Spirituality and religion are considered by many to be the ways of disciplining one’s thought process and lifestyle. Spirituality has definitely helped the world in achieving that to a great extent, and religion has always been the beacon of hope for the masses. The opinions of spiritual and political leaders from Britain and other European nations have also been sought by political leaders for serious matters concerning the society. Some of the famous British religious leaders are William Davy, Anthony Anderson, Edward Leeds, Stephen Addington and Russell Lant Carpenter. Amongst the present day British religious leaders, Aga Khan IV is a well-known name in the country. These preachers have penned numerous books of great religious and spiritual importance. These books have played an important role in influencing the religious thoughts of the country’s youth. A few such literary works of religious prominence are ‘Maxims religious and prudential, with a Sermon to young People’ and ‘A System of Divinity on the Being, Nature, and Attributes of God’. Here is a collection of biographies of spiritual & religious leaders from Britain. Explore and know more about their life stories, timelines and interesting facts & trivia related to their lives.
Oliver CromwellOliver Cromwell
25 April 1599
Military & Political Leader
Thomas MoreThomas More
07 February 1478
Catholic Saint

Aga Khan IVAga Khan IV
13 December 1936
Imam of Nizari Ismailism

John WesleyJohn Wesley
17 June 1703
Anglican Cleric and Christian Theologian

Thomas BecketThomas Becket
21 December 1118

0672 AD
Thomas CranmerThomas Cranmer
02 July 1489
First Protestant Archbishop of Canterbury

John BunyanJohn Bunyan
28 November 1628
Writer, Preacher

George FoxGeorge Fox
30 June 1624

Matthew HenryMatthew Henry
18 October 1662
Charles KingsleyCharles Kingsley
12 June 1819

Charles IICharles II
29 May 1630
King of England, Scotland & Ireland
Rowan Douglas WilliamsRowan Douglas Williams
14 June 1950

Cometan Cometan
01 July 1998

Elizabeth IElizabeth I
07 September 1533
James IJames I
19 June 1566
King of Scotland

Mary IIMary II
30 April 1662
07 December 0521
Irish abbot

Augustine of CanterburyAugustine of Canterbury
Archbishop of Canterbury

Reginald PoleReginald Pole
03 March 1500
Archbishop of Canterbury
Gladys AylwardGladys Aylward
24 February 1902

Pope Adrian IVPope Adrian IV
1100 AD
Hudson TaylorHudson Taylor
21 May 1832
Physician, Translator, Theologian, Non-fiction

Mary SlessorMary Slessor
02 December 1848

Jonathan SacksJonathan Sacks
08 March 1948
Rabbi, Politician

John SentamuJohn Sentamu
10 June 1949
Politician, Priest, Cleric
William LaudWilliam Laud
07 October 1573
Archbishop of Canterbury
George CareyGeorge Carey
13 November 1935
Politician, Priest, University teacher

Robert RuncieRobert Runcie
02 October 1921
Politician, Priest, Bishop

Michael RamseyMichael Ramsey
14 November 1904
Politician, Priest, Theologian

Charles StuddCharles Studd
02 December 1860
Cricketer, Author, Missionary
Lancelot AndrewesLancelot Andrewes
16 July 1555
priest, translator, theologian, Bible translator

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Robert MorrisonRobert Morrison
05 January 1782
lexicographer, linguist, translator, writer

John Henry Cardinal NewmanJohn Henry Cardinal Newman
21 February 1801
Poet, Theologian

Thomas Cardinal WolseyThomas Cardinal Wolsey
29 February 1473

Geoffrey Francis Fisher, Baron Fisher of LambethGeoffrey Francis Fisher, Baron Fisher of Lambeth
05 May 1887