Famous People Born In 1896

Discover the most famous people born in 1896. The list includes people like F. Scott Fitzgerald, Jean Piaget, Lev Vygotsky, Georgy Zhukov, George Burns and many more. This list of celebrities is loosely sorted by popularity. People featured on this list, include political leaders, soldiers, poets and novelists born in 1896. This list includes people from United States, United Kingdom, Germany & India and many more countries.

Wallis SimpsonWallis Simpson
19th June, American
F. Scott FitzgeraldF. Scott Fitzgerald
24th September, American

Oswald MosleyOswald Mosley
16th November, French
British Politician

Georgy ZhukovGeorgy Zhukov
1st December, Russian
Military Commander

George BurnsGeorge Burns
20th January, American

Jean PiagetJean Piaget
9th August, Swiss
Morarji DesaiMorarji Desai
29th February, Indian
Politician, Prime Minister of India

Mamie EisenhowerMamie Eisenhower
14th November, American
Former First Lady of the United States

Jimmy DoolittleJimmy Doolittle
14th December, American
Military General
A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami PrabhupadaA. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada
1st September, Indian
Founder of ISKCON

Ruth GordonRuth Gordon
30th October, American
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Lev_Vygotsky.jpgLev Vygotsky
17th November, Russian

Salim AliSalim Ali
12th November, Indian

Konstantin RokossovskyKonstantin Rokossovsky
21st December, Polish, Russian
Soviet Officer

Andre BretonAndre Breton
19th February, French
Founder of Surrealism

Antonin ArtaudAntonin Artaud
4th September, French
Dramatist, Poet, Essayist, Actor, & Theatre
Imre NagyImre Nagy
7th June, Hungarian

V. K. Krishna MenonV. K. Krishna Menon
3rd May, Indian
Indian Politician

Everett McKinley DirksenEverett Dirksen
4th January, American
Former U.S. Senator

Jolie GaborJolie Gabor
29th September, American
Entrepreneur, Socialite
Leslie GrovesLeslie Groves
17th August, American

Gottlob BergerGottlob Berger
16th July, German
German Official
Trygve LieTrygve Lie
16th July, Norwegian
First Secretary General of the U.N

Anastasio Somoza GarcíaAnastasio Somoza García
1st February, Nicaraguan
President of Nicaragua

William A. WellmanWilliam A. Wellman
29th February, American
Gerty CoriGerty Cori
15th August, American

Wallace Hume Carothers Wallace Carothers
27th April, American
Inventor of Neoprene & Nylon
Philip Showalter HenchPhilip Showalter Hench
28th February, American

Carl Ferdinand CoriCarl Ferdinand Cori
5th December, Czech, American

Walter LangWalter Lang
10th August, American
Film Director
Robert Sanderson Mulliken Robert S. Mulliken
7th June, American
Chemist, Physicist

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Edward Arthur MilneEdward Arthur Milne
14th February, British
Carl Ludwig SiegelCarl Ludwig Siegel
31st December, German

Howard HawksHoward Hawks
30th May, American

Wallis, The Duchess of WindsorWallis, The Duchess of Windsor
19th June, British, American

30th November, Israeli
Anna AndersonAnna Anderson
16th December, Polish
Robert RyanRobert Ryan
16th April, American

Raymond MasseyRaymond Massey
30th August, Canadian, American

Arnold RidleyArnold Ridley
7th January, British

Adele AstaireAdele Astaire
10th September, American
Actor, Dancer, Stage actor
Ethel WatersEthel Waters
31st October, American
Actor, Singer, Jazz musician, Stage actor

Harry R. TrumanHarry R. Truman
30th October, American

Frederick BrowningFrederick Browning
20th October, British
Military personnel

Ira GershwinIra Gershwin
6th December, American

Mark W. ClarkMark W. Clark
1st May, American
Nobusuke KishiNobusuke Kishi
13th November, Japanese

Carlos P. GarciaCarlos P. Garcia
4th November, Filipino
Former President
Ted HealyTed Healy
1st October, American
Actor, Screenwriter, Stage actor

Helen of Greece and DenmarkHelen of Greece and Denmark
20th March, Greek
Queen mother

John Dos PassosJohn Dos Passos
14th January, American
American novelist
Rogers HornsbyRogers Hornsby
27th April, American
Baseball player

A. J. CroninA. J. Cronin
19th July, Scottish
Joseph SchildkrautJoseph Schildkraut
22nd March, Austrian, American
Screenwriter, Stage actor, Film actor

Italo BalboItalo Balbo
6th June, Italian
politician, military personnel

Anandamayi MaAnandamayi Ma
30th April, Indian

D. R. BendreD. R. Bendre
31st January, Indian

Ernst UdetErnst Udet
26th April, German
Roman JakobsonRoman Jakobson
11th October, Russian

Léon ThereminLéon Theremin
15th August, Russian
Inventor, Engineer, Physicist, Scientist

David Alfaro SiqueirosDavid Alfaro Siqueiros
29th December, Mexican
Painter, University teacher, Military personnel

Charlotte, Grand Duchess of LuxembourgCharlotte, Grand Duchess of Luxembourg
23rd January, French
Former Grand Duchess of Luxembourg
Andrei ZhdanovAndrei Zhdanov
14th February, Russian
politician, military personnel

Tommy JohnsonTommy Johnson
31st December, American
American musician
Tristan TzaraTristan Tzara
16th April, French
Art collector, Poet, Writer, Diplomat, Film

Dziga VertovDziga Vertov
2nd January, Russian
Film director

Alberto VargasAlberto Vargas
9th February, Peruvian
Painter, Illustrator
Arthur ShieldsArthur Shields
15th February, Irish

E.Y. HarburgE.Y. Harburg
8th April, American
Erich KochErich Koch
19th June, German

Paulino AlcántaraPaulino Alcántara
7th October, Spanish, Filipino
Football player

Josephine TeyJosephine Tey
25th July, British
Writer, Playwright, Novelist, Screenwriter,
Liam O'FlahertyLiam O'Flaherty
28th August, Irish

Buenaventura DurrutiBuenaventura Durruti
14th July, Spanish
Anarcho-syndicalist, Anarchist, Trade unionist
Sam ErvinSam Ervin
27th September, American

Kenji MiyazawaKenji Miyazawa
27th August, Japanese
Poet, Novelist, Writer, Teacher, Esperantist,

Michael BalconMichael Balcon
19th May, British
Film producer

Klement GottwaldKlement Gottwald
23rd November, Czech
Sandro PertiniSandro Pertini
25th September, Italian
Tina ModottiTina Modotti
17th August, Italian

C. D. DeshmukhC. D. Deshmukh
14th January, Indian

Robert Cedric SherriffR.C. Sherriff
6th June, British

Miles DempseyMiles Dempsey
15th December, British
Senior officer
Giuseppe Tomasi di LampedusaGiuseppe Tomasi di Lampedusa
23rd December, Italian
Writer, Novelist

Evans CarlsonEvans Carlson
26th February, American
Military General

Henry AllinghamHenry Allingham
6th June, British
Soldier, Autobiographer

Benny LeonardBenny Leonard
7th April, American

W.H. CarothersW.H. Carothers
30th November
Chemist, Scientist
John Harding, 1st Baron Harding of PethertonJohn Harding, 1st Baron Harding of Petherton
10th February, British
Military officer

Jacob PaludanJacob Paludan
7th February, Danish
Danish author
Tadj ol-MoloukTadj ol-Molouk
17th March

Otto HofmannOtto Hofmann
16th March, German
Military personnel
Leo KannerLeo Kanner
13th June, Ukrainian
Herbert BackeHerbert Backe
1st May, German