The typified personality traits of individuals born under the zodiac sign Sagittarius is dependent on the astrological influence of the planet Jupiter. The actual date in which December 1st individuals are born is ruled by the Sun. Thus, the personality traits of these individuals are determined by both Sun and Jupiter, thus explaining their atypical traits and characteristic features. Individuals born on December 1st are optimistic folks with heaps of positivity. They are ambitious and resourceful in their endeavors and dare to not only dream big, but accomplish all their visions and fancies. Most December 1st individuals have a philosophical and religious bent of mind. The only thing that does not work for December 1st natives is their impulsive nature and the tendency to display uncharacteristic behavior due to the same.

Pablo EscobarPablo Escobar
44, Colombian
Colombian Drug Lord
Zoë KravitzZoë Kravitz
31, American

Woody AllenWoody Allen
84, American
American bass guitarist

Richard Pryor Richard Pryor
65, American

Sarah SilvermanSarah Silverman
49, American
Stand-up Comedian

Matthew ShepardMatthew Shepard
21, American
Gay Hate Murder Victim
Bette MidlerBette Midler
74, American

Emily MortimerEmily Mortimer
48, British

Sojourner TruthSojourner Truth
85, American
American women's rights activist
Tyler JosephTyler Joseph
31, American

Georgy ZhukovGeorgy Zhukov
77, Russian
Military Commander
Alexandra of DenmarkAlexandra of Denmark
80, British
Queen of Great Britain (1901-1910)

Armin MeiwesArmin Meiwes
58, German

Bart MillardBart Millard
47, American
Singer, Songwriter

Charles Michael DavisCharles Michael Davis
35, American

Rick scottRick Scott
67, American
45th Governor of Florida
Jeremy NorthamJeremy Northam
58, British

Katherine LaNasaKatherine LaNasa
53, American

Aiko, Princess ToshiAiko, Princess Toshi
18, Japanese
Daughter of Crown Prince Naruhito

Vance JoyVance Joy
32, Australian
Hasan ibn AliHasan ibn Ali
45, Saudi Arabian
Imam, Grandson of Prophet Muhammad

Louis SlotinLouis Slotin
35, Canadian
Charlene TiltonCharlene Tilton
61, American

Philip DeFrancoPhilip DeFranco
34, American

Marie TussaudMarie Tussaud
88, Swiss, French
Mary MartinMary Martin
76, American
Actress, Singer

Lee TrevinoLee Trevino
80, American
Medha PatkarMedha Patkar
65, Indian
Social Activist

35, South African
Singer, Actress

Wally LewisWally Lewis
60, Australian
Rugby Player
Corinna KopfCorinna Kopf
24, American
Social Media Personality

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Janelle MonaeJanelle Monae
34, American
Soul Singer
Otto Pérez MolinaOtto Pérez Molina
69, Guatemalan
President of Guatemala

Gracie KGracie K
16, American
YouTube Star

Mumbo JumboMumbo Jumbo (Oliver)
24, British

Martin Rodbell Martin Rodbell
73, American
Alfred MoisiuAlfred Moisiu
90, Albanian
Fourth President of Albania
Chloe MorelloChloe Morello
29, Australian
Youtube Star

Mark ThompsonMark Thompson
64, American
Radio Personality

Anna ComnenaAnna Comnena
69, Greek
Greek Princess & Scholar

Robert Clarence IrwinRobert Clarence Irwin
16, Australian
Television Host & Wildlife Enthusiast
Deborah FancherDeborah Fancher
Political Activist

Samantha Marie OlitSamantha Marie Olit
48, American
Chester Bennington's Ex-Wife

Rania YoussefRania Youssef
46, Egyptian

Sebastian PineraSebastian Pinera
70, Chilean
Former Chilean President

Violet AffleckViolet Affleck
14, American
Jennifer Garner & Ben Affleck's Daughter
Udit NarayanUdit Narayan
64, Indian, Nepalese
Playback Singer

Riz AhmedRiz Ahmed
37, British
David HornsbyDavid Hornsby
44, American

Jaco PastoriusJaco Pastorius
35, American
Bassist, Composer, Jazz musician, Bandleader

Mohammad KaifMohammad Kaif
39, Indian
Indian cricketer
Deep RoyDeep Roy
62, Kenyan, British

Treat WilliamsTreat Williams
68, American
Sun YangSun Yang
28, Chinese

Chanel ImanChanel Iman
29, American

DeSean JacksonDeSean Jackson
33, American
American football player

Lou RawlsLou Rawls
72, American

Akiva SchafferAkiva Schaffer
42, American
Actor, Film director, Screenwriter, Film producer,
John DensmoreJohn Densmore
75, American

Tommy LuccheseTommy Lucchese
67, Italian, American

Matt MonroMatt Monro
54, British

Gary PetersGary Peters
61, American
N. T. WrightN. T. Wright
71, British

Golden BrooksGolden Brooks
49, American
Arjuna RanatungaArjuna Ranatunga
56, Sri Lankan
Sri Lankan cricketer

Annette HavenAnnette Haven
65, American

Takeda ShingenTakeda Shingen
51, Japanese
Brad DelsonBrad Delson
42, American
Record producer, Guitarist

Dick ShawnDick Shawn
63, American
stage actor, film actor
Candace BushnellCandace Bushnell
61, American

Carol AltCarol Alt
59, American
Actor, Model

Obba BabatundéObba Babatundé
68, American
Louis VI of FranceLouis VI of France
55, French

Nate TorrenceNate Torrence
42, American
60, Indian

Minoru YamasakiMinoru Yamasaki
73, American

Jane TurnerJane Turner
59, Australian
Actor, Film actor

Mian Muhammad ManshaMian Muhammad Mansha
72, Pakistani
Salvatore SchillaciSalvatore Schillaci
55, Italian
Association football player
Javier AguirreJavier Aguirre
61, Mexican
Association football player, Association football

Nestor CarbonellNestor Carbonell
52, American

Meesha ShafiMeesha Shafi
38, Pakistani
Actor, Singer, Model

Zhu DeZhu De
Viv AlbertineViv Albertine
65, British

Andrew AdamsonAndrew Adamson
53, New Zealander
Film director, Film producer, Screenwriter

Dean O'GormanDean O'Gorman
43, New Zealander

Chris PolandChris Poland
62, American
Guitarist, Jazz musician, Jazz guitarist

Mat KearneyMat Kearney
41, American
Singer-songwriter, Singer, Composer
Keith MichellKeith Michell
86, Australian
Film actor, Stage actor, Singer

Jouko AholaJouko Ahola
49, Finnish
Actor, Film actor, Powerlifter
Emiliano VivianoEmiliano Viviano
35, Italian
association football player

Richard CarrierRichard Carrier
50, American
Historian, Philosopher
Nicholas NegroponteNicholas Negroponte
76, American
Computer scientist, Architect, Investor,
Stephen PoliakoffStephen Poliakoff
67, British
Writer, Screenwriter, Playwright

Personality Traits & Characteristic of Famous People Born on December 1

Naturally effervescent and cheerful, December 1st individuals are unique folks with distinctive personality traits and features. These people have a great sense of humor and are jolly and fun-loving. What differentiates them from other Sagittarians is that those born on December 1st are rule makers and not rule followers. They like to live life on their own terms and rarely succumb to the rules set by someone else. Though in the process, they may cause themselves some harm, but these people rarely bother about the same. December 1st individuals are optimistic and futuristic in their thinking. They rarely think negatively and always tend to look at the brighter side of situation. One more aspect that makes these people unique is their caring and nurturing personality. They like to share their success and good times with everybody.

More than a sound health and well-being, it is the appearance and looks that matters to December 1st individuals. These people work hard to maintain good look and sound health and in the process realize that more than looks, it is the health that eventually matters and is most important. When this realization strikes, December 1st individuals turn to holistic and herbal medicines and remedies to treat their illness and thus become hale and hearty. It is advised for December 1 individuals to concentrate on their well-being and take absolute care of their diet and exercise routine. Eating nutritious food would not only help maintain good health, but also good looks and appearance.

Like most Sagittarians, monetary matters have little or no importance in the life of individuals born on December 1st. However, this does not mean that they are reckless with money and turn to frivolous spending and gambling. December 1st individuals are mostly cautious while spending money but once in a while, their generous nature overpowers their living and they go on a spending spree. One thing that is interesting to note in individuals with this birthday is that whether or not they have money, their happiness is not dependent on it.

Naturally communicative and fun-loving, individuals born on December 1st are best suited for various professional careers. Since these people enjoy being in the public eye and do not mind all the limelight and attention, they may be perfect for the world of business, sales, media and administration, their sparkling personality only assisting them in the purpose. Also, December 1st individuals have a compassionate and intellectual side which makes career options in the field of education, lecturing and counselling an easy bet. Whatever the choice is, with their strong will, determination and talented and skilled approach, December 1st individuals are likely to excel in the same

Relationships, Marriage &Children
December 1st individuals are sociable folks, which explain their large group of friends and acquaintances. These people have a wide variety of friends from various walks of life. they are extremely caring and considerate towards their family members and deeply respect and adore them. Romantically, December 1st individuals have a somewhat superficial approach to love. They do not settle for just about anyone. It takes a special someone to steal the heart of these people and become their Mr or Ms Right. When committed, these people are trustworthy and reliable. They work hard to make their better half feel special, loved and valued. A perfect partner for these individuals is one who shares similar interest and liking. He/.she should be as passionate about adventure, thrill and excitement as December 1st folks are. Freedom of space is important to December 1st individuals and thus, an ideal partner need to perfectly balance the need for space and closeness. Parenting does not come naturally to December 1st natives until they get their hands on it. And when they do so, they learn that they are as talented and skilled for the task as anyone else.

Lucky Color: Copper, Gold
Lucky Number: 1, 10, 19, 28, 37, 46, 55
Lucky Days (of the week): Monday, Thursday, Sunday
Lucky Days (of the month): 1, 10, 19