Throughout history, there have been many Mexican women singers who have made significant contribution to the field. The list includes many familiar and great Mexican female singers such as Maite Perroni, Gloria Trevi, Angela Vazquez, Jenni Rivera, Natalia Lafourcade.
Maite PerroniMaite Perroni
09 March 1983, Mexican
Actress, Singer
26 August 1971, Mexican

Margo ReyMargo Rey
18 October 1966, Mexican

Gloria TreviGloria Trevi
15 February 1968, Mexican
Singer, Songwriter, Actress

Paulina GotoPaulina Goto
29 July 1991, Mexican

Angela VazquezAngela Vazquez
17 January 2001, Mexican
Musical Artist
Camila SodiCamila Sodi
14 May 1986, Mexican
Actor, Television actor, Film actor, Model

Aracely ArámbulaAracely Arámbula
06 March 1975, Mexican
Actor, Singer, Television actor, Model

María FélixMaría Félix
08 April 1914, Mexican
Paulina RubioPaulina Rubio
17 June 1971, Mexican

Belinda PeregrínBelinda Peregrín
15 August 1989, Spanish, Mexican
Actor, Singer, Pianist, Television actor, Model,
Natalia LafourcadeNatalia Lafourcade
26 February 1984, Mexican
Singer, Songwriter

Alessandra RosaldoAlessandra Rosaldo
11 September 1971, Mexican
Actor, Singer, Television actor

Verónica CastroVerónica Castro
19 October 1952, Mexican
Actor, Singer, Presenter

Dulce MaríaDulce María
06 December 1985, Mexican
Actor, Singer, Composer, Poet, Vedette, Television

Angélica RiveraAngélica Rivera
02 August 1969, Mexican
Television actor, Politician, Actor, Model
Ximena SariñanaXimena Sariñana
29 October 1985, Mexican
Actor, Singer, Jazz musician, Television actor,

14 May 1983, Mexican
Singer songwriter, Actress, Record producer dancer

Ninel CondeNinel Conde
29 September 1970, Mexican
Actor, Singer, Television actor, Model

Chavela VargasChavela Vargas
17 April 1919, Mexican
Angélica MaríaAngélica María
27 September 1944, Mexican
Actress, Singer, Songwriter

Julieta VenegasJulieta Venegas
24 November 1970, Mexican
Singer-songwriter, musician, record producer
Alejandra GuzmánAlejandra Guzmán
09 February 1968, Mexican
Actor, Singer, Television actor

Itatí CantoralItatí Cantoral
13 May 1975, Mexican
singer, television actor, film actor, stage actor

Angélica ValeAngélica Vale
11 November 1975, Mexican
Mariana SeoaneMariana Seoane
10 June 1976, Mexican
Singer, Actor, Television actor, Model

Laura FloresLaura Flores
23 August 1963, Mexican
Actor, Singer, Television actor
Lila DownsLila Downs
09 September 1968, Mexican, American
singer-songwriter, actor, artivist, film actor

Daniela RomoDaniela Romo
27 August 1959, Mexican
Singer, Television actor, Stage actor, Film actor

Daniela CastroDaniela Castro
17 August 1966, Mexican
Lola BeltránLola Beltrán
07 March 1932, Mexican

06 January 1964, Mexican
singer, actor, television actor, film actor, model
21 July 1973, Mexican

29 August 1969, Mexican
actor, singer, composer, presenter

Oralia DomínguezOralia Domínguez
25 October 1925, Mexican
Operatic soprano