March 9 people have an intense belief in justice and speak out strongly against abuse and bullying. As a Water sign, their strong intuition may lead to intense premonitions. A need to nurture makes them natural rescuers of those who may have lost their way. They are deeply attuned to the spiritual powers of the universe. On the lighter side, they have a charming sense of humor and love the playful antics of children and baby animals. Though sensitive and emotional, individuals born on this day are strongly determined and have an indomitable mind.

Oscar IsaacOscar Isaac
40, Guatemalan, American
Bobby FischerBobby Fischer
64, Icelander, American
Chess Grandmaster

Yuri GagarinYuri Gagarin
34, Russian, Russian
Soviet Cosmonaut

Simon MonjackSimon Monjack
40, British
Film Director, Screenwriter, Producer

Kimberly GuilfoyleKimberly Guilfoyle
50, American
News Anchor

Matthew Gray GublerMatthew Gray Gubler
39, American
Actor, Director, Model, Painter
Amerigo VespucciAmerigo Vespucci
57, Italian
Discoverer of South America

Stacey DooleyStacey Dooley
32, British
TV Presenter

Juliette BinocheJuliette Binoche
55, French

Linda FiorentinoLinda Fiorentino
61, American
Vyacheslav MolotovVyacheslav Molotov
96, Russian

Cierra RamirezCierra Ramirez
24, American
Katherine ParkinsonKatherine Parkinson
41, British

Kim Tae-yeonKim Tae-yeon
30, South Korean
South Korean Singer

Bobby SandsBobby Sands
27, Irish
Dominick CruzDominick Cruz
34, American
Mixed Martial Artist

George Lincoln RockwellGeorge Lincoln Rockwell
49, American
Emmanuel LewisEmmanuel Lewis
48, American
Former Child Actor

Matteo SalviniMatteo Salvini
46, Italian
Political Leader

Jean Louisa KellyJean Louisa Kelly
47, American
Will GeerWill Geer
76, American

Brian BosworthBrian Bosworth
54, American
Former American Football Player
Joe GilgunJoe Gilgun
35, British

Maite PerroniMaite Perroni
36, Mexican
Actress, Singer

Joyce Van PattenJoyce Van Patten
85, American

Jean-Marc ValléeJean-Marc Vallée
56, Canadian
Samuel BarberSamuel Barber
70, American
26, South Korean

Bobby CampoBobby Campo
36, American

Ernest BevinErnest Bevin
70, British
British statesman

James L. BuckleyJames L. Buckley
96, American
Former United States Senator
Keenon JacksonKeenon Jackson
29, American

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Bow WowBow Wow
32, American

Cyrus DobreCyrus Dobre
26, American

Walter KohnWalter Kohn
93, Austrian
Physicist and Chemist

Dennis Rader (BTK Killer)Dennis Rader (BTK Killer)
74, American
Serial Killer
28, Canadian
YouTube Star

George SmithGeorge Smith
20, British
Pop–rock Singer, Instrumentalist
25, American

Jessica TarlovJessica Tarlov
35, American
Molly Tarlov's Sister, Political Strategist

Shashi TharoorShashi Tharoor
63, Indian
Writer, Politician, Diplomat
Walter MercadoWalter Mercado
87, American
Astrologer, Dancer

Carlos GhosnCarlos Ghosn
65, Brazilian
Entrepreneur, Businessperson
Katherine ParkinsonKatherine Parkinson
42, British

Raul JuliaRaul Julia
54, Puerto Rican

Parthiv PatelParthiv Patel
34, Indian

Mohammed ShamiMohammed Shami
29, Indian

Jeannie GaffiganJeannie Gaffigan
49, American
Mark MansonMark Manson
35, American

Kato KaelinKato Kaelin
60, American
Actor, Television actor

Albert GöringAlbert Göring
71, Austrian, German
Mechanical engineer

Mark DantonioMark Dantonio
63, American
Head coach
48, American
Musician, Rapper, Singer

Clint DempseyClint Dempsey
36, American
American soccer player
Matt BarnesMatt Barnes
39, American
Basketball Player

Vita Sackville-WestVita Sackville-West
70, British

Melina PerezMelina Perez
40, Mexican, American
John CaleJohn Cale
77, British, Welsh
Singer-songwriter, Record producer, Actor,

Shannon LetoShannon Leto
49, American
Robin TrowerRobin Trower
74, British

Steve WilkosSteve Wilkos
55, American
Amateur wrestler

Chad GilbertChad Gilbert
38, American
Musician, Guitarist, Songwriter
Daley BlindDaley Blind
Association football player

Bill BeaumontBill Beaumont
67, British
Entrepreneur, Rugby union player
Jimmy HaslamJimmy Haslam
65, American

39, American
Rapper, Musician, Actor, Singer, Television actor,

Jeffrey OsborneJeffrey Osborne
71, American

Nana Akufo-AddoNana Akufo-Addo
75, Ghanaian
diplomat, lawyer, politician
Neil StraussNeil Strauss
50, American
Leland StanfordLeland Stanford
69, American

Travis Lane StorkTravis Lane Stork
47, American

Mickey GilleyMickey Gilley
83, American

Juan Sebastián VerónJuan Sebastián Verón
44, Argentinian
Kerr SmithKerr Smith
47, American

Rick SteinerRick Steiner
58, American

Ornella MutiOrnella Muti
64, Italian

Ernesto MirandaErnesto Miranda
34, American

Pastor MaldonadoPastor Maldonado
34, Venezuelan
Racing driver
Ben MulroneyBen Mulroney
43, Canadian
Actor, Television presenter

Ornette ColemanOrnette Coleman
85, American
Composer, Trumpeter, Saxophonist, Jazz musician
Aloysius GonzagaAloysius Gonzaga
23, Italian

Ángel CorreaÁngel Correa
24, Argentinian
Association football player

Roy MakaayRoy Makaay
44, Dutch
Association football player
Gerald BullGerald Bull
62, Canadian
Aerospace engineer, Engineer, Inventor

Keely SmithKeely Smith
87, American
Singer, Jazz musician
Helen ZilleHelen Zille
68, South African
Politician, Journalist

Youri DjorkaeffYouri Djorkaeff
51, French
Association football player

Brent BurnsBrent Burns
34, Canadian
Ice hockey player

Richard QuestRichard Quest
57, British
Journalist, Television presenter
Mickey SpillaneMickey Spillane
88, American

Jef RaskinJef Raskin
61, American
Programmer, Computer scientist, Writer, University
Diana TurbayDiana Turbay
40, Colombian

Honoré Gabriel Riqueti, comte de MirabeauHonoré Gabriel Riqueti, comte de Mirabeau
42, French
Journalist, Politician, Diplomat, Writer,
Del CloseDel Close
64, American

Luis BarragánLuis Barragán
86, Mexican
Mexican architect
Volker BruchVolker Bruch
39, German

Personality Traits & Characteristics of Famous People Born on March 9

Those born on March 9 are particularly sensitive to all forms of spirituality, which can either fuel a strong commitment to a cause or, negatively, lead to a detrimental or addictive lifestyle. Their boundless energy and self-reliance fuel an adventurous nature. Negatively, they may act recklessly, then become defensive when questioned about decisions and actions. Positively, they are eloquent advocates and peacemakers who can cut quickly through rhetoric and drama. Although their restlessness may make people nervous, they are fearless against resistance and can motivate others to stand up for themselves.

March 9 individuals are blessed with a good overall health, thanks to their concentration, meditation and positive thinking attitude. Though they might have bouts of depression occasionally, this can be restored by working in creative fields. Because of sensitivities to medications, it's important that the health care professionals are aware of all on-going treatments and prescriptions of these individuals.

While those born on March 9 aren't naturally disposed towards facts and figures, they stick to a budget when necessary and may even get a bit dogmatic about staying “on track”. Although not necessarily driven to gain wealth, they won't hesitate to do what is required for success.

March 9 people are devoted to excellence, regardless of their career choice. They make gifted healers, particularly therapists and chiropractors. They may also seek careers in law, especially in humanitarian or philanthropic environments. In addition to their regular jobs, people born on this day are usually active volunteers.

Relationships, Marriage And Children
Holding themselves to a high personal standard, those born on March 9 may seem critical of others, in part because they usually say exactly what they're thinking. When talking to their children, these Pisceans may need to temper their blunt honesty with kindness. Deeply devoted to their family, they will make great sacrifices for loved ones, putting others' needs ahead of theirs. A desire to protect friends and family means they may take on responsibilities not necessarily theirs. Despite a tendency to fall in love quickly, they're passionate with partners, who do well to understand the March 9 person's need for a little adventure and a lot of romance.

Lucky Colors: Red Maroon, Scarlet Autumn tones
Lucky Numbers: 9, 18, 27, 36. 45, 54, 63, 72
Lucky Days (of the week): Monday, Tuesday, Thursday
Lucky Days (of the month): 9, 18, 19, 29