Some music lover has rightly said, "You can't overdose on music." And when the instrument is something as soothing and mellifluous as a piano, the more one plays, the merrier it is to the ears. No wonder, classical musical virtuosos like Beethoven, Bach and Chopin betted heavily on its sonorous keys to create everlasting compositions that continues to wow the music lovers to this day. That said, playing a piano is no cakewalk and it takes some serious skill and arduous practice to master the keys and chords. Now only if you thought that Europe was the haven for pianists, know that even America has produced some deft piano players whose musical repertoire and skill has got them a place among the greats. Nat King Cole, Thelonious Monk, Bill Evans and Art Tatum are just a few examples of the great pianists who called America their home. Let us delve deeper into the oft-frequented world of pianists and explore the biographies, trivia, and facts about America’s famous pianists ever known to any man.
Alicia KeysAlicia Keys
25 January 1981
Hunter HaysHunter Hayes
09 September 1991
Country Singer, Musician

Nina SimoneNina Simone
21 February 1933
Singer-songwriter, Composer

Aretha FranklinAretha Franklin
25 March 1942

Melissa EtheridgeMelissa Etheridge
29 May 1961

Jerry Lee LewisJerry Lee Lewis
29 September 1935
John WilliamsJohn Williams
08 February 1932

Waylon JenningsWaylon Jennings
15 June 1937

Christina GrimmieChristina Grimmie
12 March 1994
Nikki SixxNikki Sixx
11 December 1958
Musician, Songwriter

Joanna NewsomJoanna Newsom
18 January 1982
Toni BraxtonToni Braxton
07 October 1967
American R&B Singer-songwriter & Musician

Tori AmosTori Amos
22 August 1963
Musician and Singer

16 May 1919

Harry Connick Jr.Harry Connick Jr.
11 September 1967
American singer

Bob SegerBob Seger
06 May 1945
American singer-songwriter
Ross LynchRoss Lynch
29 December 1995

Nat King ColeNat King Cole
17 March 1919
Vocalist, Pianist

AJ MichalkaAJ Michalka
10 April 1991

Duke EllingtonDuke Ellington
29 April 1899
Composer, Pianist and Bandleader
Neil SedakaNeil Sedaka
13 March 1939

Tyler JosephTyler Joseph
01 December 1988
Serj TankianSerj Tankian
21 August 1967

Burt BacharachBurt Bacharach
12 May 1928
Pianist, Composer, Songwriter

Sergei RachmaninoffSergei Rachmaninoff
01 April 1873
Warren ZevonWarren Zevon
24 January 1947
Rock Singer-songwriter

Thelonious MonkThelonious Monk
10 October 1917
Jazz Pianist & Composer
Florence Foster JenkinsFlorence Foster Jenkins
19 July 1868

Jonathan DavisJonathan Davis
18 January 1971
Musician, Songwriter, Singer, Producer, Actor

Fats DominoFats Domino
26 February 1928
Pianist, Rock & Roll Musician
Shawnee SmithShawnee Smith
03 July 1969

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André PrevinAndré Previn
06 April 1929
Jimmy DuranteJimmy Durante
10 February 1893
Actor, Comedian, Singer, Pianist

Roberta FlackRoberta Flack
10 February 1937
Singer, Pianist

Andy BiersackAndy Biersack
26 December 1990

Alexa Ray JoelAlexa Ray Joel
29 December 1985
Grace Potter Grace Potter
20 June 1983
Cassidy FreemanCassidy Freeman
22 April 1982

Patrick StumpPatrick Stump
27 April 1984
Singer-songwriter, Musician, Record Producer,

Tyler HubbardTyler Hubbard
31 January 1987

Ronnie MilsapRonnie Milsap
16 January 1943
American singer
Fats WallerFats Waller
21 May 1904
Jazz Pianist

Noah Gray-CabeyNoah Gray-Cabey
16 November 1995
Pianist, Actor

Steven Curtis ChapmanSteven Curtis Chapman
21 November 1962
Singer-songwriter, Musician

Bobby VeeBobby Vee
30 April 1943

Elena SatineElena Satine
24 November 1987
Chuck LeavellChuck Leavell
28 April 1952

Mark KozelekMark Kozelek
24 January 1967
Oscar LevantOscar Levant
27 December 1906
American pianist

Scott HoyingScott Hoying
17 September 1991
Singer, Songwriter

Danger MouseDanger Mouse
29 July 1977
Charles BrownCharles Brown
13 September 1922
American singer

Jeffrey MillerJeffrey Miller
12 October 2000
Pop Singer, Guitarist, Pianist
William MasonWilliam Mason
24 January 1829
Composer, Pianist

Fiona AppleFiona Apple
13 September 1977
Singer-songwriter, Singer, Composer, Pianist,

Mona LisaMona Lisa
20 November 1979

Norah JonesNorah Jones
30 March 1979
Actor, Street artist, Pianist, Singer-songwriter,

Steven Van ZandtSteven Van Zandt
22 November 1950
Actor, Musician, Screenwriter, Record producer,
Joe WalshJoe Walsh
20 November 1947

Ryan TedderRyan Tedder
26 June 1979

Don HenleyDon Henley
22 July 1947
Singer, Composer, Musician, Drummer, Pianist,

Don ShirleyDon Shirley
29 January 1927
Randy NewmanRandy Newman
28 November 1943
Singer-songwriter, Singer, Composer, Conductor,

Jimmy DeanJimmy Dean
10 August 1928
11 September 1965
Singer, Record producer, Composer, Musician,

Trent ReznorTrent Reznor
17 May 1965
Singer, Composer, Pianist, Musician,

Isaac HayesIsaac Hayes
20 August 1942
Singer, Actor, Singer-songwriter, Composer, Film
Amanda PalmerAmanda Palmer
30 April 1976
Singer, Street artist, Composer, Pianist,

Teddy GeigerTeddy Geiger
16 September 1988
Jack AntonoffJack Antonoff
31 March 1984

Scott StorchScott Storch
16 December 1973
Record producer, Rapper, Singer, Pianist, Composer

Sufjan StevensSufjan Stevens
01 July 1975
Singer-songwriter, Composer, Oboist, Banjoist,
Alicia WittAlicia Witt
21 August 1975

Brandon FlowersBrandon Flowers
21 June 1981
Singer, Songwriter, Musician, Composer, Pianist
Ike TurnerIke Turner
05 November 1931
Guitarist, Pianist, Actor, Singer-songwriter,

Herbie HancockHerbie Hancock
12 April 1940
Singer-songwriter, Bandleader, Conductor, Jazz

Debbie GibsonDebbie Gibson
31 August 1970
Singer-songwriter, Singer, Actor, Composer, Film

Gil Scott-HeronGil Scott-Heron
01 April 1949
Singer, Writer, Composer, Poet, Pianist
Harry NilssonHarry Nilsson
15 June 1941
Singer-songwriter, Musician, Singer, Composer,
Glenn DanzigGlenn Danzig
23 June 1955
Singer, Musician, Guitarist, Pianist, Songwriter

Teddy PendergrassTeddy Pendergrass
26 March 1950

Jimmy SwaggartJimmy Swaggart
15 March 1935
Singer, Theologian, Pianist

Leland SklarLeland Sklar
28 May 1947
Singer, Songwriter, Pianist, Film score composer
Ellis Marsalis Jr.Ellis Marsalis Jr.
14 November 1934

Paul ReiserPaul Reiser
30 March 1957

Leon RussellLeon Russell
02 April 1942
Singer, Musician, Singer-songwriter, Pianist,

Gram ParsonsGram Parsons
05 November 1946
Singer, Singer-songwriter, Songwriter, Musician,

Ray LaMontagneRay LaMontagne
18 June 1973
Vic MignognaVic Mignogna
27 August 1962

Alan MenkenAlan Menken
22 July 1949
Composer, Pianist, Songwriter, Film score composer
David ArchuletaDavid Archuleta
28 December 1990

Jon BatisteJon Batiste
11 November 1986
Pat SmearPat Smear
05 August 1959
Rita CoolidgeRita Coolidge
01 May 1945