If you thought Italy was all about Venice’s heavenly scenery, Milan’s state-of-art fashion, Florence’s Renaissance treasure or Rome’s historic landmark and art, think more. For those who have figured out, good, but for the rest, here we spill the beans – Italy is home to some of the world’s greatest intellectuals and academicians who, through their body of work, have greatly influenced the life of many across the globe. Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, Caravaggio, Dante Alighieri, Petrarca, Galileo Galilee, Saint Francesco of Assisi and Marco Polo are some of the most renowned Italian names while talking about intellectuals and academicians. Italian intellectuals and academicians have made important contribution to mankind, most notably in the field of literature, architecture, science, technology, philosophy, engineering, politics, medicine, mathematics, visual art and music. Through their exemplary work, they have created a niche for Italy and helped it stand-out from other European nations. Also, they have played a critical role in the development of their country and the world. Read this section and absorb some quick facts about the life and works of famous Italian intellectuals and academics.
Galileo GalileiGalileo Galilei
15 February 1564
Astronomer, Mathematician, Philosopher, Rebel
Niccolò MachiavelliNiccolò Machiavelli
03 May 1469
Political Philosopher

Thomas AquinasThomas Aquinas
28 January 1225
Philosophers, Theologian

03 January 0106
Philosopher, Political Theorist

Antonio GramsciAntonio Gramsci
22 January 1891
Politician, Philosopher

Giordano BrunoGiordano Bruno
1548 AD
0037 AD
Historian, Scholar

Umberto EcoUmberto Eco
05 January 1932
Italian Semiotician, Philosopher

20 July 1304
Poet & Philosopher
Julius EvolaJulius Evola
19 May 1898

Girolamo SavonarolaGirolamo Savonarola
21 September 1452
George SantayanaGeorge Santayana
16 December 1863
Philosopher, Essayist, Poet, & Novelist

Cesare LombrosoCesare Lombroso
06 November 1835

Leon Battista AlbertiLeon Battista Alberti
18 February 1404
Architect, Linguist

Alphonsus LiguoriAlphonsus Liguori
27 September 1696
Philisopher, Spiritual Writer, Theologian
Franco ModiglianiFranco Modigliani
10 June 1918

Piero SraffaPiero Sraffa
05 August 1898
Founder of the Neo-Ricardian School of Economics

Maria Gaetana AgnesiMaria Gaetana Agnesi
16 May 1718
Mathematician, Philosopher, Theologian

Giambattista della PortaGiambattista della Porta
01 November 1535
Scholar, Polymath
Anicius Manlius Severinus BoethiusAnicius Manlius Severinus Boethius
0480 AD
Philosopher, Theologian, Statesman

Lord ActonLord Acton
10 January 1834
Pier Paolo PasoliniPier Paolo Pasolini
05 March 1922
Film director, Writer, Actor, Poet, Screenwriter,

Catherine of SienaCatherine of Siena
25 March 1347

Pierluigi CollinaPierluigi Collina
13 February 1960
Association football referee, Writer, Economist
0477 AD

Gerolamo CardanoGerolamo Cardano
24 September 1501
Philosopher, Mathematician, Astronomer, Inventor,
Vilfredo ParetoVilfredo Pareto
15 July 1848
Economist, Writer, Philosopher, Sociologist,

Giorgio AgambenGiorgio Agamben
22 April 1942
Philosopher, Writer, University teacher, Poet

Cesare BeccariaCesare Beccaria
15 March 1738
0069 AD
Secretary, historian

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Zeno of EleaZeno of Elea
0490 BC
Greek philosopher
1221 AD

Giovanni GentileGiovanni Gentile
29 May 1875

Mario DraghiMario Draghi
03 September 1947
Economist, Banker, University teacher

Diodorus SiculusDiodorus Siculus
0090 BC
Angelo SodanoAngelo Sodano
23 November 1927
Diplomat, Theologian, Catholic priest
Michael ParentiMichael Parenti
1933 AD
political scientist, historian, journalist

Romano ProdiRomano Prodi
09 August 1939
Economist, Politician, University teacher

Giacomo LeopardiGiacomo Leopardi
29 June 1798
Writer, Poet, Philosopher, Philologist

Giovanni Pico della MirandolaGiovanni Pico della Mirandola
24 February 1463
Mario MontiMario Monti
19 March 1943
Economist, Politician, University teacher

Carlo RovelliCarlo Rovelli
03 May 1956
Physicist, Writer

Robert BellarmineRobert Bellarmine
04 October 1542
Theologian, Writer, Librarian, University teacher,

Antonio NegriAntonio Negri
01 August 1933
Philosopher, Politician, Professor, Economist

Giambattista VicoGiambattista Vico
23 June 1668
Marsilio FicinoMarsilio Ficino
19 October 1433
Philosopher, Writer, Cleric, Astrologer, Poet

Benedetto CroceBenedetto Croce
25 February 1866
Philosopher, Politician, Art historian, Writer,
0485 BC

Angelo ScolaAngelo Scola
07 November 1941
Theologian, University teacher, Catholic priest

Lazzaro SpallanzaniLazzaro Spallanzani
10 January 1729
Biologist, Zoologist, Scientist, Naturalist,
Gabriele AmorthGabriele Amorth
01 May 1925
Catholic priest, Writer, Theologian

Francesco RediFrancesco Redi
18 February 1626
Physician, Naturalist, Poet, Writer, Painter,

Giovanni Battista BelzoniGiovanni Battista Belzoni
05 November 1778
Explorer, Antiquarian, Egyptologist,

Carlo Azeglio CiampiCarlo Azeglio Ciampi
09 December 1920
Economist, Politician, Banker

Giuseppe PeanoGiuseppe Peano
27 August 1858
Mathematician, Philosopher, University teacher

Francesco GuicciardiniFrancesco Guicciardini
06 March 1483
Historian, Politician, Writer, Diplomat
Carlo GinzburgCarlo Ginzburg
15 April 1939
Art historian, Writer, Medievalist, Historian of

Tommaso CampanellaTommaso Campanella
06 September 1568
philosopher, writer, poet, astrologer

Brunetto LatiniBrunetto Latini
1220 AD
writer, politician, philosopher, poet, diplomat

Marsilius of PaduaMarsilius of Padua
0428 BC
Greek philosopher

Riccardo ChaillyRiccardo Chailly
20 February 1953
Amintore FanfaniAmintore Fanfani
06 February 1908
Politician, Diplomat, Economist, University

Gianni VattimoGianni Vattimo
04 January 1936
Philosopher, Politician, University teacher

Norberto BobbioNorberto Bobbio
18 October 1909
Philosopher, Jurist, Historian, Politician,
Pietro VerriPietro Verri
12 December 1728

Elena Cornaro PiscopiaElena Cornaro Piscopia
05 June 1646
Gaetano MoscaGaetano Mosca
01 April 1858
Political scientist

Thomas CajetanThomas Cajetan
20 February 1469
philosopher, Catholic priest

1005 AD
Antonio RosminiAntonio Rosmini
25 March 1797

Pietro BemboPietro Bembo
20 May 1470
Writer, Poet, Librarian, Historian, Translator,
Pomponius MelaPomponius Mela
0015 AD

Francesco AlgarottiFrancesco Algarotti
11 December 1712

Paolo SarpiPaolo Sarpi
14 August 1552

Ferdinando GalianiFerdinando Galiani
02 December 1728
Corrado GiniCorrado Gini
23 May 1884
Luciano FloridiLuciano Floridi
16 November 1964

Giles of RomeGiles of Rome
1247 AD

John of CapistranoJohn of Capistrano
24 June 1386

Jules DupuitJules Dupuit
18 May 1804
Civil Engineer
Lawrence of BrindisiLawrence of Brindisi
22 July 1559

Gian-Carlo RotaGian-Carlo Rota
27 April 1932

Ulisse AldrovandiUlisse Aldrovandi
11 September 1522

Giorgio BassaniGiorgio Bassani
04 March 1916

Peter Martyr VermigliPeter Martyr Vermigli
08 September 1499
Gabriele RossettiGabriele Rossetti
28 February 1783

Polydore VergilPolydore Vergil
1470 AD
Alcmaeon of CrotonAlcmaeon of Croton

Mario PeiMario Pei
16 February 1901
Andrea CesalpinoAndrea Cesalpino
06 June 1519
Antonio GenovesiAntonio Genovesi
01 November 1713