A person born on July 8 falls under the 4th sign of the zodiac, Cancer, the symbol of the crab. The ruling planet for these individuals is the moon. Cancer is one of the water signs, meaning a July 8 individual is malleable, adaptable and also nourishing, the way water does. Friends as well as family members often turn to people born on July 8 for their support and comfort. This tendency to support and comfort can occasionally be overpowering and can turn smothering. Because people born on this day are very intuitive, they can read nonverbal cues quite easily. July 8 people are also blessed with very high emotional intelligence.

Jaden Smith Jaden Smith
21, American
Actor, Rapper
Sophia BushSophia Bush
37, American

Milo VentimigliaMilo Ventimiglia
42, American
John D. RockefellerJohn D. Rockefeller
97, American

49, American

Michael WeatherlyMichael Weatherly
51, American
Actor, Director, Producer
Billy CrudupBilly Crudup
51, American

Nelson RockefellerNelson Rockefeller
70, American
41st Vice President of the U.S.A
Steve EismanSteve Eisman
57, American

Wolfgang PuckWolfgang Puck
70, Austrian
Chef, Restaurateur
Steve LawrenceSteve Lawrence
84, American

Artemisia GentileschiArtemisia Gentileschi
62, Italian
40, Australian
YouTube Personality
Schuyler FiskSchuyler Fisk
37, American
Actress, Singer, Songwriter

Ariel CamachoAriel Camacho
22, Mexican
Singer, songwriter
Alexis DzienaAlexis Dziena
35, American

Philip JohnsonPhilip Johnson
98, American
Riele DownsRiele Downs
18, Canadian

Mal MeningaMal Meninga
59, Australian

Jamal WoolardJamal Woolard
39, American
Actor, Comedian, Rapper
Percy GraingerPercy Grainger
78, Australian, American
Musician, Composer, arranger and pianist

Kid LucasKid Lucas
22, American
Rapper & Social Media Star
Pyotr KapitsaPyotr Kapitsa
89, Russian

Kaiane AldorinoKaiane Aldorino
33, Gibraltar
Former Miss World
Igor Yevgenyevich TammIgor Tamm
75, Russian

Penelope DisickPenelope Disick
7, American
Kourtney Kardashian's Daughter
Elin PelinElin Pelin
72, Bulgarian
Hermann NicoliHermann Nicoli
37, Brazilian

Melissa WomerMelissa Womer
59, American
Actress, Producer, Writer, Ex-Wife of Jim Carrey
Luis FloresLuis Flores
26, Salvadoran

John BainJohn Bain
33, British, American
Angelina EsloraAngelina Eslora
19, Mexican, American
Instagram Star

Isaac NakashIsaac Nakash
23, American
Instagram Star

Ashly PerezAshly Perez
30, American
YouTube Star
Kevin Norwood BaconKevin Norwood Bacon
61, American

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Nick AntonyanNick Antonyan
25, American
Marianne WilliamsonMarianne Williamson
67, American

Virgil van DijkVirgil van Dijk
Association football player
Kevin BaconKevin Bacon
61, American

Sourav GangulySourav Ganguly
47, Indian
Al SwearengenAl Swearengen
59, American
Jeffrey TamborJeffrey Tambor
75, American
American actor

Toby KeithToby Keith
58, American
Singer-songwriter, Actor, Singer, Record producer
Marty FeldmanMarty Feldman
48, American
Actor, Comedian, Screenwriter, Poet

Hugo BossHugo Boss
63, German
Amanda PetersonAmanda Peterson
43, American

Robbie KeaneRobbie Keane
39, Irish

Alice LevineAlice Levine
33, British
Kevin TrappKevin Trapp
29, German
Association football player

Kathleen RobertsonKathleen Robertson
46, Canadian
Robert KnepperRobert Knepper
60, American

Sky FerreiraSky Ferreira
27, American
Singer-songwriter, Singer, Composer, Actor, Model
Joan OsborneJoan Osborne
57, American
Singer, Singer-songwriter, Composer, Record

71, Egyptian
Singer, Songwriter
John MoneyJohn Money
84, New Zealander, American
Psychologist, Psychiatrist, Physician, University
Peter OrlovskyPeter Orlovsky
76, American
Poet, Writer, Actor

Janice PenningtonJanice Pennington
77, American
Playboy Playmate
Pendleton WardPendleton Ward
37, American
Television producer, Animator, Screenwriter

Joseph MercolaJoseph Mercola
65, American
Physician, Writer
Ellen MacArthurEllen MacArthur
43, British

Louis JordanLouis Jordan
66, American
Singer, Actor, Saxophonist, Jazz musician

Tzipi LivniTzipi Livni
61, Israeli
Politician, Lawyer, Diplomat, Manager
Billy EckstineBilly Eckstine
78, American
Singer, Bandleader, Conductor, Jazz musician, Jazz

Käthe KollwitzKäthe Kollwitz
77, German
Painter, Sculptor, Lithographer, Poster artist,
John PembertonJohn Pemberton
57, American
Pharmacist, Inventor, Chemist

Jean de La FontaineJean de La Fontaine
73, French
Writer, Poet, Lawyer
Alfred BinetAlfred Binet
54, French
Psychologist, Educationist

Jordan ChanJordan Chan
Singer, Actor, Songwriter
Leigh MatthewsLeigh Matthews
21, South African
Ferdinand von ZeppelinFerdinand von Zeppelin
78, German
Aviator, Officer, Balloonist

Wang ZhizhiWang Zhizhi
42, Chinese
basketball player
Wally PfisterWally Pfister
58, American
Film director, Cinematographer

George AntheilGeorge Antheil
58, American
Fritz PerlsFritz Perls
76, German
Psychologist, Psychiatrist

Martha Bulloch RooseveltMartha Bulloch Roosevelt
48, American

David AaronovitchDavid Aaronovitch
65, British
Journalist, Television presenter, Writer, Author
Arthur EvansArthur Evans
90, British

Christian AbbiatiChristian Abbiati
42, Italian
Association football player
Gerald ButtsGerald Butts
48, Canadian

Vlada RoslyakovaVlada Roslyakova
32, Russian
Ernst BlochErnst Bloch
92, German
Writer, Philosopher, Journalist, University

Walter ScheelWalter Scheel
97, German
Politician, Military personnel
Francisco CalvoFrancisco Calvo
27, Costa Rican
Costa Rican footballer
Edgar MorinEdgar Morin
98, French
Politician, Philosopher, Sociologist, Director of

Anastasia MyskinaAnastasia Myskina
38, Russian
Tennis player
Dario GradiDario Gradi
78, British
Association football player, Manager, Association

Todd MartinTodd Martin
49, American
Tennis player, Tennis coach
Alexandru MaximAlexandru Maxim
29, Romanian
Romanian footballer

Tony WarrenTony Warren
79, British
Screenwriter, Author, Writer
Lena EndreLena Endre
64, Swedish

Dominique Jean LarreyDominique Jean Larrey
76, French
Military physician, Surgeon
Beck HansenBeck Hansen
49, American
Alternative hip hop, Anti-folk

Alec WaughAlec Waugh
83, British
Novelist, Writer
Faye WattletonFaye Wattleton
76, American
Midwife, Registered nurse, Author, News presenter

Ahmed NazifAhmed Nazif
67, Egyptian
Former Prime Minister of Egypt
Noora NoorNoora Noor
40, Norwegian

Personality Traits & Characteristics Of Famous People Born On July 8th

People born on July 8 are steadfast and purposeful. Often, there are feelings of inadequacy which propels this person to work hard as if the effort is never good enough. The feelings of inadequacy can also keep this person private, even secretive. A July 8 person is loyal, hardworking and sensitive person. These qualities guarantee a July 8 birthday a life surrounded by family members and friends who are love them and will always return the favor.

An individual born on July 8 likes to supervise, rather roll up the sleeves so he/she is at risk for health problems arising from inactivity. These individuals need to be very proactive because their inclination is to sit on the sidelines. The health of a July 8 birthday benefits from exercise programs and proper diet plans. July 8 people respond well to the gentle urging and prodding from people who care for them.

July 8 personalities are financially sound as they tend to work hard. They must be careful to hold back on impulses to overspend their hard earned money and to make sure their investments are fruitful. They should stay focused on financial goals. Because of their generosity, this group runs the risk of helping loved ones at their own peril.

Their hard working nature and desire to please others give these individuals great opportunities for success, especially if they learn to mix the creative ability with the strong work ethic. Many July 8 born people are successful in business and careers that require a steady focus. These individuals can make wonderful research scientists or anything that necessitates detailed preparation and commitment.

Relationships, Marriage and Children
These personalities are devoted to their children and often make strict parents. Generally, the July 8 persons are workaholics. Because these people like to live with their family members, children can enjoy the companies of their grandparents, aunts and uncles.

Lucky Colors: Chocolate Brown, White & Cream
Luck Numbers: 6 & 8
Luck Days (of the Week): Monday & Saturday
Lucky Days (of the Month): 6th & 8th