The typified personality traits of November 27 individuals is dependent on the planetary position of Jupiter and Mars. While the former influences the characteristic of all Sagittarians, the latter is the governor of the actual date in which these individuals are born. The two planets thus together join forces to influence the changes in the anticipated representative traits of those with this birthdate. November 27 individuals are moralistic individuals with a strong sense of perceptiveness, friendliness, sensitivity and positivity. Other fortes include their assertiveness, alertness, intense curiosity and generosity. However, the only thing that these people need to work on is their temper which may result in moody, rash, rebellious and frustrated behaviour in unexpected situations.

Bruce LeeBruce Lee
32, Chinese, American
Actor, Martial Artist
Jimi HendrixJimi Hendrix
27, American
Singer & Musician

Robin GivensRobin Givens
54, American
Model, Actress

Bill NyeBill Nye
63, American

Caroline KennedyCaroline Kennedy
61, American

Anuel AAAnuel AA
26, Puerto Rican
Jaleel WhiteJaleel White
42, American

Park ChanyeolPark Chanyeol
26, South Korean

Lashana LynchLashana Lynch
31, British

Françoise d'Aubigné, Marquise de MaintenonFrançoise d'Aubigné, Marquise de Maintenon
83, French
Louis XIV of France's Wife
Suresh RainaSuresh Raina
32, Indian

Yulia TymoshenkoYulia Tymoshenko
58, Ukrainian
Former Prime Minister of Ukraine
Samantha BondSamantha Bond
57, British

Himanshi KhuranaHimanshi Khurana
27, Indian
Actress, Model

Nick Van ExelNick Van Exel
47, American
Basketball Player
Brooke LangtonBrooke Langton
48, American

Buster MerryfieldBuster Merryfield
78, British
Chaim WeizmannChaim Weizmann
77, British
Former President of Israel

Anders CelsiusAnders Celsius
42, Swedish
Astronomer, Physicist, Mathematician

Jet JurgensmeyerJet Jurgensmeyer
14, American
Charles Scott SherringtonCharles Scott Sherrington
94, British

Sam GolbachSam Golbach
22, American
Viner , YouTuber
Fe del MundoFe del Mundo
99, Filipino

William E SimonWilliam E. Simon
72, American
Businessman, Philanthropist

Sanna NielsenSanna Nielsen
34, Swedish

28, American
Singer, Songwriter
Chris SmooveChris Smoove
33, American
YouTube Gamer
Charlotte BrosnanCharlotte Brosnan
41, British
Actress, Daughter of Pierce Brosnan

Katia WashingtonKatia Washington
31, American
Daughter of Denzel Washington

Suleyman RustamSuleyman Rustam
82, Azerbaijani

Shaunie O’NealShaunie O’Neal
44, American
Producer, Philanthropist
Alexander DubcekAlexander Dubcek
70, Czech, Slovak

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Bonnie HoelleinBonnie Hoellein
33, American

Bostyn BrownBostyn Brown
15, American

Charlize GlassCharlize Glass
17, American
Hip-Hop Dancer

Jelani MarajJelani Maraj
40, Trinidadian
Nicki Minaj's Brother
25, American

Rubee LanaRubee Lana
19, American
TikTok Star
William FichtnerWilliam Fichtner
62, American

Bhushan KumarBhushan Kumar
41, Indian
Film producer

Alison PillAlison Pill
33, Canadian
Actor, Stage actor
Sharlto CopleySharlto Copley
45, South African
Actor, Film director, Film producer, Screenwriter

Victoria GottiVictoria Gotti
56, American
Elizabeth MarvelElizabeth Marvel
49, American

Vito GenoveseVito Genovese
71, American
Drug trafficker

Michael VartanMichael Vartan
50, French, American

Davey Boy SmithDavey Boy Smith
39, British
Professional wrestler

Myles KennedyMyles Kennedy
49, American
Guitarist, Singer, Singer-songwriter, Composer
Roberto ManciniRoberto Mancini
54, Italian
Association football player, Association football

Curtis ArmstrongCurtis Armstrong
65, British, American

Emma Walton HamiltonEmma Walton Hamilton
56, British

Fisher StevensFisher Stevens
55, American
Kirk AcevedoKirk Acevedo
47, American

Tadanobu AsanoTadanobu Asano
45, Japanese
Actor, Guitarist, Musician, Singer, Film director,
Eddie RabbittEddie Rabbitt
56, American

Hilary HahnHilary Hahn
39, American
Violinist, Musician

Larry AllenLarry Allen
47, American
American Football Player
Oritsé WilliamsOritsé Williams
32, British

Suchitra KrishnamoorthiSuchitra Krishnamoorthi
43, Indian
Professor GreenProfessor Green
35, British
Rapper, Singer, Songwriter, Actor, Television

Sanjana KapoorSanjana Kapoor
52, Indian

Manolo BlahnikManolo Blahnik
76, Spanish
Fashion designer
Bappi LahiriBappi Lahiri
66, Indian
Film director, Composer

Steve OedekerkSteve Oedekerk
57, American
45, American

John AldertonJohn Alderton
78, British

Laurent-Désiré KabilaLaurent-Désiré Kabila
61, Congolese

Bruno AlvesBruno Alves
37, Portuguese
Association football player
Lorraine CrosbyLorraine Crosby
58, British
Chick HearnChick Hearn
85, American

Conrad AnkerConrad Anker
56, American
Explorer, Writer

Parov StelarParov Stelar
44, Austrian
Disc jockey, Jazz musician, Record producer,

David BondermanDavid Bonderman
76, American
Business Person
Adam ShankmanAdam Shankman
54, American
Film director

Ernie WiseErnie Wise
73, British
Comedian, Actor, Screenwriter

Ricky CarmichaelRicky Carmichael
39, American
Motocross rider, Racecar driver

Yuen Siu-tienYuen Siu-tien
Actor, Film actor

Tim PawlentyTim Pawlenty
58, American
lawyer, politician
Vladimir MashkovVladimir Mashkov
55, Russian
Actor, Film director

Shy LoveShy Love
40, American
Adult Film Star, Film director, Model
Jil SanderJil Sander
75, German
Fashion designer

Masaharu HommaMasaharu Homma
58, Japanese
Military personnel

Charles A. BeardCharles A. Beard
73, American
Historian of the modern age, Historian, University
Satoru SayamaSatoru Sayama
61, Japanese
Professional wrestler, Mixed martial artist

Claude LanzmannClaude Lanzmann
93, French
Journalist, Writer, Film director, Screenwriter
David RakoffDavid Rakoff
47, Canadian
Essayist, Journalist, Actor, Writer

Satyendra DubeySatyendra Dubey
30, Indian

Rachida DatiRachida Dati
53, French

Michael Andreas Barclay de TollyMichael Andreas Barclay de Tolly
56, Russian
Field Marshal and Minister
Gordon S. WoodGordon S. Wood
85, American
Historian, University teacher, Writer

Aleksandr KerzhakovAleksandr Kerzhakov
36, Russian
Association football player
Les BlankLes Blank
77, American
Documentary filmmaker

David BellionDavid Bellion
36, French
Association football player
Tiny RowlandTiny Rowland
80, British

Kenix KwokKenix Kwok
49, Chinese
Actor, Singer
Franz Xaver SchwarzFranz Xaver Schwarz
72, German

Personality Traits & Characteristic of Famous People Born on November 27

The personality traits of individuals born on November 27 include cleverness, perceptiveness and rationality. By nature, these people have a caring and generous disposition and are deeply sensitive and compassionate. They are blessed with an inventive mind and are usually alert and attentive.  What’s more, these people are mostly optimistic with a forward looking approach, imaginative thoughts and ideas. Naturally outgoing, sincere and friendly, people born on this day are honest in their dealings, with a keen sense of fairness and a tad bit of idealism. Confident and independent, these people possess a strong sense of moral judgement and principles but can be blunt and over-critical. Towards loved ones, November 27 folks are fairly assertive and quite protective.

In order to experience good health and sound well-being, November 27 individuals need to eat well and remain active. These people need to also keep a check on their sleeping patterns and learn to pace themselves to further improve healthiness. Nervous stress, muscular tension and weakness are other problems that those with this birthdate face. To prevent all the above, including exercising in the daily routine is vital to prevent these vulnerabilities. Since these people are sociable by nature and love to be surrounded by loved ones and friends, being in a state of isolation can also act detrimentally in matters of health. November 27 individuals are found to fall sick when they spend lots of time alone. As such, they should aboid the same to experience the goodness of health.

The financial status of individuals born on November 27 is a dicey affair. These people are great at earning and acquiring money, but when it comes to spending the same, they can be quite carefree and reckless. They do not understand the importance of money and mostly spend whatever they earn in a reckless fashion. What’s more, saving is a far-fetched concept for those with this birthdate. As such, these people rarely save money for future or unexpected expenses that may arise. Thus, borrowing or taking credit are the only ways by which November 27 individuals fill in for the future expenses.

Characteristically blessed with a compassionate nature, high levels of sincerity and honesty, November 27 individuals do well in a profession that utilizes these traits. Some of the most suitable career options for these individuals include care profession and public service. However, in addition to these, November 27 individuals are clever folks with a perceptive and inquisitive mind which gives them the ability and potential to do well in any kind of profession. These people can also do very well in detective or research focussed jobs.

Relationships, Marriage & Children
November 27 individuals enjoy sharing strong bonds of love, compassion and consideration amongst their family and friends. In matters of love, these people look for lifelong commitment and do waste time in flirtation and flings. Loyalty and truthfulness are important issues for these individuals. They believe in bestowing complete faithfulness and expect the same in return. A perfect partner is one with whom they not only share a great physical rapport but a strong mental and spiritual connection as well. November 27 individuals are straightforward and easy to live with but can get tactless and insensitive once in a while. Towards the partner, they are attentive, romantic, compassionate and loving. As far as parenting is concerned, these individuals demand a great deal from their children. Since these people mostly mature early and take up family responsibilities at a young age, they expect the same from their children as well.

Lucky Color: Red, Maroon, Scarlet
Lucky Number: 9, 18, 27, 36. 45
Lucky Days (of the week): Monday, Tuesday, Thursday
Lucky Days (of the month): 9, 18, 27