These people are born with much higher ambition than the most others and they do not let anything stop them from reaching their goals. They sometimes do not seem to realize how good they really are at something, because they are stuck in a dreamy state. People born on the 29th of April need the feeling of security in their lives. They are known for being very spiritual people. They love to learn and will do anything to gain more knowledge. Although, sometimes it can begin to take over their lifestyle, you can always count on them because they are very dependable people.

Uma ThurmanUma Thurman
49, American
Willie NelsonWillie Nelson
86, American

Michelle PfeifferMichelle Pfeiffer
61, American
American actress

Katherine LangfordKatherine Langford
23, Australian

Daniel Day-LewisDaniel Day-Lewis
62, British

Dale EarnhardtDale Earnhardt
49, American
Race car driver
Jerry SeinfeldJerry Seinfeld
65, American

87, Japanese
Former Emperor of Japan

David IckeDavid Icke
67, British
Candace OwensCandace Owens
30, American
Political Activist, Commentator

Duke EllingtonDuke Ellington
75, American
Composer, Pianist and Bandleader
Andre AgassiAndre Agassi
49, American
Tennis Player

Kate MulgrewKate Mulgrew
64, American

Megan BooneMegan Boone
36, American

William Randolph HearstWilliam Randolph Hearst
88, American
Newspaper Baron

Alexander II of RussiaAlexander II of Russia
62, Russian
Emperor of Russia
Raja Ravi VarmaRaja Ravi Varma
58, Indian

Hallie JacksonHallie Jackson
35, American
Political Reporter, Analyst

Kolinda Grabar-KitarovićKolinda Grabar-Kitarović
51, Croatian
Fourth President of Croatia

Anita DobsonAnita Dobson
70, British
Tyler LabineTyler Labine
41, Canadian

Jonathan ToewsJonathan Toews
31, Canadian
Ice Hockey Player
Bernard MadoffBernard Madoff
81, American
Stockbroker, Fraudster

Crystal HefnerCrystal Hefner
33, American
Model, Hugh Hefner’s Wife

Celeste HolmCeleste Holm
95, American
Lee Dong-gookLee Dong-gook
40, South Korean

Andre RussellAndre Russell
31, Jamaican
Jung Hye-sungJung Hye-sung
28, South Korean

Fred ZinnemannFred Zinnemann
89, Austrian, British, American
Film Director

Gabriel ChavarriaGabriel Chavarria
30, American
Martin KenzieMartin Kenzie
56, British

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21, American
YouTube Star
Harold UreyHarold Urey
87, American

22, Canadian

Max FabianiMax Fabiani
97, Italian

Henri PoincareHenri Poincare
58, French
Mathematician and Philosopher
Gunner GomezGunner Gomez
23, American
Chris DanielsChris Daniels
16, American
TikTok Star

Mikaela LongMikaela Long
25, American
YouTube Star

29, American

Ethan BestEthan Best
21, American
Roblox Gamer
Brianna LeahBrianna Leah
16, American

Jay CutlerJay Cutler
36, American
American football player

Master PMaster P
49, American

Darby StanchfieldDarby Stanchfield
48, American

Morgan TurnerMorgan Turner
20, American
Michael LewisMichael Lewis
39, American

Timothy TreadwellTimothy Treadwell
46, American
Film director
Taylor ColeTaylor Cole
35, American

Ramachandra GuhaRamachandra Guha
61, Indian
Author, Historian, Teacher, Journalist

Carnie WilsonCarnie Wilson
51, American
Connie SmithConnie Smith
95, British, American

Tammi TerrellTammi Terrell
24, American
Singer, Songwriter, Musician
Jeremy ThorpeJeremy Thorpe
85, British

Paul AdelsteinPaul Adelstein
50, American

Michael AligMichael Alig
53, American
Club promoter

Infanta Sofía of SpainInfanta Sofía of Spain
12, Spanish

Lonnie DoneganLonnie Donegan
71, British, Scottish
Irvin KershnerIrvin Kershner
87, American
Film Director

Bar PalyBar Paly
34, Israeli
Actor, Film actor, Model

Leslie JordanLeslie Jordan
64, American
Actor, Playwright, Stage actor, Television actor

Zubin MehtaZubin Mehta
83, Indian
Conductor, Music director
Kian EganKian Egan
39, Irish

Lane SmithLane Smith
69, American
Dan ArielyDan Ariely
52, Israeli, American

Mike BabcockMike Babcock
56, Canadian
Ice hockey player

Nora DunnNora Dunn
67, American
Fares FaresFares Fares
46, Lebanese, Swedish

Pierre WoodmanPierre Woodman
56, French
Adult Film Star, Film producer, Film director,
Jay LethalJay Lethal
34, American
Professional wrestler

Klaus VoormannKlaus Voormann
81, German
Bassist, Painter, Actor, Graphic artist

Derek MearsDerek Mears
47, American
Ella HuntElla Hunt
21, British

45, French, Indonesian
Singer-songwriter, Singer
Polly SamsonPolly Samson
57, British
Songwriter, Journalist, Writer, Novelist

Ian KershawIan Kershaw
76, British
Contemporary historian, University teacher,

Ashish NehraAshish Nehra
40, Indian

Debbie StabenowDebbie Stabenow
69, American
David BelleDavid Belle
46, French
Traceur, Actor
Rollo ArmstrongRollo Armstrong
53, British
Record producer, Composer

Rod McKuenRod McKuen
81, American

Domagoj VidaDomagoj Vida
30, Croatian
Croatian footballer

Paul BaranPaul Baran
84, Belarusian, American
Shana MadoffShana Madoff
52, American

Alla RakhaAlla Rakha
80, Indian
Composer, Percussionist

Princess Benedikte of DenmarkPrincess Benedikte of Denmark
75, Danish

Urie BronfenbrennerUrie Bronfenbrenner
88, American
Psychologist, Academic, University teacher, Writer

Renee AlwayRenee Alway
33, American
Vladimir ProppVladimir Propp
75, Russian
anthropologist, linguist, writer, university

Maya DerenMaya Deren
44, Russian
Phillip NoycePhillip Noyce
69, Australian
Film director, Screenwriter, Actor

Bill DrummondBill Drummond
66, British
Musician, Talent agent, Record producer, Talent
Curtis JosephCurtis Joseph
52, Canadian
Ice hockey player
Constantine P. CavafyConstantine P. Cavafy
70, Egyptian, Greek, British
Poet, Writer, Civil servant, Journalist

Personality Traits & Characteristics Of Famous People Born On April 29th   

These people are probably the most practical people you will ever meet and are extremely smart and intelligent. Though, at times they do seem to worry a little too much about how others perceive them. People born on the 29th of April tend to be really good at organizing. They like to have everything planned out perfectly and are not very fond of surprises or do not like things go wrong and contrary to their plans. What brings comfort to these folks is art and they love literature and music. They are very persistent when it comes to making decisions and will keep up with their ambitions until they achieve them.

The only conditions known to happen to these people are nervousness and vitamin imbalance. They are constantly worried about things which are not going right or what people are saying or thinking about them. Other than that, these people are relatively healthy and love meditating. This is their way of shaking off the nerves. Eating right is something very important to people born on the 29th of April.

They are one of the most organized people one can ever meet. They are extremely cautious and organized when it comes to their finances. They usually are not impulsive shoppers, unless they are feeling low. It is almost like a therapeutic act to go shopping. Since, they are not fond of the unexpected they usually have "just in case" savings.

These people generally like a job where there are a lot of opportunities of moving up the ladder. They love the feeling of achievement and will work towards being the top dog. They also look for jobs where the pay is very generous. They would for careers where they can put their organization skills to good use.

Relationships, Marriage & Children
People born specifically on 29th of April are normally very patient when it comes to relationships. They do not like to rush into anything rather like to contemplate if it is worth the risk. Once they have found their soul mate, they are generally loving and loyal till the end. It is very important for them to have a lot of fun in their relationships. They desire a partner who can give them the sense of security which they long for. As a parent, they are not perfect but are extremely fond of their children.

Lucky Colors: Blue
Lucky numbers: 2, 8
Lucky Days (of the Week): Monday & Friday
Lucky Days (of the Month): 2nd & 8th