True to their sun sign, these Capricorns born on January 5th are very persistent and level-headed individuals. Born under the influence of the planet, Mercury, these individuals are resourceful and selfless. They are also blessed with leadership qualities and show remarkable dedication towards their work. However, these people tend to get bored very easily, and though very sociable by nature, they feel uncomfortable in crowds. These people need to find some space for themselves and should focus on their own well-being as well, which owing to their generous personality, they tend to overlook. They are also very optimistic and imaginative by nature and face challenges head-on. At times, they can be a little egotistical and need to organize themselves better.

Bradley CooperBradley Cooper
45, American
Deepika PadukoneDeepika Padukone
34, Indian

Marilyn MansonMarilyn Manson
51, American

Suki WaterhouseSuki Waterhouse
28, British
Actress, Model and Entrepreneur

Diane Keaton Diane Keaton
74, American

Robert DuvallRobert Duvall
89, American
Actor, Director
January JonesJanuary Jones
42, American
Actress, Model

Shah JahanShah Jahan
74, Indian
Mughal Emperor

Hayao MiyazakiHayao Miyazaki
79, Japanese
Film director

Vinnie JonesVinnie Jones
55, British
Actor, Former Pro Footballer
39, Canadian

Walter MondaleWalter Mondale
92, American
The 42nd Vice President of the U.S.A.
Robert Ellis SilbersteinRobert Ellis Silberstein
74, American
Music Executive

Zulfikar Ali BhuttoZulfikar Ali Bhutto
51, Pakistani

Jane WymanJane Wyman
90, American
Actress, Singer
Umberto EcoUmberto Eco
84, Italian
Italian Semiotician, Philosopher

Shea WhighamShea Whigham
51, American
George ReevesGeorge Reeves
45, American

Nicole Mitchell MurphyNicole Mitchell Murphy
52, American
Model, Businesswoman, Actress

Konrad AdenauerKonrad Adenauer
91, German
Former Chancellor of Germany

Suzy AmisSuzy Amis
58, American
Pamela Sue MartinPamela Sue Martin
67, American

Alvin AileyAlvin Ailey
58, American

Raisa GorbachevaRaisa Gorbacheva
67, Russian
First Lady of U.S.S.R

Juan Carlos I of SpainJuan Carlos I
82, Spanish
Former King of Spain (1975-2014)
Brooklyn SudanoBrooklyn Sudano
39, American
Hosea WilliamsHosea Williams
74, American
Civil Rights Leader

Kennedy Claire WalshKennedy Claire Walsh
20, American
Vlogger, Instagram Star

Monami FrostMonami Frost
26, Latvian
Instagram Star, Vlogger

John McVayJohn McVay
89, American
American Football Coach
Andy WarskiAndy Warski
31, Canadian

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Kemmons WilsonKemmons Wilson
90, American

Anastasia BezrukovaAnastasia Bezrukova
16, Russian
Child Model

Rashed BelhasaRashed Belhasa
18, Emirati

Joseph ErlangerJoseph Erlanger
91, American
Tara MassicotteTara Massicotte
25, Canadian

Danny KokerDanny Koker
56, American
Reality Star, Celebrity Mechanic
27, American
LGBT Rights Activist

Isan ElbaIsan Elba
18, American
Idris Elba’s Daughter

Charlie BrakeCharlie Brake
25, British
Reality Star, Socialite
Clancy BrownClancy Brown
61, American
Film actor

Kristin CavallariKristin Cavallari
33, American
Television personality
Mansoor Ali Khan PataudiMansoor Ali Khan Pataudi
70, Indian

Carrie Ann InabaCarrie Ann Inaba
52, American
Actor, Singer, Choreographer, Dancer, Television

Mamata BanerjeeMamata Banerjee
65, Indian
Politician, Painter

Drew PetersonDrew Peterson
66, American
Police officer

Jean, Grand Duke of LuxembourgJean, Grand Duke of Luxembourg
99, Luxembourgian
Grand Duke
Warrick DunnWarrick Dunn
45, American
American Football Players

Mike DeWineMike DeWine
73, American

Uday ChopraUday Chopra
47, Indian

Charlie RoseCharlie Rose
television presenter, journalist
Frank-Walter SteinmeierFrank-Walter Steinmeier
64, German
Politician, Jurist, Lawyer

Heather DubrowHeather Dubrow
51, American
Chuck NollChuck Noll
82, American
American football player

Andrew GolotaAndrew Golota
52, Polish

Chris SteinChris Stein
70, American
Landon LiboironLandon Liboiron
28, Canadian

Kate SchellenbachKate Schellenbach
54, American
Brian TracyBrian Tracy
76, American
Motivational speaker, Writer

Joe FlaniganJoe Flanigan
53, American

Sam PhillipsSam Phillips
80, American
Entrepreneur, Record producer, Songwriter
Iris DeMentIris DeMent
59, American
Singer, Songwriter

Kathrine SwitzerKathrine Switzer
73, American
Journalist, Athletics competitor, Non-fiction
Amanda HearstAmanda Hearst
36, American
Socialite, Model

Ted LangeTed Lange
72, American

Jeane DixonJeane Dixon
93, American
Real estate broker, Astrologer

Malini SharmaMalini Sharma
55, Indian
Mike RileyMike Riley
80, American
Jiang WenJiang Wen
Actor, Screenwriter, Film director

Bela G. LugosiBela G. Lugosi
82, American

Stephen DecaturStephen Decatur
41, American

Zebulon PikeZebulon Pike
34, American
Explorer, Military personnel
39, Filipino
Actor, Singer, Model, Songwriter

Leroy FerLeroy Fer
30, Dutch
Dutch footballer

Henry IV of CastileHenry IV of Castile

Jean-Pierre AumontJean-Pierre Aumont
90, French
Actor, Screenwriter

Phil RamonePhil Ramone
79, American, South African
Record producer, Audio engineer, Composer, Music
Jean-Baptiste SayJean-Baptiste Say
65, French
Economist, Politician, Writer, Professor,

Blanca SotoBlanca Soto
41, Mexican
Actor, Model, Beauty pageant contestant
Forough FarrokhzadForough Farrokhzad
32, Iranian
Poet, Film director, Writer

52, Swiss
Singer, Composer, Ballet dancer, Disc jockey

Kenny JackettKenny Jackett
58, British
Association football player, Association football
Sakis RouvasSakis Rouvas
48, Greek
Singer, Film producer, Dancer, Actor,

Roger SpottiswoodeRoger Spottiswoode
75, Canadian, British
Film director, Film editor, Screenwriter
Stephen Cole KleeneStephen Cole Kleene
85, American
Mathematician, Computer scientist, Philosopher,

Friedrich DürrenmattFriedrich Dürrenmatt
69, Swiss
Swiss author

Simon Fraser, 11th Lord LovatSimon Fraser, 11th Lord Lovat
80, British, Scottish

Joseph Force CraterJoseph Force Crater
50, American
Lawyer, Judge
Alfred BrendelAlfred Brendel
89, Austrian
Pianist, Composer

Yves TanguyYves Tanguy
55, French, American
Painter, Draughtsperson
Agnes von KurowskyAgnes von Kurowsky
92, American

Iwan ThomasIwan Thomas
46, British
Athletics competitor
Michael CuccioneMichael Cuccione
16, Canadian
Actor, Singer, Film actor

Sebastian DeislerSebastian Deisler
40, German
Association football player
Jaber Al-Mubarak Al-Hamad Al-SabahJaber Al-Mubarak Al-Hamad Al-Sabah
78, Kuwaiti
Prime Minister of Kuwait

Personality Traits & Characteristics of Famous People Born on January 5th

Individuals born on this particular day are emotionally quite resilient and tend to recover faster from emotional turmoil, than the other habitants of the zodiac. They always harbor lofty dreams and crave emotional security. Persuasive and persistent by nature, they don’t easily give up on their dreams. Blessed with charm and elegance, these individuals enjoy freedom and love to indulge themselves in outdoor activities. As they are easygoing and love to express their opinions freely, they always attract a great number of admirers. They are dogged in their pursuit and strive to learn more and more about the world.

As they tend to recover fast from illnesses and accidents, owing their emotional resilience, these individuals often take their health lightly. They need to be very cautious and particularly attentive to their physical well-being once they hit mid-life. Like others taking care of the dietary habits is absolutely essential for these individuals.

People born on January 5th are not driven by monetary incentives and tend to give more importance to job satisfaction than financial gain. However, being responsible by nature, they manage their finances well and try hard to fulfill all their responsibilities.

These people thrive in harmonious settings and do well in the position of authority. Though they are particularly well-suited for fields such as law or politics, they also achieve great success as teachers, entertainers, counselors and psychologists.

Relationships, Marriage & Children
Due to their free-spirited nature, they tend to shy away from serious romantic involvements. However, they are attracted to intelligent individuals, with whom they can indulge in no-nonsense conversations. As they tend to get bored very easily, these people can be more trusted as friends than lovers. As they are a little impatient nature, they don’t suit the role of parents very easily; however, they make attempts to get along with their little ones.

Lucky Colors:  Gray, Green & Blue
Lucky Numbers: 5 & 6
Lucky Days (of the Month): 5th & 6th
Lucky Days (of the Week): Saturday & Wednesday.