March 23 people are born under the sign of the Ram. Their personal ruling planets are Mars and Mercury. They possess excellent communication skills that often lead them to specific career choices. Individuals born on this day are full of energy and possess an adventurous and impulsive spirit. They have an extremely strong work ethic and always strive for perfection in everything they do. They tend to be good natured, talkative and outgoing. They make excellent listeners and are quite interested in the viewpoints and opinions of others.

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Ayesha CurryAyesha Curry
30, Canadian, American
Celebrity Chef & Cookbook Author
Kyrie IrvingKyrie Irving
27, American
Basketball Player

Keri RussellKeri Russell
43, American
Dancer, Actress

Joan CrawfordJoan Crawford
72, American

Chaka KhanChaka Khan
66, American

Akira KurosawaAkira Kurosawa
88, Japanese
Mo FarahMo Farah
36, British

Vanessa MorganVanessa Morgan
27, Canadian

Russell HowardRussell Howard
39, British

Marin HinkleMarin Hinkle
53, American
Tee GrizzleyTee Grizzley
25, American
Rapper, Songwriter

Karen McDougalKaren McDougal
48, American
John PinetteJohn Pinette
50, American

Steven StraitSteven Strait
33, American
Singer, Actor, Model

Mark HuntMark Hunt
45, New Zealander
Boxer, Kickboxer
Karina KurzawaKarina Kurzawa
12, Canadian
YouTube Star

Amanda PlummerAmanda Plummer
62, American
Felix YusupovFelix Yusupov
80, Russian

Perez HiltonPerez Hilton
47, American

Roger BannisterRoger Bannister
90, British
Former British Athlete Who Ran The First
Ali HewsonAli Hewson
58, Irish
Entrepreneur, Activist

Pierre-Simon LaplacePierre-Simon Laplace
77, French
Madelyn DeutchMadelyn Deutch
28, American

Hope DavisHope Davis
55, American

Marti PellowMarti Pellow
54, Scottish

Chris HenchyChris Henchy
55, American
Erich FrommErich Fromm
79, German
Quando RondoQuando Rondo
20, American

Emmy NoetherEmmy Noether
53, German

Vasily ZaytsevVasily Zaytsev
76, Russian

Terry SweeneyTerry Sweeney
68, American
Ben HigginsBen Higgins
36, American
Reality TV Personality

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Vincent TanVincent Tan
67, Chinese, Malaysian

Schuyler ColfaxSchuyler Colfax
61, American
17th Vice President of the U.S.A

Peter Schiff Peter Schiff
56, American
Investor & Investment Broker

Juan GrisJuan Gris
40, Spanish
12, Canadian

Brian Hanby (Terroriser)Brian Hanby
28, Irish
YouTube Star
Hermann StaudingerHermann Staudinger
84, German

10, American
TikTok ( & Instagram Star

Typical GamerTypical Gamer
27, Canadian
Hassan FathyHassan Fathy
89, Egyptian

Jahkoy PalmerJahkoy Palmer
25, Canadian
Daniel Bovet Daniel Bovet
85, Italian

Wernher Von BraunWernher Von Braun
65, German, Polish, American

Breaunna WomackBreaunna Womack
24, American
Musical Artist

Daisy TomlinsonDaisy Tomlinson
15, British
Instagram Star

Daniel HardcastleDaniel Hardcastle
30, British
Phoebe TomlinsonPhoebe Tomlinson
15, British
Instagram Star, Vlogger

Aniyah InmanAniyah Inman
17, American

Atl BreAtl Bre
17, American
Instagram star

Blair GrayBlair Gray
12, American
Instagram Star
Brandon BlakeBrandon Blake
13, Irish
TikTok Star

Caroline ManningCaroline Manning
15, American
Musical Artist
26, American
YouTube Gamer

Jessica Marie GarciaJessica Marie Garcia
32, American

Ric OcasekRic Ocasek
70, American
Kangana RanautKangana Ranaut
32, Indian

Joanna PageJoanna Page
41, British
Catherine KeenerCatherine Keener
60, American
American actress

Damon AlbarnDamon Albarn
51, British
Guitarist, Singer, Musician, Composer, Songwriter

Jason KiddJason Kidd
46, American
Basketball player, Basketball coach
Smriti IraniSmriti Irani
47, Indian
politician, television producer, actor, television

Joe CalzagheJoe Calzaghe
47, British
Brandon MarshallBrandon Marshall
35, American
American football player

Kiran Mazumdar-ShawKiran Mazumdar-Shaw
66, Indian
Business woman

Moses MaloneMoses Malone
60, American
Basketball player

Reggie WattsReggie Watts
47, American
Margaret of AnjouMargaret of Anjou
52, French
Queen of England
Philip ZimbardoPhilip Zimbardo
86, American
Social psychologist, University teacher,

Gordon HaywardGordon Hayward
29, American
Basketball player

Jeremy WadeJeremy Wade
63, British
Biologist, Television presenter, Writer

Mike Will Made ItMike Will Made It
30, American
Music executive, Businessperson, Record producer,
Nicholle TomNicholle Tom
41, American

Richard GriecoRichard Grieco
54, American

Michael HanekeMichael Haneke
77, Austrian, German
Film director, Screenwriter, Writer, University

Thakur Anoop SinghThakur Anoop Singh
30, Indian

Gail PorterGail Porter
48, British
Television presenter
Vijay YesudasVijay Yesudas
40, Indian

Maynard JacksonMaynard Jackson
65, American
Mayor of Atlanta
Gianni InfantinoGianni Infantino
49, Swiss, Italian
Jurist, Functionary, Lawyer

Daisy BevanDaisy Bevan
27, British

Jaume Collet-SerraJaume Collet-Serra
45, Spanish, American
Film director, Film producer
Jerzy DudekJerzy Dudek
46, Polish
Polish footballer

Fernando HierroFernando Hierro
51, Spanish
Association football player, Association football
Tony BurtonTony Burton
78, American
Boxer, Stage actor, Film actor, Television actor

Terry SweeneyTerry Sweeney
69, American

Brett EldredgeBrett Eldredge
33, American

Andrea DoviziosoAndrea Dovizioso
33, Italian
Motorcycle racer
Kim Stanley RobinsonKim Stanley Robinson
67, American

Ron JaworskiRon Jaworski
68, American
Football Player
Bassel al-AssadBassel al-Assad
Politician, Engineer

Ram Manohar LohiaRam Manohar Lohia
57, Indian
James H. ClarkJames H. Clark
75, American
Computer scientist

Robert GalloRobert Gallo
82, American
Virologist, Oncologist, Physician, Immunologist
Donald CampbellDonald Campbell
45, British
Racecar driver

Personality Traits & Characteristics of Famous People Born on March 23

People born on March 23 have the ability to not take themselves or their work too seriously. They work hard, but they prefer to take life as it comes, as opposed to being too organized. They are quite independent and positive in their view of life. They do have a tendency to be wilful at times and must work hard in order not to be considered bossy. Loyalty is of paramount important to people born on the 23rd of March. They make friends quite easily and are giving and compassionate. At times they can be overly sensitive, but they are quite excellent at pulling themselves out of a bad mood. These people have very little tolerance for dishonesty.

People born on this day enjoy taking a holistic approach to keeping themselves healthy. They are completely open to learning about different health approaches and are not afraid to try unusual treatments for illness. March 23 people tend to suffer from headaches, migraines and sinus conditions. They are extremely high energy people, so eating a healthy balanced diet is of utmost importance to their overall health.

March 23 people are capable of accumulating money rather quickly. They also have the ability to spend money quickly, so they have to exercise considerable restraint when it comes to money matters. Their high energy levels and impulsive nature sometimes leads them to make unrealistic decisions when it comes to money.

People born on this day choose career paths that put their strong communication skills to good use. They really enjoy working with large groups of people. Their considerable abilities really help them to stand out in a crowd. They make fine reporters, lecturers and teachers.

Relationships, Marriage And Children
March 23 people only confide their deepest feelings to those who are very close to them. Relationships matter very much and loyalty is paramount. They really enjoy parenthood. They are firm believers in setting an example for their children in a quiet and easy going way. They parent in a casual but effective manner. They believe quite strongly in marriage and are willing to work hard to make it work.

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