The individuals who are born on January 30 are extremely intellectual, shrewd and have a strong sense of purpose in life. They are born leaders and think about the ‘greater good’ in whatever they attempt. They are extremely efficient with their oratory skills and are blessed with a good sense of humor. They often do well in fields where they can ‘give’ more than they get and are extremely persuasive when it comes to changing other people’s outlooks or attitudes. Individuals born on this day are ruled under the influence of the planet Jupiter, which attributes to their magnetic charm and their affability. These people are also always striving for constant change in their lives.

Christian BaleChristian Bale
46, British
Phil CollinsPhil Collins
69, British

Dick CheneyDick Cheney
79, American
Former Vice President of the United State

Wilmer ValderramaWilmer Valderrama
40, American

Gene HackmanGene Hackman
90, American
Actor and Author

Becky LynchBecky Lynch
33, Irish
Professional Wrestler
Peter CrouchPeter Crouch
39, British

Kid CudiKid Cudi
36, American
Rapper, Songwriter

Eiza GonzálezEiza González
30, Mexican
Andy MilonakisAndy Milonakis
44, American
Comedian, Actor and Rapper

Felipe VI of SpainFelipe VI of Spain
52, Spanish
King of Spain
Abdullah II of JordanAbdullah II of Jordan
58, Jordanian
King of Jordan

Danielle CampbellDanielle Campbell
25, American

Maya HarrisMaya Harris
53, American

Joachim PeiperJoachim Peiper
61, German
Military Personnel

Ann DowdAnn Dowd
64, American
Saul AlinskySaul Alinsky
63, American
Community Organizer

Carwood LiptonCarwood Lipton
81, American
United States Army Officer

Thomas RolfeThomas Rolfe
64, American
Pocahontas' Son

Tammy GrimesTammy Grimes
82, American
Tom IzzoTom Izzo
65, American

Mychal ThompsonMychal Thompson
65, Bahamian
Basketball Player
Juninho PernambucanoJuninho Pernambucano
45, Brazilian

Thomas TallisThomas Tallis
80, British
Composer, Organist

Ximena DuqueXimena Duque
35, Colombian
Vasili ArkhipovVasili Arkhipov
72, Russian
Naval Officer

Phil LesterPhil Lester
33, British
YouTuber, Vlogger
Francis SchaefferFrancis Schaeffer
72, American
Theologian, Philosopher

Jordan CarverJordan Carver
34, German
Model & actress

Chris JansingChris Jansing
63, American
Steve AugeriSteve Augeri
61, American

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DeStorm PowerDeStorm Power
38, American
YouTuber, Rapper
Chidambaram SubramaniamChidambaram Subramaniam
90, Indian
Former Indian Politician & Freedom Activist

Christian BurnsChristian Burns
22, Canadian
YouNow Star

Emilio Gino SegrèEmilio Segrè
84, Italian, American

Sarah Grace MorrisSarah Grace Morris
14, American
YouTube Star
Delbert MannDelbert Mann
87, American
Film Director
Max TheilerMax Theiler
73, South African

F. H. BradleyF. H. Bradley
78, British

Anton Hansen TammsaareAnton Hansen Tammsaare
62, Estonian

Amrita ShergilAmrita Shergil
28, Indian
Indian painter
Carmen KingCarmen King
22, Canadian

F D RooseveltF D Roosevelt
63, American
32nd President of the United States

Chase RyanChase Ryan
29, American
Pop Singer

Miracle WattsMiracle Watts
27, American
Instagram star

Hailey ReeseHailey Reese
24, Canadian
Singer, Songwriter, Actress
Brooke HylandBrooke Hyland
22, American

Kika NietoKika Nieto
27, Colombian
YouTube Star
Charles S DuttonCharles S Dutton
69, American

Anthony CervantesAnthony Cervantes
16, Filipino
TikTok Star

Franklin D. RooseveltFranklin D. Roosevelt
63, American
32nd U.S. President
Olivia ColmanOlivia Colman
46, British

Vanessa RedgraveVanessa Redgrave
83, British
63, Indian
Film director, Screenwriter, Film producer

Mitchell StarcMitchell Starc
30, Australian

Jalen RoseJalen Rose
47, American
Basketball player, Actor

Junior dos SantosJunior dos Santos
36, Brazilian
Boxer, Mixed martial artist, Coach

Dimitar BerbatovDimitar Berbatov
39, Bulgarian
Association football player
Josh KelleyJosh Kelley
40, American
Singer-songwriter, Musician, Actor, Songwriter,

Payne StewartPayne Stewart
42, American

Steven ZaillianSteven Zaillian
67, American

Olof PalmeOlof Palme
93, Swedish
Steve MarriottSteve Marriott
44, British

Arda TuranArda Turan
33, Turkish
Anup SoniAnup Soni
45, Indian

Khleo ThomasKhleo Thomas
31, American

86, Italian
wife of the Roman emperor Augustus
Samantha FishSamantha Fish
31, American

Marty BalinMarty Balin
76, American
Felipe VIFelipe VI
52, Spanish
King of Spain

Norbert Leo ButzNorbert Leo Butz
53, American

Jody WatleyJody Watley
61, American
Mr. PeteMr. Pete
40, American

Boris SpasskyBoris Spassky
83, French, Russian
Chess Grandmaster
Keiichi TsuchiyaKeiichi Tsuchiya
64, Japanese
Racecar driver

Kylie BunburyKylie Bunbury
31, Canadian, Guyanese, American

Darren BoydDarren Boyd
49, British

Islam KarimovIslam Karimov
78, Uzbekistan
Former President of Uzbek SSR
Alex Hyde-WhiteAlex Hyde-White
61, British
Boris III of BulgariaBoris III of Bulgaria
49, Bulgarian
Political figure

Julie McCulloughJulie McCullough
55, American
Television actor, Film actor, Playboy Playmate,

Richard BrautiganRichard Brautigan
49, American
Writer, Poet, Novelist

Lucas BigliaLucas Biglia
34, Argentinian
Association football player
Jaishankar PrasadJaishankar Prasad
47, Indian

Henry CeleHenry Cele
58, South African
Actor, Association football player

Paul MauricePaul Maurice
53, Canadian
Ice hockey player

Harold PrinceHarold Prince
91, American
Theatrical Producer

Jemima KhanJemima Khan
46, British
Elsa MartinelliElsa Martinelli
85, Italian
Actor, Model, Film actor

Eduard BlochEduard Bloch
73, Austrian
Nick BroomfieldNick Broomfield
72, British
Film director

Martita HuntMartita Hunt
70, British
Actor, Stage actor
Stewart MenziesStewart Menzies
78, British
Intelligence officer
Félix FaureFélix Faure
58, French

Personality Traits & Characteristics of Famous People Born on January 30th

People born on January 30th are extremely generous in their attitude but are also somewhat disapproving of themselves. Many a times, this would be viewed as being pessimistic towards life, but to these individuals, this could also mean being realistic. These personalities need to have many people around them and need to feel less like the underdog in order to enjoy life to the fullest. They are confident about their convictions and beliefs and their charm combined with their intelligence, make them forces to reckon with!

In the health department, these natives need to make sure that they take their breaks and rest adequately to avoid any serious repercussions later in life. They also have a tendency to excessively consume food or drinks, which could prove detrimental if they do not follow a strict workout plan.

The best attribute about these individuals is that they do not let ‘money’ define or alter who they are. They have the ability to earn well in the professions they take up and if they do, they can manage a decent life for themselves, without letting money dominate their lives. These people are also very thrifty when it comes to managing finances. 

These individuals are born leaders and often seek occupations that allow them to work at their own pace without their motives being questioned. They have the potential to inspire others and impart knowledge to the masses and thus, they may find themselves in professions related to social work, creative writing or advisory organizations.

Relationships, Marriage & Children
The people who are born on January 30th have a very laidback approach to love and stress on a strong base of friendship above everything else. They still need to retain their independence in a relationship, only after which they will feel fully satisfied. These people usually need some time to open up and ignite their warmer side and if they find a partner who does that, then they would probably end up a happy couple. As parents, they extremely affectionate but prefer to be stern with their kids to ensure a proper upbringing. 

Lucky Colors:  Purple and Sky Blue
Lucky Numbers: 3, 4
Lucky Days (of the Month): 3rd and 4th
Lucky Days (of the Week): Thursday and Saturday