Throughout history, there have been many women philosophers who have made significant contribution to the field. The list includes many familiar and great female philosophers such as Simone de Beauvoir, Mary Wollstonecraft, Rosa Luxemburg, Peter Kropotkin, Edith Stein.The women philosophers featured in this list are from United States, United Kingdom, Canada & Australia and many more countries.
Hannah ArendtHannah Arendt
14 October 1906, German
Simone de BeauvoirSimone de Beauvoir
09 January 1908, French

Mary WollstonecraftMary Wollstonecraft
27 April 1759, British

Rosa LuxemburgRosa Luxemburg
05 March 1871, German, Polish
Marxist Theorist

Hildegard of BingenHildegard of Bingen
16 September 1098, German

0370 AD, Ancient Roman
Mathematician, Philosopher, Astronomer, Writer
Helena BlavatskyHelena Blavatsky
12 August 1831, American, Russian

Christina Hoff SommersChristina Hoff Sommers
28 September 1950, American
Author, Philosopher

Edith SteinEdith Stein
12 October 1891, German

Maria Gaetana AgnesiMaria Gaetana Agnesi
16 May 1718, Italian
Mathematician, Philosopher, Theologian
Anna ComnenaAnna Comnena
01 December 1083, Greek
Greek Princess & Scholar

Saint Teresa of AvilaSaint Teresa of Avila
28 March 1515, Spanish
Judith ButlerJudith Butler
24 February 1956, American
Philosopher, Writer, University teacher,

Juana Inés de la CruzJuana Inés de la Cruz
12 November 1651, Mexican
Poet, Nun, Writer, Mathematician, Philosopher,

Catherine of SienaCatherine of Siena
25 March 1347, Italian
Martha NussbaumMartha Nussbaum
06 May 1947, American
Philosopher, Writer, University teacher

Vandana ShivaVandana Shiva
05 November 1952, Indian
Philosopher, Physicist, Writer, University teacher
Iris MurdochIris Murdoch
15 July 1919, Irish
Poet, Philosopher, Novelist, Writer, Biographer

Gayatri Chakravorty SpivakGayatri Chakravorty Spivak
24 February 1942, Indian
Writer, Philosopher, University teacher,

Savitri DeviSavitri Devi
30 September 1905, French
Writer, Poet
Akka MahadeviAkka Mahadevi

Julia KristevaJulia Kristeva
24 June 1941, Bulgarian, French
Philosopher, Writer, Feminist
Carol GilliganCarol Gilligan
28 November 1936, American
Psychologist, Philosopher, Non-fiction writer,

Anandamayi MaAnandamayi Ma
30 April 1896, Indian

1101 AD, French
French nun

Harriet MartineauHarriet Martineau
12 June 1802, British
Linguist, Journalist, Economist, Historian,
Luce IrigarayLuce Irigaray
03 May 1930, Belgian, French
Philosopher, Linguist, University teacher,
Philippa FootPhilippa Foot
03 October 1920, British
Philosopher, University teacher

G. E. M. AnscombeG. E. M. Anscombe
18 March 1919, British

Germaine de StaëlGermaine de Staël
22 April 1766, French

Mary Parker FollettMary Parker Follett
03 September 1868, American
Social Woker
Mary DalyMary Daly
16 October 1928, American
Theologian, Writer, Philosopher, University

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Margaret Cavendish, Duchess of Newcastle-upon-TyneMargaret Cavendish, Duchess of Newcastle-upon-Tyne
1623 AD, British
philosopher, scientist, poet, science fiction

Eve Kosofsky SedgwickEve Kosofsky Sedgwick
02 May 1950, American
Academic Scholar

Grace Lee BoggsGrace Lee Boggs
27 June 1915, American
Writer, Civil rights advocate, Non-fiction writer

Iris Marion YoungIris Marion Young
02 January 1949, American
Political scientist, Philosopher, University
Patricia Hill CollinsPatricia Hill Collins
01 May 1948, American
Philosopher, Sociologist, University teacher,

Charlotte LawsCharlotte Laws
11 May 1960, American
Judith Jarvis ThomsonJudith Jarvis Thomson
04 October 1929, American
Philosopher, University teacher

Adrian PiperAdrian Piper
20 September 1948, American
Conceptual Artist

Paul B. PreciadoPaul B. Preciado
Mary MidgleyMary Midgley
13 September 1919, British
Philosopher, Author, University teacher, Writer

Patricia ChurchlandPatricia Churchland
16 July 1943, Canadian
Philosopher, University teacher
Nel NoddingsNel Noddings
19 January 1929, American
Philosopher, University teacher

Ingeborg BachmannIngeborg Bachmann
25 June 1926, Austrian
Poet, Writer, Journalist, Screenwriter,

Mary AstellMary Astell
12 November 1666, British
Writer, Philosopher, Feminist

Rosi BraidottiRosi Braidotti
28 September 1954, Australian
Philosopher, University teacher, Feminist

Julia RobinsonJulia Robinson
08 December 1919, American
Mathematician, Philosopher, University teacher,
Frances WrightFrances Wright
06 September 1795, British
Writer, Philosopher

Helena RoerichHelena Roerich
12 February 1879, Indian, Russian
Russian writer

Judith Sargent MurrayJudith Sargent Murray

Ruth Barcan MarcusRuth Barcan Marcus
02 August 1921, American
Pema ChodronPema Chodron
14 July 1936, American

Susanne Katherina LangerSusanne Katherina Langer
20 December 1895, American
Émilie du ChâteletÉmilie du Châtelet