Famous People Born In 1803

Discover the most famous people born in 1803. The list includes people like Ralph Waldo Emerson, Hector Berlioz, Christian Doppler, Joseph Paxton, Black Kettle and many more. This list of celebrities is loosely sorted by popularity. People featured on this list, include political leaders, diplomats, inventors and civil rights activists born in 1803. This list includes people from United Kingdom, United States, France & Germany and many more countries.

Ralph Waldo EmersionRalph Waldo Emerson
25th May, American
American Lecturer, Philosopher, Essayist & Poet
Louis-Hector BerliozHector Berlioz
11th December, French
Music Composer

Joseph PaxtonJoseph Paxton
3rd August, British
Gardener & Architect

Black KettleBlack Kettle
7th December, American

Christian DopplerChristian Doppler
29th November, Austrian
Mathematician & Physicist

Alexander Turney StewartAlexander Turney Stewart
12th October, American
Prudence CrandallPrudence Crandall
3rd September, American
Connecticut's official State Heroine

Friedrich von AmerlingFriedrich von Amerling
14th April, Austrian, Hungarian
Portrait Painter

James DouglasJames Douglas
15th August, British
British colonial governor on Vancouver Island (now

30th November, Iraqi
Abraham's wife
Albert Sidney JohnstonAlbert Sidney Johnston
2nd February, American
Military general

Justus von LiebigJustus von Liebig
12th May, German
Chemist, Scientist, Inventor, University teacher,
James BrookeJames Brooke
29th April, Malaysian, British
Politician, Writer, Diplomat

Robert StephensonRobert Stephenson
16th October, British
Engineer, Civil engineer, Politician

John SutterJohn Sutter
15th February, Swiss, American
Prosper MériméeProsper Mérimée
28th September, French
Anthropologist, Archaeologist, Historian,

Charles Lucien BonaparteCharles Lucien Bonaparte
24th May, French
Biologist, Ornithologist, Zoologist, Ichthyologist
John EricssonJohn Ericsson
31st July, Swedish
Engineer, Military personnel

John GorrieJohn Gorrie
3rd October, American

Joseph WhitworthJoseph Whitworth
21st December, British
Engineer, Entrepreneur
Gottfried SemperGottfried Semper
29th November, German
art historian, architect, teacher, university

Albrecht von RoonAlbrecht von Roon
30th April, German
Theodore Dwight WeldTheodore Dwight Weld
23rd November, American

Ferenc DeákFerenc Deák
17th October, Hungarian

Orestes BrownsonOrestes Brownson
16th September, American

Fyodor TyutchevFyodor Tyutchev
23rd November, Russian
writer, poet, diplomat, philosopher
Egerton RyersonEgerton Ryerson
24th March, Canadian
Alexander Jackson DavisAlexander Jackson Davis
24th July, American

Douglas William JerroldDouglas William Jerrold
3rd January, British

Jacques Charles François SturmJacques Charles François Sturm
29th September, French

Sarah PolkSarah Childress Polk
4th September, American
U.S. First Lady
Adolphe-Charles AdamAdolphe-Charles Adam
24th July, French

Edward George Earle Lytton Bulwer-LyttonEdward George Earle Lytton Bulwer-Lytton
25th May, British

William Smith O'BrienWilliam Smith O'Brien
17th October, Irish
Member of Parliament