waveform Clips,’ and ‘Auto Focus.’ These channels, along with his main channel ‘Marques Brownlee,’ hosts a combined subscriber base of over 19.3 million.

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Personal Life & Education

Marques Brownlee was born in Maplewood, New Jersey on December 3, 1993. He grew up in Maplewood, along with his sister. Even though he started vlogging at a very young age, he also made sure to focus on his academics. Marques graduated from Columbia High School. He earned his bachelor’s degree from Stevens Institute of Technology with a major in Business and Information Technology and a minor in Information System and Marketing.

Marques Brownlee is a professional Ultimate Frisbee player. He started playing the game when he was in eighth grade. He initially played for New Jersey Hammerheads. His highest score is 6-3 with a wingspan of 6-7. He now plays for the New York Empire as New Jersey Hammerheads was dissolved. He also plays Golf and has displayed his golfing skills in some of his videos.

Marques Brownlee is a quiet and calm person. He loves listening to music and finds house music to be the best. His favorite artist is Wolfgang Gartner. Brownlee owns a Google Pixel XL and is currently living in a rented studio apartment in Kearny, New Jersey. He owned a grey Tesla Model S P100D car. He later replaced it with Raven Model S in 2020 before going for Model S Plaid in 2021.

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