Astrologically, the personality traits and characteristic of individuals born on October 24th are influenced by two planets, Pluto and Venus. While the former rules the zodiacal group in which these individuals fall, the latter governs the actual date of birth. Together, the two celestial bodies determine the uniqueness and individuality of those born on this date. October 24 individuals are perfectionist of sorts. They are assertive in their line of belief and have a competitive and co-operative nature. Their sharply intuitive mind coupled with creativity helps these people achieve the success in life. Though the personality strengths mostly govern the day to day activity of those born on this day, they can show arrogant, protective and detached behavior when stressed or in unfavourable situation.

29, Swedish
YouTube Star
Wayne RooneyWayne Rooney
33, British

Eliza TaylorEliza Taylor
29, Australian
Scott PetersonScott Peterson
46, American

Roman AbramovichRoman Abramovich
52, Russian
Business Tycoon

Bill WymanBill Wyman
82, British
Musician and Singer
Tila TequilaTila Tequila
37, Singaporean, American
Television Personality

Malcolm TurnbullMalcolm Turnbull
64, Australian
Journalist, Politician, Entrepreneur, Lawyer,
Robert PicktonRobert Pickton
69, Canadian
Serial killer

44, Ancient Roman
Roman Emperor
Krystal JungKrystal Jung
24, American

Bahadur Shah ZafarBahadur Shah Zafar
87, Indian
Last Mughal Emperor
Antonie van LeeuwenhoekAntonie van Leeuwenhoek
90, Dutch
Stephen CoveyStephen Covey
79, American
Writer of "The Seven Habits of Highly Effective

32, Canadian
Cindy BreakspeareCindy Breakspeare
64, Canadian, Jamaican
Miss World 1976

Oliver Jackson-CohenOliver Jackson-Cohen
32, British
R K LaxmanR. K. Laxman
93, Indian
Cartoonist & Creator of 'The Common Man"

Dervla KirwanDervla Kirwan
47, Irish

Clarke GayfordClarke Gayford
41, New Zealander
Radio Broadcaster
Wang JianlinWang Jianlin
64, Chinese
Business Magnate

Isabella of PortugalIsabella of Portugal
35, Spanish
Queen of Spain
FaZe TeeqoFaZe Teeqo
25, Swedish

Alicia GordilloAlicia Gordillo
21, American
Robin DayRobin Day
76, British
Broadcaster, Journalist

Luciano BerioLuciano Berio
77, Italian
Italian composer
James S. ShermanJames S. Sherman
57, American
27th Vice President of the U.S.A
Robert MundellRobert Mundell
86, Canadian

Pierre Gilles de GennesPierre-Gilles de Gennes
74, French
Adrian MitchellAdrian Mitchell
76, British

Daya (Singer)Daya (Singer)
20, American
Chase KeithChase Keith
16, American
TikTok ( Star

Gilbert BecaudGilbert Becaud
74, French

Ronald KrayRonald Kray
61, British
Griffin ArnlundGriffin Arnlund
21, American
Social Media Personality, Model

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Gabriel ConteGabriel Conte
24, American
Vine Content Creator, Model
Wilhelm WeberWilhelm Weber
86, German

Finley LanningFinley Lanning
3, American
YouTube Personality
22, American
YouTube Star

Kat TorresKat Torres
20, Brazilian
Rhett LeRoyRhett LeRoy
11, American
Spencer GouldingSpencer Goulding
20, American
Social-media Personality

Adrienne BailonAdrienne Bailon
35, American
Actor, Singer, Singer-songwriter, Composer,
Kelvin GastelumKelvin Gastelum
27, American
Mixed martial artist

Kevin KlineKevin Kline
71, American
American film actor
BD WongBD Wong
58, American

F. Murray AbrahamF. Murray Abraham
79, American

The Big BopperThe Big Bopper
28, American
Singer, Musician, Disc jockey, Songwriter
Rafael TrujilloRafael Trujillo
69, Dominican

45, American
Composer, Disc jockey, Jazz musician, Record
Shenae GrimesShenae Grimes
29, Canadian

Alexander Windsor, Earl of UlsterAlexander Windsor, Earl of Ulster
44, British
Nobuhiko OkamotoNobuhiko Okamoto
32, Japanese
Seiyū, Singer

Zac PosenZac Posen
38, American
Fashion designer
Bob KaneBob Kane
83, American
Painter, Artist, Writer, Screenwriter
Mary BonoMary Bono
57, American

Kyla RossKyla Ross
22, American
Artistic gymnast
John KassirJohn Kassir
61, American
Actor, Dub actor, Television actor

Wriddhiman SahaWriddhiman Saha
34, Indian
Eric HosmerEric Hosmer
29, American
Baseball player

Tony WaltonTony Walton
84, British
Art director, Costume designer, Theatre designer,

Adela NoriegaAdela Noriega
49, Mexican
Actor, Television actor
Bahadur Shah IIBahadur Shah II
87, Indian

Caprice BourretCaprice Bourret
47, American
Actor, Television presenter, Model, Stage actor,
Martin CampbellMartin Campbell
75, New Zealander
Film director, Film producer

Federico HiguaínFederico Higuaín
34, Argentinian
association football player
Jacqueline McKenzieJacqueline McKenzie
51, Australian
Film actor, Actor, Television actor

Peng DehuaiPeng Dehuai
Politician, Military personnel
Laura VeirsLaura Veirs
45, American
Singer, Singer-songwriter, Composer
Felicia ChinFelicia Chin
34, Singaporean

Ted TemplemanTed Templeman
74, American
Musician, Record producer, Guitarist, Composer
Cristian GamboaCristian Gamboa
29, Costa Rican
Costa Rican footballer

Moss HartMoss Hart
57, American
Screenwriter, Playwright, Writer
Rowland S. HowardRowland S. Howard
50, Australian
Guitarist, Record producer, Composer

Ben GilliesBen Gillies
39, Australian

Sofia GubaidulinaSofia Gubaidulina
87, Russian
Moses MontefioreMoses Montefiore
100, British

Karl LuegerKarl Lueger
65, Austrian
Politician, Lawyer
Ted DekkerTed Dekker
56, American

Marc StreitenfeldMarc Streitenfeld
44, German
composer, film score composer
Anthony Vanden BorreAnthony Vanden Borre
31, Belgian
Association football player

Kweisi MfumeKweisi Mfume
70, American
American Politician
Jackie McNamaraJackie McNamara
45, British
Association football player, Association football
Brian VickersBrian Vickers
35, American
Racecar driver

38, American
Wilhelm Eduard WeberWilhelm Eduard Weber
86, German
Physicist, University teacher

Vincent CandelaVincent Candela
45, French
Hermann GrafHermann Graf
76, German

Christoph DaumChristoph Daum
65, German
Association football player, Association football
Eugenie ScottEugenie Scott
73, American
Anthropologist, University teacher

Oscar WendtOscar Wendt
33, Swedish
Association football player
John Tuzo WilsonJohn Tuzo Wilson
84, Canadian
Geologist, Geophysicist, University teacher

Thomas MulcairThomas Mulcair
64, Canadian
Andrea HirataAndrea Hirata
51, Indonesian
author, writer

Omar AlghabraOmar Alghabra
49, Canadian
Engineer, Politician
Jonas GustavssonJonas Gustavsson
34, Swedish
Ice hockey player

Personality Traits & Characteristic of Famous People Born on October 24

Assertive, proud and determined, individuals born on October 24 have unique personality traits and characteristic. They are co-operating and compromising than most Scorpions and have a naturally friendly and affable nature. Also, what makes them distinct is their ability to positively motivate others and calm an otherwise distressing situation. People born on this day have a natural talent for art, drama, music and design. They have a fairly intuitive and decisive mind and high moralistic standard and value. Intelligent and well-spoken, these people have a tendency to pay lots of attention to detail. They are loyal and somewhat idealistic in their relationships. Unlike most Scorpions who crave for some personal space or privacy, October 24th individuals hate solitude and isolation.

The good health and well-being of individuals born on October 24th is occasionally disrupted by anxiety and unhealthy eating. Since these people are prone to having a preference for a selective diet or random fasting, they can suffer from the effects of dietary excesses or deficiencies. Stress issues are also common for those born on this date as a result of an imbalance between work and home. October 24th individuals need to indulge in moderate exercises and relaxing bedtime routines to catch up on their sleep or else they may suffer from bouts of insomnia. Restful sleep would not only wade away stress but also help in attaining overall vitality.

Monetary issues are dealt with meticulous care by individuals born on October 24th. These people are prudent at managing money and thus rarely fall into budgetary problems. They are exceptionally good at handling money and rarely indulge in any sort of impulsive buying or shopping. Also, since these individuals highly regard saving, they focus their energy towards having a financially secure future. October 24th individuals believe in putting aside money for unexpected expenses and future events rather than taking financial credit.  

Jobs involving challenges and mental stimulation are perfect occupational choice for those born on October 24th. These people love to be enrolled in vocations that involve a hint of danger and mystery. What acts in their favour is their enhanced determination and plentiful cooperation mixed with sharp decisiveness and competitive spirit. Another aspect that acts positively for October 24th individuals is their fearless attitude towards responsibility and motivation to fare well in the chosen profession.

Relationships, Marriage & Children
Relationships to Scorpions are sacred. Strongly driven by emotions, these people truly love their family and friends. In matters of love, they are hesitant regarding long term commitment, despite being one of the most romantic and partnership oriented folks in the zodiacal group. This is mainly for the fear of being hurt in the relationship. They look for a partner who shares common interest and liking. Also, one who is equally emotional and sentimental is the perfect soul mate for those with this birthday. Once they have found their ideal mate, October 24th individuals are extremely charming and loveable. They are fiercely loyal and expect the same in return. Traits of possessiveness and jealousy are seen in those with this birthdate. Parenting comes naturally to Scorpions born on October 24th. They are likely to be affectionate and caring towards their children and rarely commit the mistakes their own parents made with them.

Lucky Color: White, Cream, Rose, Pink
Lucky Number: 6, 15, 24, 33, 42, 51
Lucky Days (of the week): Wednesday, Friday, Saturday
Lucky Days (of the month): 6, 15, 24