Rudy Mancuso Bio

(American Internet Personality and YouTuber)

Birthday: February 28, 1992 (Pisces)

Born In: New Jersey, United States

Brimming with 10.6 million followers on Vine, Rudy Mancuso ranks as one of the most popular Vine stars with exceptional talent in music and direction. Obviously, the talent he possesses mirrors the Vines he creates; within minutes of uploading his Vine videos, he generates a million views. This dauntless comedian slams stereotypes with his unconventional content through his sidesplitting characters of Isaac and Juan - two Hispanic men identified by hats, Spanish Batman, Spanish Superman and Tony, an Italian. Don’t stumble yet! This Vine star doesn’t stick to characters to get you cracking, his relatable humor coupled with a few of his friends just hanging out and doing the ‘offbeat’ is hysterical.

Quick Facts

Age: 32 Years, 32 Year Old Males

Born Country: United States

Height: 5'7" (170 cm), 5'7" Males

Notable Alumni: Rutgers University, Newark, Glen Ridge High School

Ancestry: Italian American, Brazilian American, American Brazilian

U.S. State: New Jersey

More Facts

education: Glen Ridge High School, Rutgers University, Newark

The Meteoric Rise to Stardom
In an interview, Rudy Mancuso mentioned that he discovered the world of video production through music. Music is his biggest passion—evenbefore he could speak he found himself reaching for the piano. It was after he discovered music that he went on to discover all the other aspects of social media, it led him to become one of the most followed Vine stars. He was introduced to Vine by one of his friends. At first he didn’t know exactly what it was since it was different from other social media. This led him to explore the platform and then it just took off for him. Rudy Mancuso’s first Vine was of him and his friends singing ‘Wimboweh’ from ‘The Lion King’. Ever since, his content just kept getting better and in no time he was on top of the Vine charts reaching an estimated net worth of 250,000 dollars by 2016.He now endorses brands and is also known as an actor and cinematographer in movies such as ‘Tough Love’ (2012), ‘SHFTY: Super Happy Fun Time, YAY!’(2014) and ‘Petting Scorpions’ (2016).
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What Makes Rudy Mancuso So Special
So what makes Rudy so special—hismultiple talents or excessive hard work? Well, it’s both. Rudy started out as a musician. He started to play the keyboard at a very young age and never let his dreams stall. He wanted to make it big in the world of Art and Entertainment. Rudy did not limit himself to one area of entertainment- music. But he went on to master the skills of acting, direction and storyboarding. In an interview, he said that the best part of Vine is that he gets to tell a short story with himself as the character, where he can call the shots and run a ‘one man’s show’, just like Charlie Chaplin. Thus, with his incessant ambitions, Rudy juggles life between Los Angeles and New York.
Beyond Fame
As rooted as one can be, Rudy Mancuso doesn’t have as much fanfare on other social media sites. Resting on his 10.6 million followers on Vine, it’s surprising to see such a great difference of followers on other sites. However, the comments and love he is showered with on Vine, is enough to balance it all. Sometimes, it’s just the work one puts in that earnsthem admiration more than creating a mega personality. Rudy is passionate about whatever he does, whether it be signing, composing a new gig, cinematography or working on his performance skills. He likes to better his work, learning from prior experience. On the personal front, Rudy has had a couple of love affairs, but his longest has been with Maia Mitchell known for her role as Brittany Flune in the television series ‘Mortified’
Behind The Curtains
While an American citizen, Rudy has a Brazilian and Italian background that he effectively uses in the characters he plays on Vine. Rudy has an elder sibling, a sister and we have seen his mother too in a number of Vine videos that he released when he had just familiarized himself with Vine.In one of his videos, we see him at the dining table with his mother, annoying her to his heart’s content. Yet little is known about his family. On the other hand, his love affairs have not been hidden from media, with videos and pictures doing the rounds during the Rudy-Maia fling. Rudy and Maia looked a wonderful pair and all was going well for them until February or March 2016 when the two broke up. Rumorhas it that the two might be getting back together, but no evidence supports the rumors.

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