19th Century Journalists
Find out more about the greatest 19th Century Journalists, including Dorothy Day, Jack London, Nellie Bly, Friedrich Engels and Theodor Herzl.
Jack LondonJack London
12 January 1876, American
Nellie BlyNellie Bly
05 May 1864, American

Ambrose Gwinnett Bierce Ambrose Bierce
24 June 1842, American
Journalist & Writer, soldier

Theodor HerzlTheodor Herzl
02 May 1860, Austrian, Hungarian

H. L. MenckenH. L. Mencken
12 September 1880, American

Dorothy DayDorothy Day
08 November 1897, American
Henry Morton StanleyHenry Morton Stanley
28 January 1841, British, American, Welsh

Joseph PulitzerJoseph Pulitzer
10 April 1847, Hungarian
Journalist & Publisher

Ida TarbellIda Tarbell
05 November 1857, American

Walter LippmannWalter Lippmann
23 September 1889, American
First to introduce the concept of Cold War
Margaret FullerMargaret Fuller
23 May 1810, American

James ThurberJames Thurber
08 December 1894, American
Cartoonist, Author, Journalist & Playwright
Banjo PatersonBanjo Paterson
17 February 1864, Australian

Pauline Pfeiffer Pauline Pfeiffer
22 July 1895, American
Journalist & Second Wife of Ernest Hemingway

Walter WinchellWalter Winchell
07 April 1897, American
Journalist, Radio Personality
Marcelo H. del PilarMarcelo H. del Pilar
30 August 1850, Filipino

Henry AdamsHenry Adams
16 February 1838, American
Robert BenchleyRobert Benchley
15 October 1889, American

Katherine Anne PorterKatherine Anne Porter
15 May 1890, American
Journalist, Essayist, Writer, Novelist

Bret Harte Bret Harte
25 August 1836, American
Author & Poet
Kurt EisnerKurt Eisner
14 May 1867, German

Alexander WoollcottAlexander Woollcott
19 January 1887, American
American critic
Hristo BotevHristo Botev
06 January 1848, Bulgarian
Bulgarian Revolutionary

Norman AngellNorman Angell
26 December 1872, British
British Journalist & Author

Christopher MorleyChristopher Morley
05 May 1890, American
Journalist, Novelist

Giuseppe UngarettiGiuseppe Ungaretti
08 February 1888, Italian
Poet, Essayist
Don MarquisDon Marquis
29 July 1878, American
Thomas Bailey AldrichThomas Bailey Aldrich
11 November 1836, American
Poet & Novelist

Catherine Helen Spence Catherine Helen Spence
31 October 1825, Australian
Author, Journalist & Politician

Franklin Pierce AdamsFranklin Pierce Adams
15 November 1881, American

John ReedJohn Reed
22 October 1887, American
Journalist, Poet
C.P. ScottC.P. Scott
26 October 1846, British
Former Editor of 'The Guardian'

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Alfred DouglasAlfred Douglas
22 October 1870, British

Vita Sackville-WestVita Sackville-West
09 March 1892, British

Rose Wilder LaneRose Wilder Lane
05 December 1886, American

Pierre-Joseph ProudhonPierre-Joseph Proudhon
15 January 1809, French
Economist, Sociologist, Politician, Journalist,
Horace GreeleyHorace Greeley
03 February 1811, American
Journalist, Politician, Publisher, Editor

Stephen CraneStephen Crane
01 November 1871, American
Writer, Journalist, Poet, Baseball player,
Karl PolanyiKarl Polanyi
25 October 1886, Hungarian
Economist, Anthropologist, Economic historian,

Joel Chandler HarrisJoel Chandler Harris
09 December 1848, American

Emma LazarusEmma Lazarus
22 July 1849, American
Poet, Writer, Journalist
Mathew BradyMathew Brady
18 May 1822, American
Photographer, War photographer, Photojournalist,

James Russell LowellJames Russell Lowell
22 February 1819, American
Poet, Diplomat, Essayist, Writer, Literary critic,
Keith MurdochKeith Murdoch
12 August 1885, Australian
War correspondent

Henryk SienkiewiczHenryk Sienkiewicz
05 May 1846, Polish
Writer, Novelist, Screenwriter, Journalist

Carlos P. RomuloCarlos P. Romulo
14 January 1899, Filipino

Harold AbrahamsHarold Abrahams
15 December 1899, British
Athletics competitor, Sprinter, Lawyer, Journalist

Carlo CollodiCarlo Collodi
24 November 1826, Italian
Writer, Journalist, Novelist, Children's writer
Kalki KrishnamurthyKalki Krishnamurthy
09 September 1899, Indian
Screenwriter, Journalist, Writer

Marjory Stoneman DouglasMarjory Stoneman Douglas
07 April 1890, American
Journalist, Feminist

Lewis MumfordLewis Mumford
19 October 1895, American
Architect, Historian of technology, Historian,

Raymond PoincaréRaymond Poincaré
20 August 1860, French
Politician, Lawyer, Journalist
Caresse CrosbyCaresse Crosby
20 April 1891, American
Publisher, Writer, Socialite, Poet, Memoirist,

Harriet MartineauHarriet Martineau
12 June 1802, British
Linguist, Journalist, Economist, Historian,
Walter BagehotWalter Bagehot
03 February 1826, British
Journalist, Economist, Political scientist,

Otto StrasserOtto Strasser
10 September 1897, German
Journalist, Politician, Writer

E. H. CarrE. H. Carr
28 June 1892, British
Historian, Journalist, Diplomat, Writer, Political
Karl KautskyKarl Kautsky
16 October 1854, Czech, German

Henry LuceHenry Luce
03 April 1898, American
Journalist, Publisher
Theodor HeussTheodor Heuss
31 January 1884, German
Politician, University teacher, Journalist

12 June 1899, American
Photographer, Photojournalist, Journalist

Béla KunBéla Kun
20 February 1886, Hungarian
Politician, Diplomat, Journalist
Djuna BarnesDjuna Barnes
12 June 1892, American

Ben HechtBen Hecht
28 February 1893, American
Walther FunkWalther Funk
18 August 1890, Bulgarian, German
Journalist, Banker, Economist, Politician

Lysander SpoonerLysander Spooner
19 January 1808, American
Lawyer, Journalist, Essayist, Philosopher

Constantine P. CavafyConstantine P. Cavafy
29 April 1863, Egyptian, Greek, British
Poet, Writer, Civil servant, Journalist

Elbert HubbardElbert Hubbard
19 June 1856, American
Journalist, Philosopher, Publisher, Writer
Robert RipleyRobert Ripley
25 December 1890, American
Anthropologist, Journalist
Adolphe ThiersAdolphe Thiers
15 April 1797, French
Lawyer, Politician, Journalist, Historian, Writer

Carter G. WoodsonCarter G. Woodson
19 December 1875, American
Journalist, Historian

Jean-Baptiste SayJean-Baptiste Say
05 January 1767, French
Economist, Politician, Writer, Professor,

Gaston LerouxGaston Leroux
06 May 1868, French
Journalist, Writer, Novelist, Screenwriter
Bharatendu HarishchandraBharatendu Harishchandra
09 September 1850, Indian
Actor, Journalist, Writer, Poet

Domingo Faustino SarmientoDomingo Faustino Sarmiento
15 February 1811, Argentinian
Politician, Writer, Journalist, Soldier, Diplomat,

Dolores IbárruriDolores Ibárruri
09 December 1895, Spanish
Politician, Journalist

Hu ShihHu Shih
17 December 1891, Taiwanese
Diplomat, Professor, Journalist

B. H. Liddell HartB. H. Liddell Hart
31 October 1895, British
Journalist, Military historian, Historian, Writer
James M. CoxJames M. Cox
31 March 1870, American

Harold NicolsonHarold Nicolson
21 November 1886, British
Horticulturist, Politician, Diplomat, Diarist,
Clara ZetkinClara Zetkin
05 July 1857, German
Politician, Journalist, Feminist

Luis Muñoz MarínLuis Muñoz Marín
18 February 1898, Puerto Rican

Paul ReynaudPaul Reynaud
15 October 1878, French
Politician, Lawyer, Journalist
Chen DuxiuChen Duxiu
08 October 1879, Chinese
Politician, Professor, Philosopher, Journalist

Karl RadekKarl Radek
31 October 1885, Austrian, Polish
Politician, University teacher, Journalist
Finley Peter DunneFinley Peter Dunne
10 July 1867, American
Author, Screenwriter, Writer, Journalist

Wyndham LewisWyndham Lewis
18 November 1882, British
Painter, Writer, Journalist, Editor, Novelist

Fukuzawa YukichiFukuzawa Yukichi
10 January 1835, Japanese
Writer, Teacher, Educationist, Philosopher,

George S. KaufmanGeorge S. Kaufman
16 November 1889, American
Theatre director, Screenwriter, Journalist,
Victor KlempererVictor Klemperer
09 October 1881, German
Linguist, Politician, Writer, Autobiographer,

Max BrodMax Brod
27 May 1884, Czech, Israeli
Linguist, Composer, Pianist, Novelist, Translator,
Arthur RansomeArthur Ransome
18 January 1884, British

Friedrich ListFriedrich List
06 August 1789, German, American
Economist, University teacher, Journalist
Kenneth BurkeKenneth Burke
05 May 1897, American
Philosopher, Literary critic, University teacher,

Lydia Maria ChildLydia Maria Child
11 February 1802, American
Novelist, Poet, Journalist, Writer
Lothrop StoddardLothrop Stoddard
29 June 1883, American
Anthropologist, Political scientist, Historian,