The dominant influence of planets Venus and Neptune form the personality and characteristic traits of individuals born on September 25th. While Venus is the ruler of the zodiacal group, Libra, Neptune governs the date in which these individuals are born. Together, the two planets determine the distinctiveness of the September 25th individuals. Talking about the positive traits, Librans with September 25th birthday are family oriented people with high regards and values to family and friends. They are honest, sincere and perceptive. Their intuitiveness and insightfulness are unique aspects which make their individuality different from fellow Librans. However, not all is good with these people as they are prone to bullheadedness. Once this is tamed, these people can be mature and receptive. In unfavourable situations, September 25th individuals may even be stubborn, unforgiving, fault-finding or insensitive.

Will SmithWill Smith
51, American
Michael DouglasMichael Douglas
75, American
Actor, Producer

David BenioffDavid Benioff
49, American
TV Producer

Catherine Zeta-JonesCatherine Zeta-Jones
50, Welsh

Donald GloverDonald Glover
36, American
Actor, Rapper

Heather LocklearHeather Locklear
58, American
Mark HamillMark Hamill
68, American

39, American
Hip-hop Artist

Christopher ReeveChristopher Reeve
52, American

Scottie PippenScottie Pippen
54, American
Basketball Player
Barbara WaltersBarbara Walters
90, American

Tate DonovanTate Donovan
56, American
Shel SilversteinShel Silverstein
68, American

William FaulknerWilliam Faulkner
64, American
Writer, Nobel Laureate

Hyun Bin Hyun Bin
37, South Korean
Keely Shaye SmithKeely Shaye Smith
56, American
Journalist, Wife of Pierce Brosnan

Qianlong EmperorQianlong Emperor
87, Chinese
Emperor of China
Mark RothkoMark Rothko
66, American

Bridgette WilsonBridgette Wilson
46, American
Actress, Model, Singer

Jason FlemyngJason Flemyng
53, British
Bridget MarquardtBridget Marquardt
46, American

Rossif SutherlandRossif Sutherland
41, Canadian
Declan DonnellyDeclan Donnelly
44, British
Television Presenter

Cheryl TiegsCheryl Tiegs
72, American

Mark ChaoMark Chao
35, Canadian, Taiwanese

Angelica HamiltonAngelica Hamilton
72, American
Alexander Hamilton's Daughter
Aldo RayAldo Ray
64, American
Anson WilliamsAnson Williams
70, American

Dee Dee WarwickDee Dee Warwick
66, American

Hansie CronjeHansie Cronje
32, South African

Hal SparksHal Sparks
50, American
Juliet ProwseJuliet Prowse
59, Indian, American, South African

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Julie BanderasJulie Banderas
46, American
News Anchor

Jean-Philippe RameauJean-Philippe Rameau
80, French
Music composer and theorist

Thomas Hunt MorganThomas Hunt Morgan
79, American

Angela BowieAngela Bowie
70, Cypriot
Camryn HarrisCamryn Harris
19, American

Gee MoneyGee Money
51, American
Radio Personality
Karlee SteelKarlee Steel
21, Canadian

20, American
Rapper & Social Media Personality

Mike FoxMike Fox
22, British
Dmitry ShostakovichDmitry Shostakovich
68, Russian

Pedro AlmodovarPedro Almodovar
70, Spanish
Jesse WellensJesse Wellens
37, American

Eugen SuchoňEugen Suchoň
84, Slovak

Ben TaylorBen Taylor
18, American
Vine Star, Comedian

Alyssa KulaniAlyssa Kulani
20, Canadian

Jayda AyannaJayda Ayanna
22, American
Instagram Star
Jennifer GiroudJennifer Giroud
35, American
Olivier Giroud’s Wife

Ryan DeBoltRyan DeBolt
39, Mexican, American
Sara Ramirez’s Husband

Shanna LeRoyShanna LeRoy
38, American

Vardan AntonyanVardan Antonyan
14, American
Michael MadsenMichael Madsen
62, American

Clea DuVallClea DuVall
42, American
Don DraperDon Draper
61, American

Satish DhawanSatish Dhawan
81, Indian
Aerospace engineer, Engineer

Josef BicanJosef Bican
88, Austrian
Association football player, Association football
Shin LimShin Lim
28, Canadian, American

K. A. PaulK. A. Paul
56, Indian
Zach WoodsZach Woods
35, American

Jamie HynemanJamie Hyneman
63, American
Television presenter, Journalist, Linguist,

Charles StanleyCharles Stanley
87, American
Pastor, Radio personality
Matt HasselbeckMatt Hasselbeck
44, American
American football player

Divya DuttaDivya Dutta
42, Indian
Robert CliveRobert Clive
49, British

Felicity KendalFelicity Kendal
73, British

Ronnie BarkerRonnie Barker
76, British
Actor, Comedian, Entrepreneur

Robert GatesRobert Gates
76, American
officer, politician
Maria Doyle KennedyMaria Doyle Kennedy
55, Irish
Mike PettineMike Pettine
53, American
Coach, American football player

Rashad EvansRashad Evans
40, American
Mixed martial artist

Glenn GouldGlenn Gould
50, Canadian
Pianist, Composer

Chauncey BillupsChauncey Billups
43, American
Basketball player
Bill SimmonsBill Simmons
50, American
Sports columnist, Podcaster

Aida TurturroAida Turturro
57, American
Actor, Television actor, Film actor

Joel David MooreJoel David Moore
42, American

Lee NorrisLee Norris
38, American

Karl-Heinz RummeniggeKarl-Heinz Rummenigge
64, German
Association football player, Executive board
Teddy HartTeddy Hart
73, American

Mimi KennedyMimi Kennedy
71, American
Dee Dee WarwickDee Dee Warwick
63, American

Bishan Singh BediBishan Singh Bedi
73, Indian

Bob McAdooBob McAdoo
68, American
Basketball Players
Jodie KiddJodie Kidd
41, British
Model, Polo player

Alexander RossiAlexander Rossi
28, American
Racecar driver
Lu XunLu Xun
55, Chinese
Writer, Essayist, Poet, Literary critic,

Frederick William II of PrussiaFrederick William II of Prussia
53, German

Mikael PersbrandtMikael Persbrandt
56, Swedish

Zachary KnightonZachary Knighton
41, American
Bodil JoensenBodil Joensen
40, Danish
Adult Film Star, Actor

Robert BressonRobert Bresson
98, French
Film director
Plutarco Elías CallesPlutarco Elías Calles
68, Mexican
Politician, Officer, Military personnel

Massimo LuongoMassimo Luongo
27, Australian
Association football player
Carlos Ruiz ZafónCarlos Ruiz Zafón
55, Spanish

Phil RizzutoPhil Rizzuto
89, American
Radio Personality, Famous Baseball Players
Prince Friso of Orange-NassauPrince Friso of Orange-Nassau

Personality Traits & Characteristic of Famous People Born on September 25

Friendly, amicable, witty, affectionate and charming are all traits that describe the personality traits of individuals born on September 25. They have the typical Libran traits of being balanced and stylish. These people are lovers of equality and like everything in fairness. Endowed with an analytical mind, these people have an avid interest in mysterious things. They have a philosophical outlook towards life and a restless thirst for knowledge. This coupled with their adventurous and independent nature makes September 25 individuals extremely courageous and exploratory. However, what differentiates them from other Librans is their highly intuitive and insightful mind. Additionally, they are great at multi-tasking and enjoy being a perfectionist.

The general health and vitality of those born on September 25th is robust. This is mainly due to the need and concern for constantly striving to be active and fit.  September 25th individuals are enthusiastic about their health and take adequate measures to take care of themselves. Drinking fluids is vital for the well-being of individuals born on this date. Though they have an affinity for competitive sports, lower back tends to be an area of concern for those born on this date. Sensible eating is vital for September 25th individuals. Including meditation in the daily routine is also quintessential and beneficial.

Financial security for individuals born on this date is never questionable. In fact, these people are mostly blessed monetarily and are adept at balancing finances. What’s more, they are lucky in investments and tend to experience surplus financial gain, in addition to regular income. As such, monetarily these people do not have any major issues to deal with.

Occupational choices for September 25th individuals are plentiful. These people usually have a well-groomed appearance which makes them great for any profile that allows direct relation with the customers or clients. Their energy and insightfulness are other attributes that make way for an ideal professional choice in job applications. Logical problem solving capability is an additional asset for September 25 individuals.

Relationships, Marriage & Children
Librans born on September 25th are extremely romantic and idealistic. As such, they tend to fall into unsuitable relationships when young. However, these experiences make them crave for a perfect partner who shares similar interest, has similar taste and interprets nonverbal display of emotions. Once committed, these people are loyal and trustworthy. They are extremely happy in a settled loving partnership. Since Librans of this date are lovers of equality, they follow the same principle in the love relationship as well. They believe in equal give and take which goes a long way in keeping the relationship alive and kicking. Overall, September 25th individuals crave for a harmonious union with their partner. As far as parenting is concerned, September 25th individuals are nurturing, caring and compassionate towards their children. They work hard to make the home environment a pleasant one for their little ones.

Lucky Colors: Darker Green Shades
Lucky Numbers: 7, 16, 25, 34, 43, 52
Lucky Days (of the week): Monday, Thursday
Lucky Days (of the month): 7, 17, 27