When you think of America, you think of bluegrass and beaches, staggering natural beauty and colossal skyscrapers, restaurant loving cities and big open skies. But did you know that America also lays claims to some of world's most spine-chilling, cold-blooded, grotesque killers, dangerous enough to have movies made on them. That is right! Call them mental, disturbed or plain evil, these murderers have skillfully committed most horrifying acts of killing, gross enough to send shivers down one’s spine. They are the epitome of sadism and notoriety. From the “Alligator Man” Joe Ball who killed as many as 20 women to Jeffrey Dahmer, another America’s most sinister serial killer, the history of America is tainted by the blood of many slayed victims. Explore the different, darker, lesser known side of the otherwise warm and welcoming USA in our murderers section where we explore the biographies, timeline, trivia and facts on some of the most shockingly, inhumane murderers to ever walk on the sand and streets of America.
Ted BundyTed Bundy

24 November 1946

Jeffrey DahmerJeffrey Dahmer

21 May 1960

Charles MansonCharles Manson

12 November 1934

John GottiJohn Gotti

27 October 1940

John Wayne GacyJohn Wayne Gacy

17 March 1942

Ed GeinEd Gein

27 August 1906

Aileen WuornosAileen Wuornos

29 February 1956

Richard RamirezRichard Ramirez

29 February 1960

George Hill HodelGeorge Hill Hodel

10 October 1907

Whitey BulgerWhitey Bulger

03 September 1929

Billy the KidBilly the Kid

17 November 1859

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James Earl RayJames Earl Ray

10 March 1928

Richard Leonard Kuklinski Richard Kuklinski

11 April 1935

Jesse JamesJesse James

05 September 1847

Sammy GravanoSammy Gravano

12 March 1945

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Scott PetersonScott Peterson

24 October 1972

Susan AtkinsSusan Atkins

07 May 1948

Susan SmithSusan Smith

26 September 1971

Brendan DasseyBrendan Dassey

19 October 1989

Richard SpeckRichard Speck

06 December 1941

Carmine PersicoCarmine Persico

08 August 1933

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Patricia Dianne KrenwinkelPatricia Krenwinkel

03 December 1947

Darlie RoutierDarlie Routier

04 January 1970

Jared Lee LoughnerJared Lee Loughner

10 September 1988

Leon CzolgoszLeon Czolgosz

05 May 1873

Bernie TiedeBernie Tiede

02 August 1958

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William HeirensWilliam Heirens

15 November 1928

Karla Faye TuckerKarla Faye Tucker

18 November 1959

Caril Ann FugateCaril Ann Fugate

30 July 1943

Hawley Harvey CrippenHawley Harvey Crippen

11 September 1862

Jodi AriasJodi Arias

09 July 1980

Richard GlossipRichard Glossip

09 February 1963

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Alyssa BustamanteAlyssa Bustamante

28 January 1994

Mel Ignatow Mel Ignatow

26 March 1938

James HolmesJames Holmes

13 December 1987

Joseph James DeAngeloJoseph James DeAngelo

08 November 1945

Leslie Van HoutenLeslie Van Houten

23 August 1949

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Pamela SmartPamela Smart

16 August 1967

Baruch GoldsteinBaruch Goldstein

09 December 1956

Albert DeSalvoAlbert DeSalvo

03 September 1931

Bobby BeausoleilBobby Beausoleil

06 November 1947

Eric HarrisEric Harris

09 April 1981

John ConnollyJohn Connolly

01 August 1940