Discover the notable alumni of American University Of Beirut. The list includes people like Ashraf Ghani, Walid Jumblatt, George Habash, Hanan Ashrawi & Zalmay Khalilzad. This list of notable alumni is loosely sorted by popularity and has people from different domains of life, such as leaders, miscellaneous, architects etc.
Zaha HadidZaha Hadid
31 October 1950, British
Ashraf GhaniAshraf Ghani
12 February 1949, Afghan
13th President of Afghanistan

George HabashGeorge Habash
02 August 1926, Israeli, Jordanian
Founder of The Popular Front for the Liberation of

Walid JumblattWalid Jumblatt
07 August 1949, Lebanese
Lebanese Politician

Hanan AshrawiHanan Ashrawi
08 October 1946, Palestinian
Palestinian legislator

Zalmay KhalilzadZalmay Khalilzad
22 March 1951, American
Imad MughniyahImad Mughniyah
07 December 1962, Lebanese

Samir GeageaSamir Geagea
25 October 1952, Lebanese

Nazim al-KudsiNazim al-Kudsi
14 February 1906, Syrian

Abdulla YameenAbdulla Yameen
21 May 1959, Maldivian
Salam FayyadSalam Fayyad
12 April 1952, Palestinian

Mohammed Waheed HassanMohammed Waheed Hassan
03 January 1953, Maldivian
Abdullah EnsourAbdullah Ensour
20 January 1939, Jordanian
Diplomat, Politician

Shahpur BakhtiarShahpur Bakhtiar
26 June 1914, Iranian
Prime Minister