Astrologically, the planetary position of Pluto and Uranus are accountable for the probability of the personality traits of individuals born on November 13. While the former reigns the zodiacal group of Scorpio, the latters is the governor of the actual date in which these individuals are born. Together, the two determine the uniqueness of November 13 individuals. Talking about the personality strengths, these people are confident folks with a courageous mind and strong will. They have a quick perception and are blessed with astuteness, persistence and rationality. It is due to the presence of these attributes that November 13 folks face life’s challenges with great power. However, these people have their share of weaknesses as well. In unfavourable situations, they become quickly irritated and show sulky, withdrawn behaviour. They may even act in a resentful, stubborn, selfish or criticizing manner.

Gerard ButlerGerard Butler
49, Scottish
Whoopi GoldbergWhoopi Goldberg
63, American

Jimmy KimmelJimmy Kimmel
51, American
Julia MichaelsJulia Michaels
25, American

Edward III of EnglandEdward III of England
64, British
King of England

Andrés Manuel López ObradorAndrés Manuel López Obrador
65, Mexican
Robert Louis StevensonRobert Louis Stevenson
44, Scottish
Novelist, Poet

Chris NothChris Noth
64, American
Aisha HindsAisha Hinds
43, American

Garry MarshallGarry Marshall
81, American
Film Director
Jean SebergJean Seberg
40, American

Ayaan Hirsi AliAyaan Hirsi Ali
49, American
Writer, Politician, Activist, Feminist
Neil FlynnNeil Flynn
58, American
Devon BostickDevon Bostick
27, Canadian

Moon Chae-wonMoon Chae-won
32, South Korean
South Korean Actress
Richard MulliganRichard Mulligan
67, American

Charlie BakerCharlie Baker
62, American
72nd Governor of Massachusetts
Takuya KimuraTakuya Kimura
46, Japanese

Hermione BaddeleyHermione Baddeley
79, British, American

Matt BennettMatt Bennett
27, American
Noah HathawayNoah Hathaway
47, American

Louis BrandeisLouis Brandeis
84, American
Former Lawyer & US Supreme Court Associate Justice
26, American
YouTube Star, Musician

Monique ColemanMonique Coleman
38, American
Actress, Singer, Dancer, Entrepreneur
Kim DirectorKim Director
44, American

Humayun AhmedHumayun Ahmed
63, Bangladeshi
Writer, Filmmaker
Oskar Werner Oskar Werner
61, Austrian
Lon NolLon Nol
72, Cambodian
Cambodian Politician

Mary WigmanMary Wigman
86, German
Dancer, Choreographer
Maharaja Ranjit SinghMaharaja Ranjit Singh
58, Indian
Founder of the Sikh Empire

St. AugustineSt. Augustine
75, Ancient Roman
Nikki HahnNikki Hahn
16, American

Abraham FlexnerAbraham Flexner
92, American

Sisavang VatthanaSisavang Vatthana
70, Laotian
Stella HudgensStella Hudgens
23, American

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Hannah StoneHannah Stone
16, American
Singer, YouNow Star
carly sarah Carly Sarah
17, Canadian
Instagram Star

James ReactsJames Reacts
19, American
YouTube Star
Metta World PeaceMetta World Peace
39, American
Basketball player, Rapper, Actor

Juhi ChawlaJuhi Chawla
51, Indian
Actor, Model, Film producer, Beauty pageant
Joe MantegnaJoe Mantegna
71, American
American actor
Frances ConroyFrances Conroy
Actor, Voice acting

Steve ZahnSteve Zahn
51, American
Riccardo ScamarcioRiccardo Scamarcio
39, Italian

Huang XiaomingHuang Xiaoming
Singer, Actor, Model
Merrick GarlandMerrick Garland
66, American

Fred PhelpsFred Phelps
84, American
Lawyer, Pastor, Journalist

Kelly CutroneKelly Cutrone
53, American
Edwin BoothEdwin Booth
59, American
American actor

Lady Caroline LambLady Caroline Lamb
42, British
Poet, Writer, Novelist
Joseph HookerJoseph Hooker
64, American
Officer, Soldier

P. SusheelaP. Susheela
83, Indian
Actor, Singer
Kevin BridgesKevin Bridges
32, British

Joseph L. GallowayJoseph L. Galloway
77, American
Journalist, Historian
Adelle LutzAdelle Lutz
70, German
Actor, Model, Costume designer
Linda ChristianLinda Christian
87, Mexican
Actor, Film actor

Anastas MikoyanAnastas Mikoyan
82, Armenian
politician, diplomat
Adrienne CorriAdrienne Corri
85, Scottish
stage actor, film actor

Eduardo BerizzoEduardo Berizzo
49, Argentinian
Association football player, Association football
Empress WanrongEmpress Wanrong

Saul KripkeSaul Kripke
78, American
Philosopher, University teacher, Writer, Physician

Terry ReidTerry Reid
69, British
Singer, Guitarist, Songwriter
Aldo NovaAldo Nova
62, Canadian
Singer, Songwriter, Guitarist, Record producer

Nobusuke KishiNobusuke Kishi
90, Japanese
Politician, Diplomat, Spy
Shawn YueShawn Yue
37, Chinese
Actor, Singer

Lucas BarriosLucas Barrios
34, Argentinian, Paraguayan
Argentine-Paraguayan footballer
Nikolai VavilovNikolai Vavilov
55, Russian
botanist, biologist, explorer, geneticist,

Jeffrey BrumaJeffrey Bruma
Association football player
Karl-Otto AlbertyKarl-Otto Alberty
85, German
Albert I, Prince of MonacoAlbert I, Prince of Monaco
73, French

Martina SorbaraMartina Sorbara
40, Canadian
Singer, Songwriter
George CareyGeorge Carey
83, British
Politician, Priest, University teacher

Nobu McCarthyNobu McCarthy
67, Canadian
Model, Actor
Philip I, Landgrave of HessePhilip I, Landgrave of Hesse
62, German

Amory LovinsAmory Lovins
71, American
Physicist, Writer

Heinz von FoersterHeinz von Foerster
90, Austrian
Scientist, Physicist, University teacher
David Marshall WilliamsDavid Marshall Williams
74, American

Emilia PlaterEmilia Plater
25, Lithuanian
Lene HauLene Hau
59, Danish
Physicist, University teacher

Dana VollmerDana Vollmer
31, American
Peter Brabeck-LetmathePeter Brabeck-Letmathe
74, Austrian
Businessperson, Entrepreneur

Johann EckJohann Eck
56, German
Theologian, Translator, University teacher, Pundit
Eva ZeiselEva Zeisel
56, Hungarian
Sculptor, Ceramist
Henri LangloisHenri Langlois
62, French
Civil servant, Archivist

David CesaraniDavid Cesarani
58, British
historian of the modern age, historian,
Ayo FayoseAyo Fayose
58, Nigerian

Kumi KodaKumi Koda
36, Japanese
Japanese singer
John MooreJohn Moore
47, British
officer, politician

Beatrice HsuBeatrice Hsu
28, Taiwanese
Actor, Television actor
Jeffrey VitterJeffrey Vitter
63, American
Computer scientist, Engineer

Dorothea ErxlebenDorothea Erxleben
46, German
Edward Adelbert DoisyEdward Adelbert Doisy
92, American
American biochemist

Olga FikotováOlga Fikotová
86, American
Basketball player, Athletics competitor
James T. RapierJames T. Rapier
45, American
American Politician

Huang Xian FanHuang Xian Fan
82, Chinese
Melissa StorwickMelissa Storwick
20, Canadian

Personality Traits & Characteristic of Famous People Born on November 13

The personality trait of individuals born on November 13 include being creative, intuitive and innovative. Endowed with quite an ambitious and fairly persistent mind, these people possess a rational enthusiastic approach to life with the patience and stamina to carefully plan ahead. Naturally caring and generous, these people feel emotionally for people around but face difficulty in expressing their feelings and emotions. These people are intensely observant and have a meticulous approach in handling obstacles and hurdles which come in their way. Overall, these people are principled and morally disciplined individuals with good intentions and purpose.

Health is the foremost concern for individuals born on November 13. These people are interested in being in control of their physical, emotional and spiritual well-being and thus for the same, follow the advice of a healer, guru or spiritual counsellor to understand the nature of life. For these individuals, being healthy and retaining overall vitality is not a temporary concern or a passing out phase, it is a lifetime quest. As such, very rarely do November 13 folks indulge in a wrong diet. They mostly eat nutritious food and include workout in their daily routine to stay fit and healthy.

November 13 individuals are realistic folks. They do not believe in idealism and understand that life isn’t the same always. They have a fear that prosperity would not last always and this is why they are careful while handling assets. These individuals do not indulge in any frivolous spending and are cautious while managing their money. November 13 individuals mostly stay on a budget and have an inclination for investing money in the right area.

Picking on an ideal career right from the start is unusual for individuals born on this date. These people mostly start out with one particular field only to be lured to the other and then the next. While others may think of it as taxing and exhausting, November 13 individuals love the unexpected and thus take it up as a challenge. Since these people are caring and strong-willed, they do well in humanitarian professions such as fund raising, teaching and advising. Research and writing are other genres in which these individuals gain success.

Relationships, Marriage & Children
Forming relationships is a complicated process for individuals born on November 13. These people often face difficulty making friends. What’s more, even if they make some, they often draw criticism from others. The same is followed in matters of love interest as well. Unlike others, November 13 individuals pick up partner who are entirely different from them and have dissimilar lifestyle, background and religious belief. However, once they have found their true soul mate, they are utmost caring and considerate of them. Filled with compassion, they attend to the needs and desires of their partner.  As far as parenting is concerned, November 13 folks make strict and disciplinarian parents and never allow the softness and tender feelings to come in way. They are extremely serious of their parental duties and hold that in high esteem.

Lucky Color: Electric Blue, Electric White, Multi-Colours
Lucky Number: 4, 13, 22, 31, 40, 49, 58
Lucky Days (of the week): Tuesday, Sunday
Lucky Days (of the month): 4, 13, 22