Pointed shoes, tutu dress and graceful movements – ballet dance can get you swooned. But this right-out-from-the heaven-seeming dance form isn’t all hunky-dory – years of dedication, passion, concentration and coordination are just telling signs of becoming a ballet dancer. There is a lot of strength involved as dancers are required to have stamina, endurance, power, flexibility, precision, posture, sense of rhythm and gross motor skills to become the best. Having it roots well laid during the Italian Renaissance period, ballet dance evolved and spread across the globe. Interestingly, once a male-dominated dance form, ballet soon opened its doors to women in the 17th century. Ballet reached the American shores during the 19th century. George Balanchine is credited for opening the first state-of-art ballet school in America. Since then, the dance form rose in popularity as more and more people, both men and women, got involved in the dance form. Over the years, America has produced some of the finest and world-class ballet performers. Mikhail Baryshnikov, Julie Kent, David Hallberg, Isabella Boylston, Ethan Stiefel, Susan Jaffe, Gillian Murphy are some of many American ballet wonders. Misty Copeland, the current principal dancer for American Ballet Theatre, is the first African American woman to enjoy the position. Check this section to know about famous American ballet dancers.
Misty CopelandMisty Copeland
10 September 1982
Ballet Dancer
Mikhail BaryshnikovMikhail Baryshnikov
27 January 1948
Ballet Dancer

Gwen VerdonGwen Verdon
13 January 1925

Valerie HarperValerie Harper
22 August 1939

Alexander GodunovAlexander Godunov
28 November 1949
Ballet Dancer

Phyllis SmithPhyllis Smith
10 July 1951
Katherine LaNasaKatherine LaNasa
01 December 1966

Charisma CarpenterCharisma Carpenter
23 July 1970

Rochelle AytesRochelle Aytes
17 May 1976
Martha GrahamMartha Graham
11 May 1894
Modern dancer and choreographer

Julia Goldani TellesJulia Goldani Telles
18 March 1995
Langston FishburneLangston Fishburne
14 December 1987

Twyla TharpTwyla Tharp
01 July 1941
Dancer and Choreographer

Autumn MillerAutumn Miller
02 August 2001
Dancer, Actor, Model, YouTuber

Agnes de MilleAgnes de Mille
18 September 1905
American dancer and choreographer

Michael KiddMichael Kidd
12 August 1915
Choreographer, Ballet Dancer
Robert JoffreyRobert Joffrey
24 December 1930
Co-founder of Joffrey Ballet

Melanie HamrickMelanie Hamrick
1987 AD
Ballet Dancer

Elle DanjeanElle Danjean
04 May 2001
Ballet Dancer

Gianna NewborgGianna Newborg
20 November 1999
Amanda SchullAmanda Schull
26 August 1978

Michael FlatleyMichael Flatley
16 July 1958
Ballet dancer, Choreographer, Dancer
Kelly BishopKelly Bishop
28 February 1944

Victoria RowellVictoria Rowell
10 May 1959

Isabella BoylstonIsabella Boylston
13 October 1986
Ballet dancer
Majandra DelfinoMajandra Delfino
20 February 1981

Robin AntinRobin Antin
06 July 1961
Ballet dancer, Choreographer, Television
George BalanchineGeorge Balanchine
22 January 1904

Sascha RadetskySascha Radetsky
29 March 1977
Choreographer, Actor

Ethan StiefelEthan Stiefel
13 February 1973
Choreographer, Actor
Andrea ParkerAndrea Parker
08 March 1970

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Maria TallchiefMaria Tallchief
24 January 1925
Ballet dancer
Valorie Kondos FieldValorie Kondos Field
20 August 1959
Gymnastics coach

Michaela DePrinceMichaela DePrince
06 January 1995
Ballet dancer

Natalia MakarovaNatalia Makarova
21 November 1940
Ballet dancer, Choreographer, Ballet master, Actor

Suzanne FarrellSuzanne Farrell
16 August 1945
Ballet dancer
Wendy WhelanWendy Whelan
07 May 1967
Ballet dancer
Justin PeckJustin Peck
08 September 1987

Janet CollinsJanet Collins
07 March 1917
Ballet Dancer

Edward VillellaEdward Villella
01 October 1936

Vera ZorinaVera Zorina
02 January 1917
Nora KayeNora Kaye
17 January 1920

Eliot FeldEliot Feld
05 July 1942

Alexandra DanilovaAlexandra Danilova
20 November 1903

Patricia McBridePatricia McBride
23 August 1942

Roland PetitRoland Petit
13 January 1924
Dancer and choreographer
Leslie BrowneLeslie Browne
29 June 1957
Actor, Ballet dancer

Pearl LangPearl Lang
20 May 1921
John NeumeierJohn Neumeier
24 February 1939
Ballet dancer

Alexei RatmanskyAlexei Ratmansky
27 August 1968

Marjorie TallchiefMarjorie Tallchief
19 October 1926
Fernando BujonesFernando Bujones
09 March 1955
Ballet dancer

Lawrence RhodesLawrence Rhodes
24 November 1939
Ballet Director