Anarchism is an ideology which emphasizes on the creation of a state which isn’t ruled by a government, but the masses themselves. Although Anarchism aims at eradicating hierarchy in a society, it has often been criticized and has been seldom followed. The prime reason is the widespread belief that anarchy leads to a state of disorder and chaos. Many activists, over the past few decades, have earned the title of ‘prominent anarchists’. The hero of the Cuban revolutionary movement - Ernesto ‘Che Guevara’, Nelson Mandela, writers Leo Tolstoy and Oscar Wilde are considered one of the most famous anarchists of all time. Che Guevara, along with Cuban communist icon Fidel Castro, staged a political coup to overthrow Fulgencio Batista, the dictator responsible for the sorry state of affairs in the Latin American nation for a long time. Many eminent writers like Oscar Wilde too opposed capitalistic governance and felt that anarchy is ideal for a society.
Woody HarrelsonWoody Harrelson
23 July 1961, American
Actor, Activist
Noam ChomskyNoam Chomsky
07 December 1928, American

Bhagat SinghBhagat Singh
27 September 1907, Indian

Alan MooreAlan Moore
18 November 1953, British

Emma GoldmanEmma Goldman
27 June 1869, American

King BachKing Bach
26 June 1988, Canadian, American
Actor, Comedian, Video Content Producer, Internet
 Peter KropotkinPeter Kropotkin
09 December 1842, Russian
Philosopher & Activist

William GodwinWilliam Godwin
03 March 1756, British

Alexander BerkmanAlexander Berkman
21 November 1870, French, Russian
Bob BlackBob Black
04 January 1951, American
American author

Élisée ReclusElisee Reclus
15 March 1830, French
Geographer, Anarchist, Writer
Ammon HennacyAmmon Hennacy
24 July 1893, American
Christian Anarchist, Social Activist

Murray BookchinMurray Bookchin
14 January 1921, American
Writer, Historian, Philosopher, University

Jacques EllulJacques Ellul
06 January 1912, French
Theologian, Philosopher, Writer, Sociologist,

Georges BrassensGeorges Brassens
22 October 1921, French

Buenaventura DurrutiBuenaventura Durruti
14 July 1896, Spanish
Anarcho-syndicalist, Anarchist, Trade unionist
Benjamin TuckerBenjamin Tucker
17 April 1854, American
Journalist, Philosopher, Economist, Translator,

Johann MostJohann Most
05 February 1846, German, American
Politician, Journalist, Writer, Editor