The characteristic or personality of individuals born under the zodiac sign Sagittarius is astrologically influenced by the planet Jupiter. However, the actual day in which these individuals are born comes under the dominance of Sun.  Thus, the two celestial bodies together cast an influence in shaping the probability of the personality of the individuals born on this date. November 28 individuals are ambitious, confident and independent folks with a generous, friendly nature. They are optimistic in their approach and have a futuristic vision. Other positive traits include a sense of humor, generosity and friendliness. If November 28 individuals learn to conquer their agitated, edgy or bossy behavior in unexpected situations, they would have no personality weakness in their being

Karen GillanKaren Gillan
31, British
Anna Nicole SmithAnna Nicole Smith
39, American
Actress, Model

Mary Elizabeth WinsteadMary Elizabeth Winstead
34, American

Margaret TudorMargaret Tudor
51, Scottish
Queen Consort of Scotland

William BlakeWilliam Blake
69, British

Yami GautamYami Gautam
30, Indian
Jon StewartJon Stewart
56, American
American comedian

Judd NelsonJudd Nelson
59, American
American actor

Trey SongzTrey Songz
34, American

Friedrich EngelsFriedrich Engels
74, German
Rostam BatmanglijRostam Batmanglij
35, American

Daniel Henney Daniel Henney
39, American
Ernst RöhmErnst Röhm
46, German
Nazi War Criminal

Hope LangeHope Lange
70, American

Summer RaeSummer Rae
35, American
Model, Wrestler
Michael BlacksonMichael Blackson
46, Ghanaian, American

Alan RitchsonAlan Ritchson
34, American
Actor, Model, Singer, Songwriter
John GallianoJohn Galliano
58, British
Fashion Designer

Claude Lévi-StraussClaude Lévi-Strauss
100, French

Adam HicksAdam Hicks
26, American
Actor, Rapper
Alexander GodunovAlexander Godunov
45, American, Russian
Ballet Dancer

Johnny SimmonsJohnny Simmons
32, American
John BunyanJohn Bunyan
59, British
Writer, Preacher

Scarlett PomersScarlett Pomers
30, American

Sunny MabreySunny Mabrey
43, American

Jean-Baptiste LullyJean-Baptiste Lully
54, French, Italian
Molly Elizabeth BrolinMolly Elizabeth Brolin
31, American
James Brolin's Daughter
Stephnie WeirStephnie Weir
51, American

Alberto MoraviaAlberto Moravia
82, Italian
Italian novelist

Shane HarteShane Harte
22, Canadian

Charles AlstonCharles Alston
69, American
Painter, Sculptor, Artist, Muralist, Teacher
Russell Alan HulseRussell Alan Hulse
68, American

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Phinnaeus ModerPhinnaeus Moder
14, American
Julia Roberts’ Son

India GraceIndia Grace
16, British, American

Bryshere GrayBryshere Gray
25, American
Actor, Rapper

Jake MillerJake Miller
26, American
Rapper, Record Producer
Davine NesbittDavine Nesbitt
20, American

Berry GordyBerry Gordy
89, American
Record producer, Musician, Autobiographer,
Aimee GarciaAimee Garcia
40, American

Randy NewmanRandy Newman
75, American
Singer-songwriter, Singer, Composer, Conductor,

Prateik BabbarPrateik Babbar
32, Indian
Alfonso CuarónAlfonso Cuarón
57, Mexican

Martin ClunesMartin Clunes
57, British
Comedian, Actor, Film director, Musician
Gloria GrahameGloria Grahame
57, American

Andrew BogutAndrew Bogut
34, Australian
Basketball player

Esha GuptaEsha Gupta
33, Indian

Sharon NeedlesSharon Needles
37, American

Chase ElliottChase Elliott
23, American
Racecar driver
Richard OsmanRichard Osman
48, British
Creative director, Television presenter,

Ryan KwantenRyan Kwanten
42, Australian

Paul ShafferPaul Shaffer
69, Canadian, American

Colman DomingoColman Domingo
49, American
Armando IannucciArmando Iannucci
55, British
Satirist, Writer, Comedian, Radio producer,

Stefan ZweigStefan Zweig
60, Austrian, British
Writer, Translator, Journalist, Playwright, Poet,
39, American
Musician, Actor, Businessperson, Rapper, Singer,

S. Epatha MerkersonS. Epatha Merkerson
66, American
Theater Actress, Film Actress, Television Actress

Sam SederSam Seder
52, American
Lexington SteeleLexington Steele
59, American

Jane SibbettJane Sibbett
56, American
Leandro BarbosaLeandro Barbosa
36, Brazilian
Basketball player

Rita Mae BrownRita Mae Brown
74, American
Screenwriter, Poet, Polo player, Novelist,

Matt CameronMatt Cameron
56, American
Joe DanteJoe Dante
72, American

Dave DuersonDave Duerson
50, American
Football Players
Laura AntonelliLaura Antonelli
73, Italian

Alfonso XII of SpainAlfonso XII of Spain
27, Spanish

Dedryck BoyataDedryck Boyata
28, Belgian
Association football player

Kriss AkabusiKriss Akabusi
60, British
Athletics competitor
Marc-André FleuryMarc-André Fleury
34, Canadian
Ice hockey player
James KarenJames Karen
94, American

Barbara MorganBarbara Morgan
67, American
Astronaut, Teacher

Ritchie De LaetRitchie De Laet
30, Belgian
Association football player

Daniel Mallory OrtbergDaniel Mallory Ortberg
32, American
Fatman ScoopFatman Scoop
39, American
Rapper, Radio personality, Singer, Record

Fabio GrossoFabio Grosso
41, Italian
Association football player

Carol GilliganCarol Gilligan
82, American
Psychologist, Philosopher, Non-fiction writer,

Dane BowersDane Bowers
39, British

Manuel I KomnenosManuel I Komnenos
61, Turkish
Anton RubinsteinAnton Rubinstein
64, Russian
Composer, Pianist, Conductor, Musicologist, Music

Roy UrquhartRoy Urquhart
87, British
Keith MillerKeith Miller
84, Australian
Cricketer, Australian rules footballer

Maximilian II of BavariaMaximilian II of Bavaria
52, German

Charlotte JacksonCharlotte Jackson
40, British
Scott AllanScott Allan
27, Scottish
Association football player

Louise BourgoinLouise Bourgoin
37, French
Actor, Model, Television presenter
Henry HazlittHenry Hazlitt
98, American
Journalist, Economist, Philosopher

Qi YuwuQi Yuwu

Franklin DrilonFranklin Drilon
73, Filipino
Politician, Lawyer

Tin JedvajTin Jedvaj
23, Croatian
Abner MaresAbner Mares
33, Mexican

Michel BergerMichel Berger
44, French
Singer-songwriter, Music executive, Composer,
Albert W. TuckerAlbert W. Tucker
89, Canadian, American
Mathematician, Topologist, University teacher

Sigurd WongravenSigurd Wongraven
43, Norwegian
Musician, Singer, Guitarist
Peter ChanPeter Chan
Film director, Screenwriter, Actor

Tom ReganTom Regan
78, American
Philosopher, University teacher
Álvaro PereiraÁlvaro Pereira
33, Uruguayan
Association football player

Personality Traits & Characteristic of Famous People Born on November 28

Endowed with a charming personality and persuasive nature, individuals born on November 28 are unique in their own sense. They have an affinity for honesty and fairness and love to remain truthful and faithful in their dealings. The influence of Sun makes these individuals a bit of a philosopher and adventurer. These people love challenges and are stimulated by them. Naturally ambitious and determined, November 28 folks have lots of optimism and confidence mixed with physical and mental energies and abilities. Towards others, these people are generous, friendly and emotionally sensitive. Professionally, they are highly imaginative, alert and creative with plenty of motivation. Though they may seem to be quite the serious types, these people very well know how to have fun and can be quite a company to have.

The general health and well-being of individuals born on November 28 is mostly constant due to their balanced approach and common sense. They are energetic folks with lots of enthusiasm, spirit and vigor which assist them in taking extra care of their mind and body. November 28 folks should indulge in the right combination of diet and exercises to stay healthy, fit and blessed. A calm and secure home life also adds to the healthy state of these individuals and guarantees physical and mental well-being. Gardening is also a great activity to indulge in for November 28 folks. It would not only distress their nervous energies but also help them feel relaxed and contented.

Financially, individuals born on November 28 are decently stable. They consider money as important and hence are not concerned about earning lots of it. However, what stands in their favour is the fact that these individuals think very highly of saving and do believe in putting aside some money in case of emergency. November 28 individuals need to control their impulsive buying streak, which can be a potential bad habit for these individuals.

The professional choice for individuals born on November 28 is directed by their intense ambition, enthusiastic nature and utmost capability. Occupations that allow them to use these abilities make way for a perfect choice for these individuals. Most of the times, these people are found working in an unusual job which utilizes their preferred area of expertise or in self-employment. Since these people are thirsty for challenges and look forward to stimulating work choices, they tend to change their occupation frequently.

Relationships, Marriage & Children
Typically, November 28 born individuals are naturally romantic with a sentimental heart and emotional nature. They may seem to be extremely sociable and friendly but behind the affable nature is a private side that is open but to a few. These individuals regard emotional bond in a relationship incredibly important and thus look for a partner with whom they can share one. Loyalty, faithfulness and trust are important parameters while building a relationship. What is interesting to note is that though these people value closeness and bonding, they greatly appreciate independence and freedom as well and look for some amount of space in a lifelong partnership. November 28 individuals are wonderful at remembering special dates and anniversaries and hence always come up with something special for their loved one on these significant dates. An ideal partner for these people is one who shares their avid passion for outdoors, aspirational plans for future and sharing parental responsibilities. Talking about parenting, these people look to make an emotional connection with their children but allow them their share of independence and freedom.

Lucky Color: Copper, Gold
Lucky Number: 1, 10, 19, 28, 37, 46, 55
Lucky Days (of the week): Monday, Thursday, Sunday
Lucky Days (of the month): 1, 10, 19