The powerful influence of Moon coupled with the governance of Mars is said to astrologically determine the characteristic traits of individuals born on July 18. While the former rules the zodiacal group, the latter govern the date in which these individuals are born. Together, the two determine the probabilities of the personality of July 18 individuals. The positive attributes of those with this birthdate include their cooperative nature, instinctive mind and dependability and fairness. They are extremely practical folks with a penchant for creativity and imagination. However not all is good with these people as they are prone to getting bored and are susceptible to changeable moods. 

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Kristen BellKristen Bell
39, American
Actress, Singer
Priyanka ChopraPriyanka Chopra
37, Indian

Nelson MandelaNelson Mandela
95, South African
Anti-Apartheid Activist, President of ANC and

Canelo ÁlvarezCanelo Álvarez
29, Mexican
Professional Boxer

Vin DieselVin Diesel
52, American
Actor, Filmmaker

James BrolinJames Brolin
79, American
Elsa PatakyElsa Pataky
43, Spanish

Richard BransonRichard Branson
69, British

Richard Wershe Jr.Richard Wershe Jr.
50, American
FBI Informant, Drug Dealer

Hunter S. ThompsonHunter S. Thompson
67, American
Journalist and Author
Kelly ReillyKelly Reilly
42, British

Wendy WilliamsWendy Williams
55, American
TV Host, Actress, Fashion Designer, Author
Thanasis AntetokounmpoThanasis Antetokounmpo
27, Greek
Basketball Player

Chace CrawfordChace Crawford
34, American

John GlennJohn Glenn
95, American
Tthe First American to Orbit the Earth
Ambyr ChildersAmbyr Childers
31, American

Red SkeltonRed Skelton
84, American
Comedian, Pantomimist
Joe TorreJoe Torre
79, American

34, American

Vidkun QuislingVidkun Quisling
58, Norwegian
World war II Norwegian Politician & Military
Anne-Marie JohnsonAnne-Marie Johnson
59, American

Taylor RussellTaylor Russell
25, Canadian
Lee Tae-minLee Tae-min
26, South Korean
Singer, Actor

Virgil EarpVirgil Earp
62, American
Police Officer

Dion DiMucciDion DiMucci
80, American

William Makepeace ThackerayWilliam Makepeace Thackeray
52, Indian, British
Author & Novelist
Hume CronynHume Cronyn
91, Canadian
Joo Sang-wook Joo Sang-wook
41, South Korean

Lil BibbyLil Bibby
25, American

Yung LeanYung Lean
23, Swedish
Rapper, Songwriter, Fashion designer, Record

Jim Bob DuggarJim Bob Duggar
54, American
Reality Star, Politician
Herbert MarcuseHerbert Marcuse
81, German, American

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Thomas KuhnThomas Kuhn
73, American

Mehdi HassanMehdi Hassan
84, Pakistani
Ghazal Singer

Hendrik LorentzHendrik Lorentz
74, Dutch

Chill WillsChill Wills
76, American
Andrei GromykoAndrei Gromyko
79, Russian

Vladimir Petrovich DemikhovVladimir Demikhov
82, Russian
Organ Transplant Pioneer
Roald HoffmannRoald Hoffmann
82, American
Theoretical Chemist

Diana WilliamsDiana Williams
61, American
News Anchor, Journalist

Rosie RoffRosie Roff
30, British
Molly BrownMolly Brown
65, American
American socialite

Martín TorrijosMartín Torrijos
17, Panamanian
Hartmut MichelHartmut Michel
71, German

21, American
YouTuber, Gamer

Becky QuickBecky Quick
47, American

Chloe WoodardChloe Woodard
20, American
Comedian, Viner

Lamar JohnsonLamar Johnson
25, Canadian
Mamadou DiaMamadou Dia
98, Senegalese

44, British

Baddiewinkle (Helen Ruth Van Winkle)Baddiewinkle (Helen Ruth Van Winkle)
91, American
Instagram Star

Diptendu PramanickDiptendu Pramanick
79, Indian
Bengali film personality
Kaylee QuinnKaylee Quinn
15, American
Dancer, Model, and Actress

Feargus OConnorFeargus OConnor
61, British
Chartist Leader
Troy PindellTroy Pindell
35, American
YouTuber, Comedian

Shahid KhanShahid Khan
69, Pakistani, American
Business person

Ben AskrenBen Askren
35, American
Mixed Martial Artist
Bhumi PednekarBhumi Pednekar
30, Indian

Laura CarmichaelLaura Carmichael
33, British
Film actress
Elizabeth McGovernElizabeth McGovern
58, American
American film actor

Elizabeth GilbertElizabeth Gilbert
50, American

31, Indian
Michiel HuismanMichiel Huisman
Actor, Musician

Jason WeaverJason Weaver
40, American
Margo MartindaleMargo Martindale
68, American

Patrick BeverleyPatrick Beverley
31, American
Basketball Player

Danny MountainDanny Mountain
35, British
Adult Film Stars

Paul VerhoevenPaul Verhoeven
81, Dutch
Film director, Screenwriter, Film producer
Jack LaytonJack Layton
61, Canadian
Politician, University teacher, Political
Alan PardewAlan Pardew
58, British
Association football player, Manager, Association

Daron MalakianDaron Malakian
44, American

Bishop BriggsBishop Briggs
27, British

Fionn WhiteheadFionn Whitehead
22, British
Lupe VélezLupe Vélez
36, Mexican
Film actor, Stage actor

Nabil FekirNabil Fekir
26, French
Association football player

Al SnowAl Snow
56, American
Professional Wrestler

Sukhwinder SinghSukhwinder Singh
48, Indian
Singer, Composer

Frank FarianFrank Farian
78, German
Record producer
Ricky SkaggsRicky Skaggs
65, American
American singer

Jack IronsJack Irons
57, American
Steve ForbesSteve Forbes
72, American
politician, publisher, journalist

Andre RoyoAndre Royo
51, American

Ryan CabreraRyan Cabrera
37, American
Guitarist, Singer, Musician, Songwriter
Evan StoneEvan Stone
55, American

Rudolf II, Holy Roman EmperorRudolf II, Holy Roman Emperor
59, Austrian
Mohammed Daoud KhanMohammed Daoud Khan
68, Afghan
Politician, Diplomat

Jamie BennJamie Benn
30, Canadian
Ice hockey player

Lev KamenevLev Kamenev
53, Russian

Nick FaldoNick Faldo
62, British
Michael Dante DiMartinoMichael Dante DiMartino
45, American
Animation director

Dennis LilleeDennis Lillee
70, Australian
Annie MacAnnie Mac
41, Irish

Harriet NelsonHarriet Nelson
85, American
American singer
Aaron T. BeckAaron T. Beck
98, American
Psychiatrist, University teacher, Psychologist

Martha ReevesMartha Reeves
78, American
Gustav WagnerGustav Wagner
69, Austrian
Nazi concentration camp commandant

Personality Traits & Characteristic of Famous People Born on July 18

The personality traits of individuals born on July 18 include an energetic disposition coupled with a focussed mind and strong determination. These people strongly believe in being fair and loyal towards people. They can be emotional one time but if need be, they can change themselves into a strong and tough person in the other. What’s more, these people possess an optimistic view of life with a modern outlook. They are naturally friendly, tactful and cooperative. One thing that is common to all Cancerians and thus to July 18 individuals as well is their empathetic nature. These people not only are great at sympathizing with people, they are empathetic to their needs and feel strongly for their emotions. Highly intuitive, they trust their psychic while formulating their thoughts and views.

Complete utilization of common sense determines the healthy being and robust living of individuals born on July 18. These people are mostly cautious about what they eat and never tend to indulge. The only thing that these individuals need to watch out for is avoiding overtaxing themselves and causing drainage of energies. Practicing exercise is a good way for these individuals to help relax. Physical activities that focus on calm and controlled breathing and relaxation technique are best options that these people can try on. Another important thing that July 18 individuals need to watch out for is draining all the emotional anger and discontentment. Brooding over it would only dampen their spirit and cause ill health.

The financial condition of individuals born on July 17 is strictly decent. These people are prone to taking calculate risk in monetary matters. Though the same pays off extremely well in most situations, sometimes, they can be hazardous and jeopardize the savings and usual budget obligations. Thus, July 17 individuals need to be extremely careful in finance matters and spend money cautiously and wisely.

There are a number of things that July 17 individuals look into while picking the right job for themselves. These people not only demand to feel useful and productive at work, but also require a work that promises a good rate of pay. Additionally, since these people are free-spirited folks with an energetic disposition and a craving for independence, they are best suited to occupational position that involve using their initiative rather than set procedures. When they fond a perfect job, they not only attain success but have the ability to reach to the topmost position with their inherent determination, skill and focus.

Relationships, Marriage & Children
Cancerians share an affable and friendly nature with their loved ones and close people. They have an idealistic attitude and this mostly extends in matters of love and romance as well. They thrive on sensitivity of emotions and need a partner who fulfils this need of theirs. Additionally, a perfect partner for these people is one is as caring and thoughtful as they are. He/she should also share July 18 individuals’ view of perfect companionship and devote themselves physically, emotionally and sentimentally to their partner. Since those with this birthday have a rose tinted vision of the world, they mostly get hurt while in a love relationship. But this does deter them from finding a true soul mate. Parenting comes naturally to July 18 men and women. These people love playing and teaching their children and are eager to be involved in the activities in the life of the little one.

Lucky Color: Red, Maroon, Scarlet
Lucky Number: 9, 18, 27, 36, 45
Lucky Days (of the week): Monday, Tuesday, Thursday
Lucky Days (of the month): 9, 18, 27