Pluto is primarily responsible for the personality traits of individuals born under the zodiacal group Scorpio. However, the actual date in which November 12 individuals are born comes under the influence of Moon. Thus, the two celestial bodies play a dominant role is determining the probability of the personality of these natives. November 12 people are blessed with a caring and considerate side and have a strong sense of responsibility. A sharp observation and highly imaginative innovation fills these people with ideas and makes them have an optimistic and positive outlook of the world. However, not all is good with these individuals as they are likely to get stubborn and have a bossy and domineering nature in unpredictable situations. Proneness to moodily obsessive and uncommunicative is also common in November 12 folks.

Charles MansonCharles Manson
83, American
Criminal and Murderer
Anne HathawayAnne Hathaway
36, American

Ryan GoslingRyan Gosling
38, Canadian
Grace KellyGrace Kelly
52, American
Film actress

Russell WestbrookRussell Westbrook
30, American
American Basketball Player

Neil YoungNeil Young
73, Canadian
Singer-Songwriter and Musician
Tonya HardingTonya Harding
48, American
Former Figure Skater, Boxer

Megan MullallyMegan Mullally
60, American
Cote de PabloCote de Pablo
39, Chilean

Hassan RouhaniHassan Rouhani
70, Iranian
7th President of Iran
Radha MitchellRadha Mitchell
45, Australian
Actress, Producer

Sandara ParkSandara Park
34, Filipino
South Korean Singer & Actress
34, American
Veronica LakeVeronica Lake
50, American

Erika CostellErika Costell
25, American
Auguste RodinAuguste Rodin
77, French

Alexandra Maria LaraAlexandra Maria Lara
40, German, Romanian
Elizabeth Cady StantonElizabeth Cady Stanton
86, American
Women’s Rights Activist

Salim AliSalim Ali
90, Indian

Roland BarthesRoland Barthes
64, French
French Literary Theorist & Philosopher
Arianny CelesteArianny Celeste
33, American

Jordana SpiroJordana Spiro
41, American
Alana Martina dos Santos AveiroAlana Martina dos Santos Aveiro
1, Spanish
Daughter of Cristiano Ronaldo & Georgina

Sun Yat Sen Sun Yat Sen
58, Chinese
Chinese Revolutionary and 'Father of Modern china'
Aditi MittalAditi Mittal
31, Indian
Stand-up Comedian, YouTube Personality

Nadia ComaneciNadia Comaneci
57, Romanian
Olympic Champion Gymnast
Lor RayleighLord Rayleigh
76, British
Discoverer of Argon
Cristina Peri RossiCristina Peri Rossi
77, Uruguayan

Nina HoustonNina Houston
15, Dutch
Leon ŠtukeljLeon Štukelj
100, Slovenian

Minttu VirtanenMinttu Virtanen
32, Finnish
Fitness Model, Wife of Kimi Raikkonen
Doctor MikeDoctor Mike
29, Russian, American
Celebrity Doctor

Isla StanfordIsla Stanford
10, American
Instagram Star

Aleksandr BorodinAleksandr Borodin
53, Russian
Composer, Chemist
Daniela RajicDaniela Rajic
28, American

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Gabi GonzalezGabi Gonzalez
20, American
Instagram Star
Jenna KanellJenna Kanell
27, American

Liza Powel O'BrienLiza Powel O'Brien
48, American
Conan O'Brien’s Wife
23, Canadian

Jorge MasvidalJorge Masvidal
34, American
Mixed martial artist, Boxer
Wallace ShawnWallace Shawn
75, American
Sun Yat-senSun Yat-sen
58, Chinese, American
Politician, Physician, Philosopher

Thiago SilvaThiago Silva
36, Brazilian
Sammy SosaSammy Sosa
50, Dominican
Baseball player

Tevin CampbellTevin Campbell
42, American
Imee MarcosImee Marcos
63, Filipino

Jason DayJason Day
31, Australian

Tamala JonesTamala Jones
44, American
Thomas LemarThomas Lemar
23, French
Association football player

Craig ParkerCraig Parker
48, New Zealander
Michael MoorerMichael Moorer
51, American

Benni McCarthyBenni McCarthy
41, South African
Association football player
Juana Inés de la CruzJuana Inés de la Cruz
43, Mexican
Poet, Nun, Writer, Mathematician, Philosopher,

Kim HunterKim Hunter
79, American
Ignazio AbateIgnazio Abate
32, Italian
Association football player
Al MichaelsAl Michaels
74, American
Sports commentator, Journalist

Alexander BorodinAlexander Borodin
53, Russian
Composer, Chemist
Sarah HarmerSarah Harmer
48, Canadian
Singer, Singer-songwriter, Musician

Ethan ZohnEthan Zohn
45, American
Association football player
Michael EndeMichael Ende
71, German
writer, children's writer, screenwriter, science

Enzo FrancescoliEnzo Francescoli
57, Uruguayan
Association football player

Jalal TalabaniJalal Talabani
85, Iraqi
Politician, Jurist, Lawyer
Les McKeownLes McKeown
63, British

Julius MartovJulius Martov
49, Russian
Jo CoburnJo Coburn
50, British

Maximilian von WeichsMaximilian von Weichs
72, German
Military personnel
Bert WilliamsBert Williams
47, American
Actor, Screenwriter, Stage actor

Louis Antoine de BougainvilleLouis Antoine de Bougainville
81, French
Explorer, Politician, Writer, Travel writer
Jacques TourneurJacques Tourneur
73, French
Film director, Film editor
Sharmeen Obaid-ChinoySharmeen Obaid-Chinoy
40, Pakistani
Journalist, Film director, Film producer

Benjamin MkapaBenjamin Mkapa
80, Tanzanian
Politician, Lawyer
67, Brazilian

Gerhard von ScharnhorstGerhard von Scharnhorst
57, German, Prussian
Politician, Officer
Laurence JuberLaurence Juber

Yang YuanqingYang Yuanqing
Entrepreneur, Businessperson

Jacques CharlesJacques Charles
76, French
Physicist, Chemist, Inventor, Balloonist,
Jason LezakJason Lezak
43, American

Piet RetiefPiet Retief
57, South African
Nima NourizadehNima Nourizadeh
41, British
Film director, Film editor

Tadeusz BorowskiTadeusz Borowski
28, Polish
Journalist, Poet, Writer
Krister HenrikssonKrister Henriksson
72, Swedish

Charles BellCharles Bell
67, British
Anatomist, Neuroscientist, Surgeon, Writer,
Mary AstellMary Astell
64, British
Writer, Philosopher, Feminist
Amjad KhanAmjad Khan
51, Indian
Film actor, director

DeWitt WallaceDeWitt Wallace
91, American
Publisher, Philanthropist
Mikhail ChigorinMikhail Chigorin
57, Russian
Chess player

Rolan BykovRolan Bykov
68, Russian
actor, Poet
Charlie HodgsonCharlie Hodgson
38, British
Rugby union player

William TurnerWilliam Turner
72, British
John William StruttJohn William Strutt
76, British

Richard RobertsRichard Roberts
70, American
television presenter
James McCarthyJames McCarthy
28, Irish, Scottish
association football player

Harmeet SinghHarmeet Singh
28, Norwegian
association football player
Dario ŠimićDario Šimić
43, Croatian
Football player

Kavitha BarjatyaKavitha Barjatya
41, Indian

Personality Traits & Characteristic of Famous People Born on November 12

The personality traits of individuals born on November 12 include a charismatic appearance, sociable nature and courteous mannerism. These people are kind, caring and considerate towards the need of others and fairly protective of family and friends. They have a sharing attitude and thoughtful temperament. Much like other Scorpions, these people are endowed with an investigative mind and possess great listening skills. They are creatively and musically talented, in addition to having a lively youthful outlook. Naturally instinctive, these people are highly observant and innovative. Since those born under this date come under the influence of Moon as well, they are endowed with traits of shyness, secrecy and calmness.

The physical health of individuals born on November 12 is dependent on the emotional and spiritual well-being. These people need to feel good about themselves to retain overall vitality. When unhappy, they indulge in food, drink or drugs to get rid of the nervousness and tension. November 12 individuals need to check on their comfort eating at times of sadness. Trying on including a workout routine would also be of help to individuals born on November 12 as if they get a hang of it, they mostly get fixated to it, thereby acquiring all the benefits of staying healthy and robust.

Lack of financial training or an indifferent attitude towards money can be the result of bad financial condition for individuals born on November 12. These people are mostly careless with money and hence fail to secure themselves a stable financial future. November 12 individuals need to learn the value of money and indulge in saving to get rid of the financial crisis situation.

Ambitious and aspiring, individuals born on November 12 are career-oriented folks and work hard to achieve success in life. They are eager to prove to the world that they have it in them what it takes to achieve success in life. These people mostly do well in self-employment or jobs that reward solitary accomplishment. This is mainly due to the fact that November 12 folks do not gel well with others and hence find it hard to work in a group or in a big organization. Naturally creative and artistic, these people are best suited for a career in music or writing.

Relationships, Marriage & Children
With a November 12 person, there is no scope of having a moderate relationship. You either strongly love or profusely hate these individuals. There is no other way for dealing with these men and women. November 12 individuals consider sacredly their relationships with family and friends. In matters of love, they feel intimately about their partner or soul mate. They are passionate towards their love interest and are happiest when they share physical and spiritual intimacy with their partner. The only thing that can be worrisome is that these individuals find it hard to trust others. As such, they commit to a relationship only when they are absolutely sure. However, once committed, these people stay true to their partner and are loving, caring, affectionate and attentive towards his/her needs and desires. As far as parenting is concerned, November 12 individual learn the trick of the trade slowly and steadily. With time, it becomes easier for them to share a close relationship with their children.   

Lucky Color: Yellow, Lemon, Sandy Shades
Lucky Numbers: 3, 12, 21, 30, 39, 48, 57
Lucky Days (of the week): Tuesday, Thursday, Sunday,
Lucky Days (of the month): 3, 12, 30