Indonesia, one of the most populous countries in the world, is home to about 300 ethnic groups, each with cultural identities developed over centuries, and influenced by Indian, Arabic, Chinese, and European sources. Especially famous for its diverse array of musical genres, Indonesia has given birth to several famous musicians and singers who enjoy immense popularity not only in their own country, but also in neighboring countries like Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei. The nation boasts of various dance traditions such as Javanese, Sundanese, Minangkabau, Balinese, Malays, and Acehnese, and of late the Indonesians are also incorporating elements of western ballet and modern dance into their repertoire. The nation’s film industry thrived in the 20th century with figures like Deddy Mizwar, Eva Arnaz, Meriam Bellina, and Rano Karno taking Indonesian cinema to new heights. In the contemporary era television is another one of those fields where Indonesians have made a name for themselves. Indonesian literature and poetry also flourished in the 20th century. Chairil Anwar was considered the greatest literary figure of Indonesia for being among those writers who pioneered in changing the traditional Indonesian literature and modifying it following the nation’s independence. This section provides you information about the life and works of famous Indonesians.
Lolo SoetoroLolo Soetoro
02 January 1935
Stepfather of Barack Obama
Joko WidodoJoko Widodo
21 June 1961
President of Indonesia

06 June 1901
President of Indonesia

Joe TaslimJoe Taslim
23 June 1981

Rich BrianRich Brian
03 September 1999

Candace NelsonCandace Nelson
08 May 1974
Pastry Chef
Abdurrahman WahidAbdurrahman Wahid
07 September 1940
Former President of Indonesia

Agnez MoAgnez Mo
01 July 1986

Ahmad SuradjiAhmad Suradji
10 January 1949
Serial Killer
Adam MalikAdam Malik
22 July 1917
Former Vice President of Indonesia

Chairil AnwarChairil Anwar
26 July 1922
Abu Bakar BashirAbu Bakar Bashir
17 August 1938

Leida MargarethaLeida Margaretha
12 May 1989
Television Personality

Alice NorinAlice Norin
21 June 1987

Nikita KusumaNikita Kusuma
16 December 1996

Iko UwaisIko Uwais
12 February 1983
08 June 1921
Politician, Military personnel

29 April 1974
Singer-songwriter, Singer

24 January 1999

B. J. HabibieB. J. Habibie
25 June 1936
President of Indonesia
Megawati SukarnoputriMegawati Sukarnoputri
23 January 1947

Susilo Bambang YudhoyonoSusilo Bambang Yudhoyono
09 September 1949
Politician, Officer
Dewi SukarnoDewi Sukarno
06 February 1940

Prabowo SubiantoPrabowo Subianto
17 October 1951
Entrepreneur, Politician, Military personnel

Benedict AndersonBenedict Anderson
26 August 1936
Political scientist
Stephanie PoetriStephanie Poetri
20 May 2000

Julie EstelleJulie Estelle
04 January 1989
17 February 1908
Journalist, Philosopher

24 January 1916
Military personnel

Taufik HidayatTaufik Hidayat
10 August 1981
Badminton player
Mohammad HattaMohammad Hatta
12 August 1902

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Pollycarpus PriyantoPollycarpus Priyanto
26 January 1961
Gajah MadaGajah Mada
1290 AD
Prime Minister

Sri Mulyani IndrawatiSri Mulyani Indrawati
26 August 1962
Economist, Politician, University teacher

Abdul Haris NasutionAbdul Haris Nasution
03 December 1918

Cinta LauraCinta Laura
17 August 1993
Actor, Singer, Model
Joey AlexanderJoey Alexander
25 June 2003
Jazz musician
Kevin Sanjaya SukamuljoKevin Sanjaya Sukamuljo
02 August 1995
Badminton player

11 November 1785

Jusuf KallaJusuf Kalla
15 May 1942
Politician, Entrepreneur

Pramoedya Ananta ToerPramoedya Ananta Toer
06 February 1925
Novelist, Writer, Essayist
Nadya HutagalungNadya Hutagalung
28 July 1974
Actor, Model

Ibrahim Datuk Tan MalakaIbrahim Datuk Tan Malaka
02 June 1897
Minangkabau communist leader

Hayam WurukHayam Wuruk
1334 AD

Rhoma IramaRhoma Irama
11 December 1946

Anthony Sinisuka GintingAnthony Sinisuka Ginting
20 October 1996
Badminton player
Mochtar RiadyMochtar Riady
1929 AD

Rudy HartonoRudy Hartono
18 August 1949
Badminton player
Susi SusantiSusi Susanti
11 February 1971
Badminton player

Sutan SjahrirSutan Sjahrir
05 March 1909
Political Leader

Lil DagoverLil Dagover
30 September 1887
Film Actress
Siti HartinahSiti Hartinah
23 August 1923
Wife of Indonesian president

Marcus Fernaldi GideonMarcus Fernaldi Gideon
09 March 1991
Badminton player
Hendra SetiawanHendra Setiawan
25 August 1984
Badminton player

Omar Said TjokroaminotoOmar Said Tjokroaminoto
16 August 1882

Ki Hajar DewantaraKi Hajar Dewantara
02 May 1889

Jonatan ChristieJonatan Christie
15 September 1997
Badminton player

Sultan Agung of MataramSultan Agung of Mataram
1593 AD
Tuanku Imam BonjolTuanku Imam Bonjol
1772 AD
Religious leader

Andrea HirataAndrea Hirata
24 October 1967
author, writer

Mohammad AhsanMohammad Ahsan
07 September 1987
Badminton player

Iskandar MudaIskandar Muda
1593 AD
Ahmad DahlanAhmad Dahlan
01 August 1868
Islamic revivalist

Agus SalimAgus Salim
08 October 1884
Religious leader
Liliyana NatsirLiliyana Natsir
09 September 1985
Badminton player

Praveen JordanPraveen Jordan
26 April 1993
Badminton player

0990 AD
Liem Swie KingLiem Swie King
28 February 1956
Badminton player

Anicetus Bongsu Antonius SinagaAnicetus Bongsu Antonius Sinaga
25 September 1941
Catholic priest
Arung SingkangArung Singkang
1700 AD

Tony GunawanTony Gunawan
09 April 1975
Badminton player

Alan BudikusumaAlan Budikusuma
29 March 1968
Badminton player
Markis KidoMarkis Kido
11 August 1984
Badminton player

Tontowi AhmadTontowi Ahmad
18 July 1987
Badminton player
Greysia PoliiGreysia Polii
11 August 1987
Badminton player

Sony Dwi KuncoroSony Dwi Kuncoro
07 July 1984
Badminton player

Melati Daeva OktaviantiMelati Daeva Oktavianti
26 October 1994
Badminton player

Erika RembergErika Remberg
15 February 1932
Tommy SugiartoTommy Sugiarto
31 May 1988
Badminton player
Candra WijayaCandra Wijaya
16 September 1975
Badminton player

Mia AudinaMia Audina
22 August 1979
Badminton player

Joe Hin TjioJoe Hin Tjio
02 November 1919

27 June 1972
Badminton player
Kertanegara of SinghasariKertanegara of Singhasari

Rexy MainakyRexy Mainaky
09 March 1968
Badminton player

Ardy WiranataArdy Wiranata
10 February 1970
Badminton player

Raja HajiRaja Haji
1727 AD

Nitya Krishinda MaheswariNitya Krishinda Maheswari
16 December 1988
Badminton player
Hasan TiroHasan Tiro
25 August 1925

Rudy GunawanRudy Gunawan
31 December 1966
Badminton player
Tjipto MangoenkoesoemoTjipto Mangoenkoesoemo
04 March 1886
Nationalist leader

Christian HadinataChristian Hadinata
11 December 1949
Badminton player
Ribka SugiartoRibka Sugiarto
22 January 2000
Badminton player
Yopie LatulYopie Latul
07 September 1953