Discover the notable alumni of Moscow State University. The list includes people like Mikhail Gorbachev, Sergey Brin, Oleg Deripaska, Lev Vygotsky & Boris Pasternak. This list of notable alumni is loosely sorted by popularity and has people from different domains of life, such as intellectuals & academics, writers, leaders, scientists and business people etc.
Mikhail GorbachevMikhail Gorbachev
02 March 1931, Russian, Russian
Former President of the former USSR
Sergey BrinSergey Brin
21 August 1973, Russian, American
Computer scientist Vygotsky
17 November 1896, Russian

Alisher UsmanovAlisher Usmanov
09 September 1953, Russian
Business Magnate

Raisa GorbachevaRaisa Gorbacheva
05 January 1932, Russian
First Lady of U.S.S.R

Boris PasternakBoris Pasternak
10 February 1890, Russian, Russian
Poet & Writer
Andrei SakharovAndrei Sakharov
21 May 1921, Russian
The Father of Soviet nuclear bomb’

Oleg Vladimirovich Deripaska Oleg Deripaska
02 January 1968, Russian
Entrepreneur, Investor, Businessperson

Ion IliescuIon Iliescu
03 March 1930, Romanian
Former President of Romania

Mahmoud DarwishMahmoud Darwish
13 March 1941, Palestinian
Immanuel VelikovskyImmanuel Velikovsky
10 June 1895, Israeli

Imre LakatosImre Lakatos
09 November 1922, Hungarian
Ivan BuninIvan Bunin
22 October 1870, Russian

Alexander HerzenAlexander Herzen
06 April 1812, Russian
Father of Russian socialism

Andrey MelnichenkoAndrey Melnichenko
08 March 1972, Russian
Igor Yevgenyevich TammIgor Tamm
08 July 1895, Russian

John Dramani MahamaJohn Dramani Mahama
29 November 1958, Ghanaian
President of Ghana
Suleyman RustamSuleyman Rustam
27 November 1906, Azerbaijani

Nikolai BukharinNikolai Bukharin
09 October 1888, Russian
Russian Politician

Tony HoareTony Hoare
11 January 1934, British
Computer scientist, Engineer, Programmer, Writer,
Vladimir ZhirinovskyVladimir Zhirinovsky
25 April 1946, Kazakh, Russian
Jurist, Politician, Lawyer

Grigory PotemkinGrigory Potemkin
11 October 1739, Russian
linguist, military personnel
Nadezhda TolokonnikovaNadezhda Tolokonnikova
07 November 1989, Russian

Andrey KolmogorovAndrey Kolmogorov
25 April 1903, Russian

L. L. ZamenhofL. L. Zamenhof
15 December 1859, Polish
Linguist, Ophthalmologist, Inventor, Poet,

Eugene KasperskyEugene Kaspersky
04 October 1965, Russian
computer scientist, programmer, inventor
Sergei YeseninSergei Yesenin
21 September 1895, Russian
poet, writer
Roman JakobsonRoman Jakobson
11 October 1896, Russian

P. D. OuspenskyP. D. Ouspensky
04 March 1878, Russian
philosopher, writer

Vsevolod MeyerholdVsevolod Meyerhold
28 January 1874, Russian
actor, theatre director, playwright

Yevgeny PrimakovYevgeny Primakov
29 October 1929, Russian
Geopolitician, Politician, Diplomat, Journalist,
Pafnuty ChebyshevPafnuty Chebyshev
04 May 1821, Russian
mathematician, statistician

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Yegor GaidarYegor Gaidar
19 March 1956, Russian
Economist, Politician, Professor

Georgy LvovGeorgy Lvov
02 November 1861, Russian
statesman, politician

Boris AkuninBoris Akunin
20 May 1956, Georgian, Russian
Writer, Translator, Historian, Science fiction

Chulpan KhamatovaChulpan Khamatova
01 October 1975, Russian
Petr MitrichevPetr Mitrichev
19 March 1985, Russian
Computer scientist

Vladimir ArnoldVladimir Arnold
12 June 1937, Ukrainian, Russian
Mathematician, Topologist, Professor, Scientist
Lev ShestovLev Shestov
31 January 1866, Russian
philosopher, university teacher

Israel GelfandIsrael Gelfand
20 August 1913, American, Russian
mathematician, biologist, university teacher

Ivan GoncharovIvan Goncharov
06 June 1812, Russian
linguist, writer, novelist, translator
Dmitry RogozinDmitry Rogozin
21 December 1963, Russian
Journalist, Politician, Diplomat

Alexander OparinAlexander Oparin
02 March 1894, Russian
biologist, biochemist, chemist
Elvira NabiullinaElvira Nabiullina
29 October 1963, Russian
Economist, Politician, Banker

Roza OtunbayevaRoza Otunbayeva
23 August 1950, Kyrgyz
Politician, Diplomat

Maxim KontsevichMaxim Kontsevich
25 August 1964, French, Russian
Mathematician, Topologist

Diniyar BilyaletdinovDiniyar Bilyaletdinov
27 February 1985, Russian
Association football player

Mykola AzarovMykola Azarov
17 December 1947, Ukrainian
Pavel MilyukovPavel Milyukov
27 January 1859
Diplomat, Historian, Politician, Journalist

Yuri OrlovYuri Orlov
13 August 1924, American
Physicist, Human rights activist, Nuclear

Leonid AndreyevLeonid Andreyev
21 August 1871, Russian
playwright, writer, journalist, lawyer

Vasily ZhukovskyVasily Zhukovsky
29 January 1783, Russian
linguist, poet, translator, writer, literary
Vitaly GinzburgVitaly Ginzburg
21 September 1916, Russian
physicist, astronomer, inventor, professor

Fyodor TyutchevFyodor Tyutchev
23 November 1803, Russian
writer, poet, diplomat, philosopher
Nikolai RubinsteinNikolai Rubinstein
14 February 1835, Russian
composer, pianist, conductor, musician

Alexander StepanovAlexander Stepanov
16 November 1950, Russian
Computer scientist

Andrei BelyAndrei Bely
14 October 1880, Russian
poet, writer, autobiographer,playwright, literary
Alexander OstrovskyAlexander Ostrovsky
31 March 1823, Russian
writer, librettist, playwright, journalist

Lyudmila UlitskayaLyudmila Ulitskaya
21 February 1943, Russian
Igor ShuvalovIgor Shuvalov
04 January 1967, Russian
Jurist, Politician, Lawyer

Nikolay Yegorovich ZhukovskyNikolay Yegorovich Zhukovsky
17 January 1847, Russian
mathematician, physicist, engineer

Pyotr AvenPyotr Aven
16 March 1955, Russian
Politician, Banker, Economist
Sergei Bodrov, Jr.Sergei Bodrov, Jr.
27 December 1971, Russian

Boris BerezovskyBoris Berezovsky
23 January 1946, British, Russian
entrepreneur, mathematician, politician, economist
Kōki IshiiKōki Ishii
06 November 1940, Japanese