Falling under the sign of Cancer, people born on July 11th have the best of both worlds. While they are focused on intellectual pursuits, they are also creative thinkers and highly innovative. They are both artistic and self-motivated, while possessing a degree of charm and charisma. These people possess many talents which, if properly cultivated, may bring them great fame and fortune. They are loyal, good natured, kind and generous. Though they love to be around people, they also possess the desire to spend time alone, unperturbed by the outer world.

Robert the BruceRobert the Bruce
54, Scottish
King of Scotland
John Quincy AdamsJohn Quincy Adams
80, American

Alessia CaraAlessia Cara
23, Canadian

Yul BrynnerYul Brynner
65, Russian
Film & Stage Actor

Sela WardSela Ward
63, American

Dina EastwoodDina Eastwood
54, American
Clint Eastwood's Ex-Wife
Stephen LangStephen Lang
67, American

Justin ChambersJustin Chambers
49, American

Sadie RobertsonSadie Robertson
22, American
Actress, Reality Star

Brett SomersBrett Somers
83, Canadian
Actress, Singer
Giorgio ArmaniGiorgio Armani
85, Italian

Diana ChurchillDiana Churchill
54, British
Winston Churchill's Daughter
Leon SpinksLeon Spinks
66, American
Former Heavyweight Boxing Champion

David HenrieDavid Henrie
30, American
Actor, Director, Producer

Serinda SwanSerinda Swan
35, Canadian, Indian
E. B. WhiteE. B. White
86, American

Jhumpa LahiriJhumpa Lahiri
52, British, American
Carl SchmittCarl Schmitt
96, German
Jurist, Geopolitician, Political Scientist

Mindy SterlingMindy Sterling
66, American

Gough WhitlamGough Whitlam
98, Australian
Former Prime Minister of Australia
Peggy ShippenPeggy Shippen
44, American

Connor PaoloConnor Paolo
29, American

Shloka MehtaShloka Mehta
29, Indian
Wife of Akash Ambani

Frederick BuechnerFrederick Buechner
93, American
Author, Presbyterian Minister

George W NorrisGeorge W. Norris
83, American
Former US Senator
Lil’ KimLil’ Kim
44, American
Debra DunningDebra Dunning
53, American
Model, Actress

Tom PhelanTom Phelan
24, American

24, British
YouTube Star

Vanessa LynnVanessa Lynn
24, American
Jared SandlerJared Sandler
26, American
Actor, Adam Sandler’s Nephew

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Wesley JohnsonWesley Johnson
32, American
Basketball Player

Alperen SahinAlperen Sahin
26, German
Instagram Star

Dylan O'Sullivan FarrowDylan O'Sullivan Farrow
34, American
Adopted daughter of Mia Farrow and Woody Allen

Aleksandr ProkhorovAleksandr Prokhorov
85, Russian
Andrea ThomaAndrea Thoma
31, Malaysian, American
Instagram Star

Samantha FeketeSamantha Fekete
20, British, American
Lisa RinnaLisa Rinna
56, American

Caroline WozniackiCaroline Wozniacki
29, Danish
Tennis player

Caroline WozniackiCaroline Wozniacki
29, Danish
Tennis player
Nadya SulemanNadya Suleman
44, American

Harold BloomHarold Bloom
89, American
Literary historian, Writer, Professor, Literary
Suzanne VegaSuzanne Vega
60, American

Richie SamboraRichie Sambora
60, American
Guitarist, Singer, Singer-songwriter, Banjoist,

Mani SharmaMani Sharma
55, Indian

Tab HunterTab Hunter
86, American

Rachael TaylorRachael Taylor
35, Australian
Actor, Model, Film actor
Michael RosenbaumMichael Rosenbaum
47, American

Bruce McGillBruce McGill
69, American

Caroline QuentinCaroline Quentin
59, British

Patrick PetersonPatrick Peterson
29, American
American Football Player
Andre JohnsonAndre Johnson
38, American
American footballer

Tyson KiddTyson Kidd
39, Canadian
Professional wrestler
Rudolf AbelRudolf Abel
68, British, Russian
Soviet spy

Andrew BirdAndrew Bird
46, American

Craig CharlesCraig Charles
55, British
Nina NesbittNina Nesbitt
25, British
Musician, Singer, Songwriter

Ed MarkeyEd Markey
73, American
Kumar GauravKumar Gaurav
59, Indian

Amitav GhoshAmitav Ghosh
63, Indian
Writer, Novelist, Journalist

Conrad VernonConrad Vernon
51, American
Voice actor
Hugo SánchezHugo Sánchez
61, Mexican
Association football player, Association football

Lucas OcamposLucas Ocampos
25, Argentinian
Association football player
Mark LesterMark Lester
61, British

Allegra CurtisAllegra Curtis
53, American

Howard GardnerHoward Gardner
76, American
Teacher, Psychologist, University teacher,

Max LevchinMax Levchin
44, American
Computer scientist, Entrepreneur, Businessperson
Peter ObornePeter Oborne
62, British
Sarah GoodSarah Good

Ernesto HoostErnesto Hoost
Boxer, Kickboxer

Frederick I of PrussiaFrederick I of Prussia
55, Russian

Mick MolloyMick Molloy
53, Australian
Yoann GourcuffYoann Gourcuff
33, French
Association football player

Jeff CorwinJeff Corwin
52, American
biologist, television presenter, actor

Paul PolmanPaul Polman

Richard PipesRichard Pipes
96, Polish, American
Historian, Writer, University teacher

Robert I of ScotlandRobert I of Scotland
54, British
Yohannes IVYohannes IV
51, Ethiopian

Pervez HoodbhoyPervez Hoodbhoy
69, Pakistani
Physicist, Teacher
38, Bangladeshi

Jafar PanahiJafar Panahi
59, Iranian
Film director, Film producer, Film editor,

Morné SteynMorné Steyn
35, South African
Rugby union player
Cheb MamiCheb Mami
53, Algerian

Ludwig StumpfeggerLudwig Stumpfegger
34, German
Military physician, Physician, Surgeon, Torturer
Dafydd ap GruffyddDafydd ap Gruffydd
45, Welsh

Jacoby JonesJacoby Jones
35, American
American football player

Bala PazhanisaamyBala
53, Indian
film director, screenwriter, film producer, actor

Étienne CapoueÉtienne Capoue
31, French
Association football player
Al MacInnisAl MacInnis
56, Canadian
Ice hockey player

Trafford Leigh-MalloryTrafford Leigh-Mallory
52, British
Joyce MurrayJoyce Murray
65, Canadian

Justin WillmanJustin Willman
39, American
Stage magician
Orestis KarnezisOrestis Karnezis
34, Greek
Association football player

Arthur Tedder, 1st Baron TedderArthur Tedder, 1st Baron Tedder
76, British
Politician, Military personnel
Karise EdenKarise Eden
27, Australian
Singer, Songwriter

Personality Traits & Characteristics Of Famous People Born on July 11th

These people are energetic and sociable, making friends wherever they go. They are truly amicable, and love to be surrounded by others. Their ability to "not sweat the small things" makes them easy going and fun to be around. Because of their inherent belief in the goodness of all people, they can be easily manipulated by others. They may sometimes be taken advantage of, which may temporarily dampen their high spirited personality. They are often driven to help other people and may be drawn to charitable works.

Overall, these individuals’ optimistic outlook on life allows them to enjoy relatively good health throughout their lifetime. They are usually physically fit; however, like to t to indulge themselves in sweets and alcoholic beverages from time to time. It is not uncommon for these individuals to live past ninety years of age. At times, problems of related to the feet, such as gout may occur however, they are prompt to ward off all health hazards.

People born on July 11th tend to live frugally which makes them save much of their hard earned money. They are able to ensure financial security, not only for themselves, but for their loved ones as well. They rarely make impulse purchases and often haggle whenever they can. Because of this, they may develop a reputation of ‘miserly individuals’.

Their ability to multi-task without being lax towards any of their responsibilities makes them highly skilled workers. Because of their pleasant personality, intellectual mindset and willingness to help others, professions such as nursing, teaching and tourism are a wonderful fit for these people, as these professions call for much social interaction.

Relationships, Marriage & Children
Throughout their lifetimes, these people form many relationships with other people. They are drawn to making new friends and may have several romantic partners before settling down. Though they may make loyal spouses, their need for novelty and excitement may also make them more prone to entering adulterous relationships. These individuals don't necessarily feel the urge to have children, as they are so busy with all of the other significant relationships in their lives. They are avid animal lovers and like to have pets at home.

Lucky Colors: Bright Orange, Red
Lucky Numbers: 1, 13, 20
Lucky Days (of the Week): Monday, Tuesday
Lucky Days (of the Month): 2nd, 10th, 17th