93 Year Old Males

The list of famous 93 year old males includes Ronald Reagan, Dick Van Dyke, David Attenborough, Gerald Ford, Mel Brooks. Famous males featured on this list, include political leaders, actors, presidents and journalists and from other domains of life. This list of 93 Year Old includes people from United States, England, Italy & Germany and many more countries.

Dick Van DykeDick Van Dyke
13 December 1925, American
David AttenboroughDavid Attenborough
08 May 1926, British
Broadcaster, Naturalist

Mel BrooksMel Brooks
28 June 1926, American
American Film Director, Comedian, Actor & Producer

Tony BennettTony Bennett
03 August 1926, American
Pop Singer

Jiang ZeminJiang Zemin
17 August 1926, Chinese

Alan GreenspanAlan Greenspan
06 March 1926, American
American economist
Ingvar KampradIngvar Kamprad
30 March 1926, Swedish
Business magnate

Albert BanduraAlbert Bandura
04 December 1925, Canadian, American

Efraín Ríos MonttEfraín Ríos Montt
16 June 1926, Guatemalan

Nuon CheaNuon Chea
07 July 1926, Cambodian
Chief Ideologist of the Khmer Rouge
Dario FoDario Fo
24 March 1926, Italian

Abdoulaye WadeAbdoulaye Wade
29 May 1926, Senegalese
Frederick BuechnerFrederick Buechner
11 July 1926, American
Author, Presbyterian Minister

Ted LernerTed Lerner
15 October 1925, American
Real Estate Developer

Aaron KlugAaron Klug
11 August 1926, British
Chemist & Biophysicist
Paul BergPaul Berg
30 June 1926, American

Jiro OnoJiro Ono
27 October 1925, Japanese
Ben Roy MottelsonBen Roy Mottelson
09 July 1926, Danish, American

David WagonerDavid Wagoner
05 June 1926, American
Poet, Novelist, Professor

Roger CormanRoger Corman
05 April 1926, American
American film producer
Norman JewisonNorman Jewison
21 July 1926, Canadian
Film director, Film producer, Actor, Screenwriter

Andrea CamilleriAndrea Camilleri
06 September 1925, Italian
Writer, Screenwriter
John GokongweiJohn Gokongwei
11 August 1926

Paul GreengardPaul Greengard
11 December 1925, American

Johnny MandelJohnny Mandel
23 November 1925, American
Composer, Songwriter, Film score composer

Michel PiccoliMichel Piccoli
27 December 1925, French
Film actor, Film director, Screenwriter, Stage
Claude LanzmannClaude Lanzmann
27 November 1925, French
Journalist, Writer, Film director, Screenwriter
Keith L. MooreKeith L. Moore
05 October 1925, Canadian

Jürgen MoltmannJürgen Moltmann
08 April 1926, German
Theologian, University teacher

Hans RausingHans Rausing
25 March 1926, Swedish

Bert HellingerBert Hellinger
16 December 1925, German
Pedagogy, Non-fiction writer, Catholic priest,
Peter LaxPeter Lax
01 May 1926, Hungarian
Mathematician, University teacher

Sibghatullah MojaddediSibghatullah Mojaddedi
1926 AD, Afghan
Former President of Afghanistan

Roy J. GlauberRoy J. Glauber
01 September 1925, American

Rupert NeveRupert Neve
31 July 1926, British
Engineer, Audio engineer

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Yehuda BauerYehuda Bauer
06 April 1926, Israeli
historian, writer, university teacher
Giotto BizzarriniGiotto Bizzarrini
06 June 1926, Italian
Italian engineer

Arnaldo ForlaniArnaldo Forlani
08 December 1925, Italian
Konstantinos StephanopoulosKonstantinos Stephanopoulos
15 August 1926, Greek

Alistair HorneAlistair Horne
09 November 1925, British
Historian, Journalist

Hushang AnsaryHushang Ansary
01 January 1926, Iranian, American
Politician, Businessperson, Diplomat, Entrepreneur
Curt LowensCurt Lowens
17 November 1925, German
Actor, Stage actor, Television actor

Akkitham Achuthan NamboothiriAkkitham Achuthan Namboothiri
18 March 1926, Indian
Alan BergmanAlan Bergman
11 September 1925, American

Doug LarsonDoug Larson
10 February 1926, American

Egisto PandolfiniEgisto Pandolfini
19 February 1926, Italian
Association football player

J. Donald WaltersJ. Donald Walters
19 May 1926, Romanian

Sir George Henry MartinSir George Henry Martin
03 January 1926, British
Peter Marshall (Entertainer)Peter Marshall (Entertainer)
30 March 1926, American