Discover the notable alumni of University Of Illinois. The list includes people like Hugh Hefner, Larry Ellison, Roger Ebert, Jesse Jackson & Shel Silverstein. This list of notable alumni is loosely sorted by popularity and has people from different domains of life, such as scientists, media personalities, writers, intellectuals & academics and business people etc.
Hugh HefnerHugh Hefner
09 April 1926, American
Founder of Playboy Magazine
Roger EbertRoger Ebert
18 June 1942, American

Larry EllisonLarry Ellison
17 August 1944, American
Founder of Oracle

Jesse JacksonJesse Jackson
08 October 1941, American
Civil Rights Activist

Jawed KarimJawed Karim
28 October 1979, German, American
Co-Founder of YouTube

Shel SilversteinShel Silverstein
25 September 1930, American
Mary Elizabeth MastrantonioMary Elizabeth Mastrantonio
17 November 1958, American

Temple GrandinTemple Grandin
29 August 1947, American

Herbert SobelHerbert Sobel
26 January 1912, American
U.S. Army Officer
Steve ChenSteve Chen
18 August 1978, American

Barbara BainBarbara Bain
13 September 1931, American
Jack WelchJack Welch
19 November 1935, American
Former Chairman & CEO of General Electric

Suze OrmanSuze Orman
05 June 1951, American
Author, Television Personality, Motivational

Dorothy DayDorothy Day
08 November 1897, American

Arden ChoArden Cho
16 August 1985, American, South Korean

Rafael CorreaRafael Correa
06 April 1963, Ecuadorian
Dave EggersDave Eggers
12 March 1970, American

Allan ShermanAllan Sherman
30 November 1924, American

Jack KilbyJack Kilby
08 November 1923, American
Inventor of integrated circuit

James R. ThompsonJames R. Thompson
08 May 1936, American
Lawyer, Politician
Wallace Hume Carothers Wallace Carothers
27 April 1896, American
Inventor of Neoprene & Nylon

Rosalyn Sussman YalowRosalyn Sussman Yalow
19 July 1921, American
Medical Physicist
John Robert SchriefferJohn Robert Schrieffer
31 May 1931, American

Ann Carlson KhanAnn Carlson Khan
 , American
Shahid Khan’s Wife

Arnold Orville BeckmanArnold Orville Beckman
10 April 1900, American
Robert W HolleyRobert W. Holley
28 January 1922, American

Edwin G. KrebsEdwin G. Krebs
06 June 1918, American
Kandeh YumkellaKandeh Yumkella
05 July 1959, Sierra Leonean
UN Executive, Economist, Politician

Polykarp Kusch Polykarp Kusch
26 January 1911, German, American

Vincent du VigneaudVincent du Vigneaud
18 May 1901, American
Rasheda AliRasheda Ali
1970 AD, American
Muhammad Ali’s Daughter

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Ben FalconeBen Falcone
25 August 1973, American
Dan FogelbergDan Fogelberg
13 August 1951, American

Deron WilliamsDeron Williams
26 June 1984, American
Basketball player

David OtungaDavid Otunga
07 April 1980, American
Lawyer, Actor, Professional wrestler, Television

Dick ButkusDick Butkus
09 December 1942, American
Football Player
George HalasGeorge Halas
02 February 1895, American
American football player
Max LevchinMax Levchin
11 July 1975, American
Computer scientist, Entrepreneur, Businessperson

Carol Moseley BraunCarol Moseley Braun
16 August 1947
politician, diplomat, prosecutor, lawyer

Ed BoonEd Boon
22 February 1964, American
Programmer, Engineer, Screenwriter, Computer

Sheila JohnsonSheila Johnson
25 January 1949, American
American businesswoman
Iris ChangIris Chang
28 March 1968, American

George CarruthersGeorge Carruthers
01 October 1939, American

John ChancellorJohn Chancellor
14 July 1927, American

César PelliCésar Pelli
12 October 1926, Argentinian
Architect, Entrepreneur

Curtis GrandersonCurtis Granderson
16 March 1981, American
Baseball Player
Richard HammingRichard Hamming
11 February 1915, American
Mathematician, Computer scientist, Engineer,

Sri Mulyani IndrawatiSri Mulyani Indrawati
26 August 1962, Indonesian
Economist, Politician, University teacher
Dorris Alexander BrownDorris Alexander Brown
29 February 1908, American

George CrumbGeorge Crumb
24 October 1929, American

Mark Van DorenMark Van Doren
13 June 1894, American
Poet, Autobiographer, Literary critic, University
Paul HalmosPaul Halmos
03 March 1916, Hungarian, American
Mathematician, Philosopher, Statistician

Donald JohansonDonald Johanson
28 June 1943, American
Anthropologist, Archaeologist, Prehistorian,
Andrew YaoAndrew Yao
24 December 1946, Chinese, American
Computer Scientist

Beth HenleyBeth Henley
08 May 1952, American

Eugene OdumEugene Odum
17 September 1913, American

Scott D. AltmanScott D. Altman
15 August 1959, American
Astronaut, Fighter pilot

James RestonJames Reston
03 November 1909, American
Herb McKenleyHerb McKenley
10 July 1922, Jamaican

Hideo SasakiHideo Sasaki
25 November 1919, American
Landscape Architect

Arthur B. C. Walker Jr.Arthur B. C. Walker Jr.
24 August 1936, American

Arthur GalstonArthur Galston
21 April 1920, American
Quincy WrightQuincy Wright
28 December 1890, American
Political scientist

Lenore TawneyLenore Tawney
10 May 1907, American
Ben AbruzzoBen Abruzzo
09 June 1930, American

Dale GardnerDale Gardner
08 November 1948, American

James CounsilmanJames Counsilman
28 December 1920, American
Swimming coach
Robert S. DietzRobert S. Dietz
14 September 1914, American

Wayne Forest MillerWayne Forest Miller
19 September 1918, American
Murray EdelmanMurray Edelman
05 November 1919, American
Political scientist

Jack GelberJack Gelber
12 April 1932, American

Carl Shipp MarvelCarl Shipp Marvel
11 September 1894, American
Hiram ConibearHiram Conibear
05 September 1871, American

Lyle Benjamin BorstLyle Benjamin Borst
24 November 1912, American
Albert GoldbarthAlbert Goldbarth
31 January 1948, American

Neal ShoverNeal Shover
07 January 1940, American

Richard Ten EyckRichard Ten Eyck
30 March 1920, American

The University of Illinois is one of the top-ranked educational institutions in the world where students from different parts of the world come to pursue their higher education. Media sources like ‘Times Higher Education’, ‘U.S News & World Report’ and ‘Academic Ranking Of World Ranking’ have often published lists of top universities around the world and this institution has often appeared on these lists. The campus of this university is unbelievably huge and sprawls over more than 4500 acres. More than 600 buildings are situated on University of Illinois’ vast campus. The University has also been praised by media and masses alike for producing several noteworthy students, who are making waves all over the world for their incredible accomplishments. The notable alumni association of the University of Illinois includes names like film critic Roger Ebert, entrepreneur Marc Andreessen, businessman Steve Chan as well as author and motivational speaker Suze Orman. Roger Ebert has been extremely popular within Hollywood circles and cinema lovers not just for his impressive reviews, but also his books. One of his works ‘A Memoir, Scorcese By Ebert’ has been a favorite among several aspiring filmmakers. Scroll below to find a list of well-known personalities who studied at the University of Illinois. The names on the list speak volumes about the kind of students this renowned university has been producing over the years. Probably this is why this university receives applications from all parts of the world.