Remember those Sunday mornings when there was nothing more exciting to you then spending the holiday watching a marathon of cartoons — Mighty Mouse, Bugs Bunny and the Superfriends. Animation has come a long, long way since then. But even today, we cannot do without our weekly dose of The Simpsons, South Park, Family Guy, and Archer. Young or old, these cartoon characters have come to hold a special place in every heart. Someone has rightly said, "You can never be too old for cartoons." Inane, satirical, political, sexist, racist, or adult, cartoons have never failed to drive a reaction — shock, amaze, and entertain. And all the credit for making these cartoons so lovable and unforgettable goes to a talented lot of cartoonists like Walt Disney, Gary Larson, Matt Groening, Jim Davis, Bill Amend, and Berkeley Breathed. These were some of America's legendary cartoonists who got us cackling with their wit, and at times, their black humor. Read the biographies to explore the timeline, trivia, and interesting facts on America's famous cartoonists.
Dr. SeussDr. Seuss
02 March 1904
Writer, Cartoonist
Matt GroeningMatt Groening
15 February 1954
Cartoonist, Animator

Shel SilversteinShel Silverstein
25 September 1930

Bill WattersonBill Watterson
05 July 1958

Jake TapperJake Tapper
12 March 1969

Gary LarsonGary Larson
14 August 1950
Bob KaneBob Kane
24 October 1915
Comic Book Writer

Aaron McGruderAaron McGruder
29 May 1974
Writer, Cartoonist & Public Speaker

Thomas NastThomas Nast
27 September 1840

Dav PilkeyDav Pilkey
04 March 1966
Rube GoldbergRube Goldberg
04 July 1883

Raina TelgemeierRaina Telgemeier
26 May 1977
James ThurberJames Thurber
08 December 1894
Cartoonist, Author, Journalist & Playwright

Jhonen VasquezJhonen Vasquez
01 September 1974

Ralph SteadmanRalph Steadman
15 May 1936
Jeff KinneyJeff Kinney
19 February 1971
Author, Cartoonist

Frank KingFrank King
09 April 1883
Joseph Joe BarberaJoseph Joe Barbera
24 March 1911

Caroll SpinneyCaroll Spinney
26 December 1933

Justin RoilandJustin Roiland
21 February 1980
Charles AddamsCharles Addams
07 January 1912
Draughtsperson, Illustrator, Artist, Painter,

Steve DitkoSteve Ditko
02 November 1927
Comics artist, Screenwriter
Scott AdamsScott Adams
08 June 1957
Comics artist, Economist, Journalist

Todd McFarlaneTodd McFarlane
16 March 1961
Cartoonist, Comics artist, Screenwriter

Jo Anne WorleyJo Anne Worley
06 September 1937

Lisa HanawaltLisa Hanawalt
19 June 1983
Randall MunroeRandall Munroe
17 October 1984
Programmer, Comics artist, Writer, Computer
Ub IwerksUb Iwerks
24 March 1901

Kevin EastmanKevin Eastman
30 May 1962
Comics artist, Publisher, Screenwriter

Jim LeeJim Lee
11 August 1964
Comics artist, Publisher, Blogger, Writer, Artist,

J. Michael StraczynskiJ. Michael Straczynski
17 July 1954
Screenwriter, Film producer, Novelist, Journalist,
Art SpiegelmanArt Spiegelman
15 February 1948
Cartoonist, Writer, Editor, Educator

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Alex RossAlex Ross
22 January 1970
Comics artist, Illustrator, Painter

Peter LairdPeter Laird
27 January 1954
Comics artist, Screenwriter

Alison BechdelAlison Bechdel
10 September 1960
Cartoonist, Comics Artist, writer

Walter LantzWalter Lantz
27 April 1899
Garry TrudeauGarry Trudeau
21 July 1948
Cartoonist, Journalist

Joe ShusterJoe Shuster
10 July 1914
Comics artist, Designer, Screenwriter
Craig McCrackenCraig McCracken
31 March 1971

Rob LiefeldRob Liefeld
03 October 1967
Editor, Comics writer, Draughtsperson,

Jonathan HickmanJonathan Hickman
03 September 1972
Writer, Comics artist
Mike MignolaMike Mignola
16 September 1960
Comics artist, Novelist, Artist, Screenwriter

Piers AnthonyPiers Anthony
06 August 1934
William SteigWilliam Steig
14 November 1907
Writer, Sculptor, Illustrator, Children's writer,

31 October 1959

Will EisnerWill Eisner
06 March 1917

Marv WolfmanMarv Wolfman
13 May 1946
Comics artist, Editor, Writer

Neal AdamsNeal Adams
15 June 1941
Comics artist
Berkeley BreathedBerkeley Breathed
21 June 1957
Author, Writer, Cartoonist

Lynda BarryLynda Barry
02 January 1956

E. C. SegarE. C. Segar
08 December 1894
Comics artist, Screenwriter, Writer

Carl BarksCarl Barks
27 March 1901
Screenwriter, Writer, Painter, Farmer, Journalist
Robert RipleyRobert Ripley
25 December 1890
Anthropologist, Journalist

Chris WareChris Ware
28 December 1967
Illustrator, Cartoonist, Writer, Novelist, Visual
Al CappAl Capp
28 September 1909
Cartoonist, Writer, Journalist

Harvey PekarHarvey Pekar
08 October 1939
Comics artist, Autobiographer, Writer, Music

Judd WinickJudd Winick
12 February 1970
Winsor McCayWinsor McCay
26 September 1869
Cartoonist, Animator, Screenwriter, Science

Bud LuckeyBud Luckey
28 July 1934
Joe SimonJoe Simon
11 October 1913
Cartoonist, Comics artist, Editor, Writer,

Ed BrubakerEd Brubaker
17 November 1966
Writer, Cartoonist

Daniel ClowesDaniel Clowes
14 April 1961
Cartoonist, Screenwriter, Writer
Don RosaDon Rosa
29 June 1951
Comics artist

Gail SimoneGail Simone
29 July 1974
Comics artist, Screenwriter
Bill MauldinBill Mauldin
29 October 1921
Actor, Caricaturist, Screenwriter, School of the

Harvey KurtzmanHarvey Kurtzman
03 October 1924
Writer, Journalist

Gerry ConwayGerry Conway
10 September 1952
Writer, Screenwriter, Science fiction writer

Jim ShooterJim Shooter
27 September 1951
Comics artist, Publisher, Screenwriter
Charles Dana GibsonCharles Dana Gibson
14 September 1867
Fabian NiciezaFabian Nicieza
31 December 1961
Comics artist, Editor, Writer

Brian AzzarelloBrian Azzarello
11 August 1962
Comics artist, Writer, Screenwriter

Gardner FoxGardner Fox
20 May 1911
Comics artist, Writer, Novelist, Science fiction

George HerrimanGeorge Herriman
22 August 1880
Jules FeifferJules Feiffer
26 January 1929
Writer, Screenwriter, University teacher,

Wally WoodWally Wood
17 June 1927

Bill SienkiewiczBill Sienkiewicz
03 May 1958
Comics artist

Matt FractionMatt Fraction
01 December 1975
Comics writer

Al JaffeeAl Jaffee
13 March 1921
Cartoonist, Journalist
Aline Kominsky-CrumbAline Kominsky-Crumb
01 August 1948
Comics artist

Bil KeaneBil Keane
05 October 1922
James JeanJames Jean
1979 AD
painter, artist

Hank KetchamHank Ketcham
14 March 1920

Walt KellyWalt Kelly
25 August 1913
Comics artist, Character animator, Reporter, Poet,
Craig ThompsonCraig Thompson
21 September 1975
Comics artist

Lincoln PeirceLincoln Peirce
23 October 1963
Cartoonist, Children's writer
Carmine InfantinoCarmine Infantino
24 May 1925
Comics artist, Editor, Draughtsperson

Scott McCloudScott McCloud
10 June 1960
Cartoonist, Writer

Kurt BusiekKurt Busiek
16 September 1960
Comics artist, Screenwriter

Erik LarsenErik Larsen
08 December 1962
Comics artist, Publisher
Rick RemenderRick Remender
31 January 1973
comics artist, writer

William GainesWilliam Gaines
01 March 1922
Photographer, Screenwriter
Mort WalkerMort Walker
03 September 1923
Comics artist, Writer

Alex RaymondAlex Raymond
02 October 1909
Officer, Screenwriter
Louise SimonsonLouise Simonson
26 September 1946
Comics artist, Screenwriter

Juan Felipe HerreraJuan Felipe Herrera
27 December 1948
John WagnerJohn Wagner
1949 AD
comics artist, comics writer