Autumn Miller Biography

Autumn (Autie) Miller is an American YouTuber, dancer, model and actor. Let’s have a look at her family, personal life, career, achievements, and some fun facts.

Quick Facts

Nick Name: Autie Miller

Birthday: August 2, 2001

Nationality: American

Famous: Ballet Dancers American Women

Age: 18 Years, 18 Year Old Females

Sun Sign: Leo

Born in: Orange County, California

Famous as: Dancer, Actor, Model, YouTuber

Height: 5'4" (163 cm), 5'4" Females

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father: Cory Miller

mother: Krista Miller

siblings: Harbor Miller

U.S. State: California

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A young dancing prodigy who has grown up to be a talented teenager with loads of creativity, that’s Autumn Miller for you. A California native, Autumn, or Autie, as she is known to her friends and fans, is a fearless dancer whose intense dance routines have flooded the internet to grab praise from every corner of the globe. A young dancer, Autie is on her way to create a multifaceted talent by taking up modeling along with dance as a choice of career. She has been associated with elite dance academies in California, have grown up working hard on intense routines and have transformed into a dance that others look up to. She has also started teaching dance classes at her old dance company. Her immense fame in social media may be due to the fact that despite being young, Autie never shied away from proving her mettle to the world.

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Rise to Stardom
  • Autumn’s name is synonymous with flawless and fearless dance moves. She began dancing when she was just 5 years old and noticing her passion and enthusiasm for dance, her parents enrolled her into the classes at Dance Precisions, a premiere dance academy in California. Soon dancing became the center of Autie’s universe and she devoted an enormous amount of time to it.
  • She did regular talent showcases at her school shows and went on to take lessons in multiple genres of dance including jazz, lyrical, ballet, acro and hip hop. She started doing solo acts since 2010 and has since competed in elite dance championships like Starpower Dance Competition, Hall of Fame Dance Challenge and MOVE Dance Competition Nationals.
  • She has also taken part in duets, trio and group dances with the likes of Krista Miller, Sean Lew, Samantha Orellana, Kennedy Smith, Audrey Lee and Sarah Shepherd. She has performed in a number of compositions with Dance Precisions in various genres like jazz and lyrical with popular songs like Silent Night, We Won't Be Banned, Party Girl, Elvis Rocks etc. She also danced with the Mather Dance Company, 2011 onwards on numbers like California Girls, Harder Better Faster Stronger and Beauty and the Beat in jazz, lyrical, creative and modern genres.
  • The performances have mostly been in groups. She is currently attached to the Mathers Dance Company where she practices for 30 hours every week. She also helps teach classes of young dancers in her mom’s dance academy Technique & Improve. Autie has been featured in a number of TV shows till date showcasing her amazing talents as a dancer. She has appeared in the well-known dancing choreography shows like ‘Dancing with the Stars’ and ‘Disney’s Shake it up’. She has also appeared in Willow Smith’s music video of her single Whip my Hair. Autie Miller is currently being represented by the KBM Talents in all her business endevors.
  • Autie has not just restricted her career in dance, but has made her foray into modelling as well. She has worked with brands like Dreamworks T.V,Hasbro, Walmart, Razor Scooters, Go GO Puppy, Mc Donalds, Nickelodeon, being featured in the commercials and promos. She has also shot modeling campaigns for other famous high fashion names like J. Jill, Pearl Yukiko, Justice and Katrina Active Wear. She has also shot campaigns with everyday brands like ketchers, Hyundai, andTarget.
  • Her YouTube channel is gaining more and more popularity everyday as people are queuing up to see the prolific dance videos she posts there every Friday. She calls her channel Autie’s Freestyle Friday and the channel so far has over 340 K subscribers and 70 million views. She posts dance videos from all genres and even does some combination ones where she successfully blends dance genres to create something unique and signature. She also enjoys quite the following on Instagram with more than 820K people enjoying the various stories on her feed.
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What Makes Autie Miller So Special
  • Autie Miller not only dances, but she dances extremely well. Her original moves mesmerize the viewers and at the same time they are aware of the intense hard work she has punt in every performance. Her performances have these meditative qualities, where you can see that by dancing to her favorite songs, she is performing the most relaxing deed of her day.
  • Whatever she does, she does with so much passion and dedication, that it always turns out to be something precious. She is extremely creative and her training in multiple genres helps her create unique moves and step that leave the audiences spellbound. Be it her solo dances, where her moves flow like water, or a group performance, where she meshes with her dance partners, it is always a visual treat to watch.
Behind The Curtains
  • Not much is known about Autie’s background. Although there are multiple videos of her performing at the school talent show, the exact name of her schools are not known. Apart from dancing and modeling, Auties love spending time with family, enjoys hanging out with friends and cuddle with her dog DJ. Besides dancing she also enjoys skating and is quite the accomplished skater.

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