Despite winning innumerable Awards from all around the globe, the Canadian film industry has had to struggle hard for being overshadowed by the American film industry. A testimony to the fact is the nickname ‘Hollywood North’ earned by the Canadian film and television industry. The film fraternity of the country has two distinct groups: Anglophone-Canadian (English speaking Canadians) and Francophone-Canadian (French speaking Canadians) and both the communities have contributed to the production of over 1600 feature films since 1911. The cities of Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver have housed some of the major production centers making Canada a hub for contemporary cinema and the country has given the industry some of the notable film producers like Jim Carrey and Seth Rogen. James Cameron, another legendary Canadian film producer has produced some notable movies such as ‘The Terminator’, ‘Titanic’ and ‘Avatar’. ‘Saturday Night Live’, the popular comic show which revolutionized sketch comedy has been produced by Lorne Michaels another Canadian producer. Metro Goldwyn Motion Picture Studio, is a name reckoned with in the film production industry, was co-founded by Louis B. Mayer, also a Canadian. To know more about famous Canadian TV and film producers explore our collection of biographies. Apart from information on the life stories, career and timelines, we also present some interesting facts and trivia about these personalities.
Kiefer SutherlandKiefer Sutherland
21 December 1966
Actor, Director, Producer, Voice Actor
Seth RogenSeth Rogen
15 April 1982
Stand-up Comedian, Actor, Producer, Director

William ShatnerWilliam Shatner
22 March 1931
Actor, Producer

Mike MyersMike Myers
25 May 1963
Actor, Comedian, Writer, Film Producer, Film

Eugene LevyEugene Levy
17 December 1946
Actor, Comedian, Producer, Director

Jay BaruchelJay Baruchel
09 April 1982
13 June 1974

Calum WorthyCalum Worthy
28 January 1991
Actor, Writer, Producer

Mary PickfordMary Pickford
08 April 1892
Actress, Producer, Screenwriter

Lochlyn MunroLochlyn Munro
12 February 1966
Shauna RobertsonShauna Robertson
18 December 1974
Film Producer

Gloria ReubenGloria Reuben
09 June 1964
Jennifer FinniganJennifer Finnigan
22 August 1979

Jack L WarnerJack L Warner
02 August 1892
Film Executive

Les StroudLes Stroud
20 October 1961
Tove ChristensenTove Christensen
20 February 1973
Actor, Film producer

Marjorie GrossMarjorie Gross
18 April 1956
Writer, Television producer, Screenwriter