Astrologically, individuals born on August 8 are under the influence of both the Sun and the Saturn. While the former influences the zodiac sign, the latter plays a dominant role in the particular birth date. People with this birthdate are stable and grounded and live in practicality. Responsibility and realism is of immense importance to those born on August 8. In their day to day dealings, these people are kind, composed, considerate, generous and dependable. Precision and perfection are sacred to these people. Since August 8th natives are mostly workaholic in nature, they mostly miss out on the joys of life. Adaptability and flexibility is advised for this date people to enjoy the niceties of life.

Shawn MendesShawn Mendes
21, Canadian
Singer & Songwriter
Roger FedererRoger Federer
38, Swiss
Tennis Player

Dustin HoffmanDustin Hoffman
82, American

Shayna BaszlerShayna Baszler
39, American
Mixed Martial Artist

Princess Beatrice of YorkPrincess Beatrice of York
31, British
Elder daughter of Prince Andrew

Ryan GarciaRyan Garcia
21, American
Meagan GoodMeagan Good
38, American
Film actress

Keith CarradineKeith Carradine
70, American

25, American

Emiliano ZapataEmiliano Zapata
39, Mexican
Mexican Political figure
Connie StevensConnie Stevens
81, American
Film actress

The EdgeThe Edge
58, Irish, British
Deborah NorvilleDeborah Norville
61, American

Carmine PersicoCarmine Persico
85, American
Boss of the Colombo Crime Family

Mohamed MorsiMohamed Morsi
68, Egyptian
5th President of Egypt
Anthony RizzoAnthony Rizzo
30, American
Baseball Player

Paul DiracPaul Dirac
82, British
Rory CalhounRory Calhoun
76, American

Kane WilliamsonKane Williamson
29, New Zealander

Faye WongFaye Wong
50, Chinese, Hong Konger
Actress, Singer
Michael ChernusMichael Chernus
42, American

Lindsay SloaneLindsay Sloane
42, American
Manjul BhargavaManjul Bhargava
45, American

Sylvia SidneySylvia Sidney
88, American

Nita TalbotNita Talbot
89, American

Moza bint NasserMoza bint Nasser
60, Qatari
First Lady of Qatar
Jen SelterJen Selter
26, American
Fitness Model, Internet Celebrity
Matthew HensonMatthew Henson
88, American
First African-American to explore the North Pole

Ernest LawrenceErnest Lawrence
57, American

Desmond EnglishDesmond English
26, American
YouTuber, Viner, Comedian

Isabella BarrettIsabella Barrett
13, American
Reality TV star
20, Romanian

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Ragan SmithRagan Smith
19, American

Dani DyerDani Dyer
23, British
Actress, Reality Star

Robert Siodmak Robert Siodmak
72, German
Film Director

Heaven KingHeaven King
9, American
Dylan Michael DouglasDylan Michael Douglas
19, American
Michael Douglas' Son

Jacopo AmigoniJacopo Amigoni
19, Italian
Faith SchroderFaith Schroder
18, American
Actress, Model

Alija IzetbegovicAlija Izetbegovic
78, Bosnian
Political Activist, First President of Bosnia &

Harlow BarkerHarlow Barker
2, British
Aubrey MillerAubrey Miller
18, American

52, American
actor, professional wrestler, television actor,
Joely CollinsJoely Collins
47, Canadian, British

Scott StappScott Stapp
46, American
Musician, Singer, Songwriter

JC ChasezJC Chasez
43, American
Singer, Actor, Singer-songwriter, Composer, Record

Chris EubankChris Eubank
53, British

Michael UrieMichael Urie
39, American
American actor
Joël MatipJoël Matip
28, German
Association football player

Jocelyn TowneJocelyn Towne
43, American

Mutulu ShakurMutulu Shakur
69, American
Musical artist

Louis van GaalLouis van Gaal
68, Dutch
Association football player, Association football
Mel TillisMel Tillis
85, American
Country Singer

Gudrun BurwitzGudrun Burwitz
90, German
Tailor, Patternmaker, Secretary
Kapil SibalKapil Sibal
71, Indian

Liberty DeVittoLiberty DeVitto
69, American

Robin QuiversRobin Quivers
67, American
Officer, Journalist
Roger PenroseRoger Penrose
88, British
Mathematician, Physicist, Writer, Philosopher,

Louis SahaLouis Saha
41, French
Association football player
Nigel MansellNigel Mansell
66, British
Formula One driver

Donald P. BellisarioDonald P. Bellisario
84, American
Screenwriter, Television producer, Film director,

Danilo GallinariDanilo Gallinari
31, Italian
Basketball player
Vanessa AmorosiVanessa Amorosi
38, Australian
Singer-songwriter, Singer

Esther WilliamsEsther Williams
91, American
American swimmer
Katie LeungKatie Leung
32, British

Dino De LaurentiisDino De Laurentiis
91, Italian
Film producer

Ni NiNi Ni
31, Chinese

Laura Slade WigginsLaura Slade Wiggins
31, American
Pierre McGuirePierre McGuire
58, American
Sports commentator, Baseball player, Journalist
Richard AndersonRichard Anderson
91, American

Drew LacheyDrew Lachey
43, American

Larry WilcoxLarry Wilcox
72, American

Saint DominicSaint Dominic
50, Spanish
Catholic priest
Jessie RogersJessie Rogers
26, Brazilian

Don MostDon Most
66, American

William AsherWilliam Asher
90, American

Riccardo TisciRiccardo Tisci
45, Italian
Fashion designer

George TillerGeorge Tiller
67, American
Physician, Officer, Gynaecologist
Rashard LewisRashard Lewis
40, American
Basketball Player

Tobias SantelmannTobias Santelmann
39, German, Norwegian
Lee UnkrichLee Unkrich
52, American

Mamoru OshiiMamoru Oshii
68, Japanese
Film director, Screenwriter, Mangaka, Television

Jon TurteltaubJon Turteltaub
56, American
Kool Moe DeeKool Moe Dee
57, American
Rapper, Songwriter, Singer

Guy BurnetGuy Burnet
36, British
Brian HarveyBrian Harvey
45, British

Simon WestonSimon Weston
58, British
Writer, Soldier

Marsha AmbrosiusMarsha Ambrosius
42, British
Singer-songwriter, Composer, Singer, Record

Paul Ludwig Ewald von KleistPaul Ludwig Ewald von Kleist
73, German
Soldier, Officer
Dilip SardesaiDilip Sardesai
66, Indian

Dennis TitoDennis Tito
79, American
Entrepreneur, Astronaut
Svetlana SavitskayaSvetlana Savitskaya
71, Russian
Aviator, Astronaut, Politician, Military

Jerry TarkanianJerry Tarkanian
84, American
American basketball coach
Joe TexJoe Tex
49, American

Anton FigAnton Fig
67, American
Drummer, Musician
Bhisham SahniBhisham Sahni
87, Indian
actor, writer, children's writer

Personality Traits & Characteristic of Famous People Born on August 8

Individuals with August 8 birthdays are mostly blessed with great leadership qualities. They are responsible and focussed and have a great understanding. Though these people have great imaginative powers and a craving for diversity, they are realistic in their approach and guided by a strong sense of purpose and preference. August 8th natives like to lead and are happy when in charge. They are not afraid of obstacles and challenges and have the courage and guts to move past everything. They are mostly adaptable and are open to advice and suggestion but this coupled with the independent decision-making trait. Though these people are mostly expressive, they can get stubborn and opinionated at times.  

Health of those born on August 8th is usually ripe. These people mostly indulge in a nutritious and well-balanced diet. As such, they hardly face any health issues or any hardship concerning their well-being. However, it is the regular dose of exercise that these people miss out on which can cause an adverse effect on their healthy being. People with this birthdate should include some form of exercise in their daily routine to stay in shape, fit and expel stress of any kind.

Not only are August 8th born natives great at making money, they are exceptionally efficient at handling finances as well. These people do not have any problem monetarily as they are skilled at saving some amount on a regular basis for a rainy day. These people are mostly lucky with financial investments and are not likely to get into debt of any kind.

Highly ambitious, focussed and disciplined, August 8th people are do not have problem choosing a career as they know what best suits them or what their liking is. Since these individuals are intellectual, responsible and have great adaptability, they serve well at managerial positions. Boosting the morale of the employees and getting work done from them is a quality that comes naturally to August 8th people. They are usually determined and hardworking and take meticulous pain to move up the ladder seeking promotion and raise.

Relationships, Marriage & Children
As workaholic an August 8th native is, he/she is equally romantic. These people are the traditional players of love and romance and have immense faith in the institution of marriage. They are sincere and devoted and completely trustworthy. In return, August 8th people are in constant need of the affection and appreciation from their lover. They like it when their partner discloses his/her deepest feelings to them and is of an open mind and heart. Since being egoistical and demanding comes naturally to Leos’, these people want a partner who would bear their occasional bossiness. Someone who is an equal emotionally, physically and mentally serves right for August 8 individuals. As parents, they often show this attitude towards their children as well.

Lucky Colors: Deep Blue, Black
Lucky Numbers: 8, 17, 26, 35, 44
Lucky Days (of the week): Wednesday, Friday, Saturday
Lucky Days (of the month): 8, 17, 18, 28