Perched on the eastern shore of Mediterranean sea, Israel has been locked in conflict ever since its independence in 1948. Much of the hullabaloo has been because Israel is considered holy land by the Jews, Christian and Muslim. Thus, the ownership of the land has been a matter of constant debate. The conflict with the Palestinians and neighbouring Arabs has dominated the politics of the country. Though the country does not have a written constitution, it follows a parliamentary system of government, with the Prime Minister as the executive head of the country. The political environment of Israel is marked by volatile coalition government. Ever since its independence, Israel has been ruled by skilled and efficient leaders, who have steered the country towards advancement and progress. Some of the popular Israeli political leaders who helped shaped the country’s magnificent present and future include David Ben-Gurion the country’s first Prime Minister followed by Moshe Sharett and Levi Eshkol. Other prominent leaders include Ariel Sharon, Ehud Barak, Yitzhak Shamir, Golda Meir, Shimon Peres, and current and third-time Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Browse through this section and discover some interesting life facts and works of Israeli political leaders.
Benjamin Netanyahu Benjamin Netanyahu

21 October 1949

Golda MeirGolda Meir

03 May 1898

Moshe DayanMoshe Dayan

20 May 1915

David Ben-GurionDavid Ben-Gurion

16 October 1886

Ariel SharonAriel Sharon

26 February 1928

Yitzhak RabinYitzhak Rabin

01 March 1922

Shimon PeresShimon Peres

02 August 1923

Reuven RivlinReuven Rivlin

09 September 1939

George HabashGeorge Habash

02 August 1926

Abba EbanAbba Eban

02 February 1915

Haneen ZoabiHaneen Zoabi

23 May 1969

Emile HabibiEmile Habibi

29 August 1922

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1040 BC

Herod AntipasHerod Antipas

0020 BC

Baldwin IV of JerusalemBaldwin IV of Jerusalem

1161 AD

Ehud BarakEhud Barak

12 February 1942


0649 BC

Ehud OlmertEhud Olmert

30 September 1945

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Avigdor LiebermanAvigdor Lieberman

05 June 1958

Naftali BennettNaftali Bennett

25 March 1972

Yair LapidYair Lapid

05 November 1963


Yitzhak ShamirYitzhak Shamir

22 October 1915

Tzipi LivniTzipi Livni

08 July 1958

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Levi EshkolLevi Eshkol

25 October 1895

Ahmed YassinAhmed Yassin

28 June 1937

Herod ArchelausHerod Archelaus

0023 BC


1052 BC

Moshe KatsavMoshe Katsav

05 December 1945


0634 BC

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Moshe SharettMoshe Sharett

15 October 1894

Aryeh DeriAryeh Deri

17 February 1959

Yigal AllonYigal Allon

10 October 1918

Isser HarelIsser Harel

1912 AD

Ezer WeizmanEzer Weizman

15 June 1924

Tancred, Prince of GalileeTancred, Prince of Galilee

1072 AD

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Miri RegevMiri Regev

26 May 1965

Natan SharanskyNatan Sharansky

20 January 1948

Yitzhak Ben-ZviYitzhak Ben-Zvi

24 November 1884

Amon of JudahAmon of Judah

0660 BC

Amaziah of JudahAmaziah of Judah

0802 BC

Vladimir GusinskyVladimir Gusinsky

06 October 1952

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Danny DanonDanny Danon

08 May 1971

Shaul MofazShaul Mofaz

04 November 1948

Zalman ShazarZalman Shazar

24 November 1889

Yitzhak NavonYitzhak Navon

09 April 1921

Nir BarkatNir Barkat

19 October 1959

Tzipi HotovelyTzipi Hotovely

02 December 1978

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Leah RabinLeah Rabin

28 April 1928

Mohammad Amin al-HusayniMohammad Amin al-Husayni

1895 AD

Silvan ShalomSilvan Shalom

04 August 1958

Dalia Rabin-PelossofDalia Rabin-Pelossof

19 March 1950

Yossi SaridYossi Sarid

24 October 1940

Uzziah of JudahUzziah of Judah

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0881 BC