Individuals born on February 28 fall under the twelfth sun sign, which is Pisces. Pisces individuals have a gentle and patient nature. They are sensitive to the feelings of those around them and react with the utmost sympathy to any suffering they come across. Sometimes their existence is emotional rather than rational and they tend to withdraw into a dream world. Those under the Pisces sign dislike discipline and confinement, longing to be recognized for great creativity. They are quite versatile and observant, being receptive to new ideas and environments.

Brian JonesBrian Jones
27, British
Founder of the Rolling Stones
Hazel KeechHazel Keech
32, Mauritian, British
Wife of cricketer Yuvraj Singh

Mario AndrettiMario Andretti
79, Croatian, Italian, American
Jason AldeanJason Aldean
42, American
Country Singer

Bugsy SiegelBugsy Siegel
41, American

Bernadette PetersBernadette Peters
71, American
30, Chinese

Svetlana AlliluyevaSvetlana Alliluyeva
85, Russian
Joseph Stalin's Daughter
Anabelle AcostaAnabelle Acosta
36, Cuban, American

Dorothy StrattenDorothy Stratten
20, Canadian
Model, Actress
Clara PetacciClara Petacci
33, Italian
Mistress of Benito Mussolini

Frank GehryFrank Gehry
90, Canadian, American
Sarah BolgerSarah Bolger
28, Irish
Linus PaulingLinus Pauling
93, American
Chemist, Biochemist

Randi ZuckerbergRandi Zuckerberg
37, American
Tasha SmithTasha Smith
48, American

Stephanie SigmanStephanie Sigman
32, Mexican, American
Rory CochraneRory Cochrane
47, American

Michel de MontaigneMichel de Montaigne
59, French

Stanley BakerStanley Baker
48, Welsh
Daniel HandlerDaniel Handler
49, American

Stephanie BeachamStephanie Beacham
72, British
Dean SmithDean Smith
83, American
Basketball Coach

Karolina Kurkova Karolína Kurková
35, Czech
Steven ChuSteven Chu
71, American
Former United States Secretary of Energy

Carlos Slim DomitCarlos Slim Domit
52, Mexican
Businessman, Son of Carlos Slim Helu
Ylona GarciaYlona Garcia
17, Filipino
Peter Brian Medwar Peter Medawar
72, British

Joel PimentelJoel Pimentel
20, American
Mary LyonMary Lyon
52, American
Pioneer in Women's Education

Leon N CooperLeon Cooper
89, American
Tabatha RobinsonTabatha Robinson
27, American
Reality TV Star

Zachary SmithZachary Smith
17, American
Youtube Comedians

Alfred LoisyAlfred Loisy
83, French
Philip Showalter HenchPhilip Showalter Hench
69, American

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Salvador MazzaSalvador Mazza
69, Argentinian
Physician and Epidemiologist
Mara JustineMara Justine
17, American

29, German, American
YouTuber, Gamer
Benson SmithBenson Smith
20, American
TikTok ( star

Daniel Chee TsuiDaniel Chee Tsui
80, American
Annika OsterlundAnnika Osterlund
16, American
Lunar EclispeLunar Eclispe
22, Canadian

Tiana LachnitTiana Lachnit
21, Canadian
Makeup artist, YouTuber
65, Hong Konger

Gilbert GottfriedGilbert Gottfried
64, American
Actor, Seiyū, Dub actor, Television actor,
John TurturroJohn Turturro
62, American

Ali LarterAli Larter
43, American
Film Actor/Film Actress

Michael BispingMichael Bisping
40, British
Mixed martial artist, Kickboxer, Thai boxer
Rae Dawn ChongRae Dawn Chong
58, Canadian, American
Actor, Film director, Television actor

Vincente MinnelliVincente Minnelli
83, American
Theatre director, Film director
Aroldis ChapmanAroldis Chapman
31, Cuban
Baseball player

Robert Sean LeonardRobert Sean Leonard
50, American
Natalia VodianovaNatalia Vodianova
37, Russian

Paul KrugmanPaul Krugman
66, American
Columnist, Economist, Essayist, Blogger,
Charles DurningCharles Durning
89, American
Cindy WilsonCindy Wilson
62, American

Mercedes RuehlMercedes Ruehl
71, American
Eric LindrosEric Lindros
46, Canadian
Ice hockey player

Tayshaun PrinceTayshaun Prince
39, American
Basketball player
Ainsley HarriottAinsley Harriott
62, British

Arkadiusz MilikArkadiusz Milik
25, Polish
Polish footballer

Rodger CorserRodger Corser
46, Australian
Actor, Film actor
Jake BuggJake Bugg
25, British
Singer-songwriter, Guitarist, Singer, Pianist,

Rafael AmayaRafael Amaya
42, Mexican
Actor, Singer, Model, Television actor, Film actor
Mark LathamMark Latham
58, Australian
Politician, Trade unionist

Henry the Young KingHenry the Young King
28, French
William McMaster MurdochWilliam McMaster Murdoch
39, British
Chief mate

Audrey WilliamsAudrey Williams
52, American
Musician, Songwriter
Fefe DobsonFefe Dobson
34, Canadian
Singer, Actor, Songwriter, Musician, Model
Katy WixKaty Wix
39, British
Actor, Comedian

Sébastien BourdaisSébastien Bourdais
40, French
Racing driver
Dino ZoffDino Zoff
77, Italian
Association football player, Association football

Azhar MahmoodAzhar Mahmood
44, New Zealander
Robin CookRobin Cook
59, British
British Politician

Suzanne MubarakSuzanne Mubarak
78, Egyptian

Stephen SpenderStephen Spender
86, British
Poet, Writer, Essayist, University teacher,
Ravindra JainRavindra Jain
71, Indian
Musician, Composer

Mike FiggisMike Figgis
71, British
Actor, Film director, Screenwriter,
34, Brazilian

Erik DemaineErik Demaine
38, Canadian
Mathematician, Computer scientist, University
Debora GreenDebora Green
68, American

Antonio CandrevaAntonio Candreva
32, Italian
Association football player
Sebastian RudySebastian Rudy
29, German
Alexei Petrovich, Tsarevich of RussiaAlexei Petrovich, Tsarevich of Russia
28, Russian

Jeanne CoyneJeanne Coyne
50, American
Actor, Choreographer, Dancer, Stage actor
Joey MarellaJoey Marella
31, American

Lim Goh TongLim Goh Tong
89, Chinese
Ian StanleyIan Stanley
62, British
Musician, Pianist

Christian PoulsenChristian Poulsen
39, Danish
Danish footballer
Louis-Joseph de MontcalmLouis-Joseph de Montcalm
47, French
Military personnel

John TennielJohn Tenniel
Painter, Illustrator
Murray GoldMurray Gold
50, British
Composer, Film score composer

Sepp MaierSepp Maier
75, German
Association football player, Goalkeeper coach
Paulo FutrePaulo Futre
53, Portuguese
Association football player

Marcel PagnolMarcel Pagnol
79, French
Theatre director, Film director, Writer,
Alfred von SchlieffenAlfred von Schlieffen
79, German

Personality Traits & Characteristics of Famous People Born on February 28

Persons born on this day have a hunger for knowledge and will apply their intelligence to important projects. People are drawn to them because of their calm nature, which can have a comforting effect. Stronger than others might imagine, individuals born on this day have an undeniable independent streak. With strong determination and will power they are inclined to try many roads toward success.

Those born on February 28 commonly deal with small health issues that are the result of stress or imbalance in one or more of the key areas in their lives. It is important for them to maintain a harmonious environment for their wellbeing. Persons born on this day tend to have food or additive allergies, making them quite selective with dietary choices. Although not lazy, they are usually not fond of exercising, not really seeing the necessity of it for staying in good shape.

February 28 people have a keen instinct for making money and are able to stay within a tight budget. They have the sense and ability to maintain and manage money for long periods, especially when saving for something special. They should stay away from speculations and gambles when interests of other people are concerned.

Those born on February 28 tend to choose careers based on their suitability rather than salary. They value the importance of finding a balance between personal life and professional life. They should  avoid careers like doctor, lawyer, or actor. To have a flourishing career it is best for them to start by working with a solid business.

Relationships, Marriage, and Children
Individuals born on this day are loyal and willing to stand by a friend. Their experiences with friends are very important for their view of life. Romance is a high priority and they enjoy dating and may marry later in life or not marry at all. Their parenting is conscientious and can create an atmosphere of good times and fun.

Lucky Colors: Yellow, Gold
Lucky Numbers: 1, 10, 19, 28, 37, 46, 55, 64, 73, 82
Lucky Days (of the week): Sunday, Thursday
Lucky Days (of the month): 1st, 3rd