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(Canadian Twitch Streamer and Internet Personality,)

Birthday: November 12, 1995 (Scorpio)

Born In: Laval, Canada

“xQc” (or “xQcOW”) is the online pseudonym of Canadian professional 'Twitch' streamer and gamer Félix Lengyel. He primarily plays 'Overwatch' and represents the e-sports team 'Los Angeles Gladiators,' as a substitute main tank. He started his professional gaming career playing as the leading tank for the 'Overwatch League' franchise 'Dallas Fuel' during the first half of the league's inaugural season. In the subsequent seasons, xQc reached the top spot of the 'Overwatch' roster. However, his gaming career has been tainted with several controversies that have led him to being suspended and fined. xQc had once announced his retirement from professional gaming, to become a full-time streamer on 'Twitch.' However, he has now resumed his professional gaming career.

Quick Facts

Canadian Celebrities Born In November

Also Known As: Félix Lengyel, xQcOW

Age: 28 Years, 28 Year Old Males

Born Country: Canada

Ancestry: Hungarian Canadian

Rise to Fame
xQc began his gaming career as a main tank player for 'Overwatch' team ‘Q?’ His team was later picked up by 'Denial eSports,' and 5 months later, he played his first tournament at the 'Rivalcade Weekly #3 North America.' The group later disbanded, but before that, xQc and 'Denial eSports' won two championships. His team was renamed 'YIKES!' and then 'Arc 6.' xQc and his team were eliminated in the group stage of the 'Overwatch Contenders 2017: Season Zero,' which was a massive loss for the team. This eventually caused the disbandment of 'Arc 6' just before the 'Overwatch League Season 1.'
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Recommended Lists:

xQc and the other 'Arc 6' teammates parted ways to focus on tryouts for the first season of the 'Overwatch League.' He played for ‘Team Canada’ in the 2017 'Overwatch World Cup' campaign and even qualified for the tournament. xQc's team qualified for the finals of the 'World Cup' but lost to South Korea. However, xQc won the 'MVP Fan Vote' of the tournament.
On October 28, 2017, 'Dallas Fuel' named xQc as their ninth player. He played several matches before he faced his first suspension. xQc returned for the beginning of stage 2 and defeated the 'Los Angeles Gladiators.' xQc was named 'Omen by HP's ‘Player Of The Match.' Shortly after the victory, xQc was suspended again, and around the same time, he announced his retirement from professional gaming, to become a full-time streamer.
xQc owns a 'Twitch' page where he live-streams gameplays and has a million followers. He posts his 'Twitch' highlights on his 'YouTube' channel, 'xQcOW.' He has a second channel, 'Daily Dose of xQc,' where he posts reactions, best moments, and, full playthroughs of various games.
For several months, xQc live-streamed full-time on 'Twitch.' He returned to professional gaming as a member of the team 'GOATS' for the 'Contenders Trials North America.' In the 2018 'Overwatch World Cup,' xQc joined ‘Team Canada’ as the main tank. He qualified for the quarterfinals at 'BlizzCon' after securing the second place in the 'Los Angeles Group Stage.'
In February 2019, xQc was named a substitute main tank for the 'Gladiators Legion,' the academy team of the 'Los Angeles Gladiators,' which was supposed to compete in the 'Overwatch Contenders.'
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xQc's first suspension (for 72 hours) happened in November 2017, after he misused the in-game reporting system. In December 2017, he got a 7-day suspension for a 'Blizzard' misconduct.
xQc was suspended by the 'Overwatch League' for making homophobic comments against 'Outlaws' player Muma, after the 'Dallas Fuel's' ‘Stage 1’ loss. He was barred for the next four matches and was fined of $2,000. Additionally, 'Dallas Fuel,' too, suspended xQc from the team for the rest of ‘Stage 1.’
On March 9, 2018, xQc was banned for four games and was charged a hefty fine for using the 'Twitch' emote 'TriHard 7' on the official 'Overwatch League' stream to make a racial comment against a player. Two days later, xQc was released from 'Dallas Fuel,' after which he focused on full-time 'Twitch' streaming.
In August 2018, xQc was banned yet again after being reported for using abusive language on multiple occasions during chats. Even though he was allowed to be present during the stream, he was later punished for his actions. His suspension lasted for 15 days and was lifted just before Canada's 'Overwatch World Cup' campaign.
Family & Personal Life
xQc was born on November 12, 1995, in Canada. His real name is Félix Lengyel. He previously lived in Laval, Quebec, Canada.
His online pseudonym is a combination of the last letter of his first name, Félix, and ''Qc,'' the abbreviation of his home province, Quebec.

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