Estonia, one of the most developed countries in Europe, boasts of a rich cultural heritage, influenced by Nordic aspects, as well as Finnic, Baltic, Germanic and Slavic elements. Jacob Johann Köhler revolutionized Estonian literature when he became the first publisher to publish Estonian-language Bible in the 18th century. Friedrich Robert Faehlmann and Friedrich Reinhold Kreutzwald took forward Köhler’s legacy and proceeded to publish what became the Estonian national epic. Estonians are also much respected for their musical culture, and the nation has produced several notable musicians and conductors who earned international acclaim. Painters like Johann Köler, Ants Laikmaa, Paul Raud, Evald Okas, Kristjan Raud and Konrad Mägi revitalized Estonian art and helped to bring their nation at par with other European countries in the artistic fields. August von Kotzebue founded an amateur theater company way back in the late 18th century, setting the pace for the growth of theater as a popular means of entertainment. In the 20th century, Arvo Valton and Grigori Kromanov played instrumental roles in the growth of Estonian cinema which is now well regarded in the international scenario. This section provides you information about the life and works of famous Estonians.
Johann UrbJohann Urb
24 January 1977
Carmen KassCarmen Kass
14 September 1978

Lennart MeriLennart Meri
29 March 1929

Edgar SavisaarEdgar Savisaar
31 May 1950
Estonian Politician

Anton Hansen TammsaareAnton Hansen Tammsaare
30 January 1878

Karmen PedaruKarmen Pedaru
10 May 1990
Fashion model
Ludvig PuuseppLudvig Puusepp
1875 AD
Estonian surgeon,researcher and the world's first

Gustav SuitsGustav Suits
30 November 1883

01 March 1999
Carolyn BorockCarolyn Borock
08 April 1998
TikTok Star

Arvo PärtArvo Pärt
11 September 1935
Kersti KaljulaidKersti Kaljulaid
30 December 1969

Kaia KanepiKaia Kanepi
10 June 1985
Tennis player

Toomas Hendrik IlvesToomas Hendrik Ilves
26 December 1953
Politician, Journalist, Diplomat

Mart PoomMart Poom
03 February 1972
Football player

Fabian Gottlieb von BellingshausenFabian Gottlieb von Bellingshausen
20 September 1778
Navy officer
Endel TulvingEndel Tulving
26 May 1927
Neuroscientist, Psychologist

Adolf von HarnackAdolf von Harnack
07 May 1851

Paul KeresPaul Keres
06 January 1916

Konstantin PätsKonstantin Päts
23 February 1874
Karl Ernst von BaerKarl Ernst von Baer
28 February 1792
Scientist, explorer

Patriarch Alexy II of MoscowPatriarch Alexy II of Moscow
23 February 1929
Patriarch of Moscow and all Rus
Tiiu KuikTiiu Kuik

Otto von KotzebueOtto von Kotzebue
30 December 1787

Siim KallasSiim Kallas
02 October 1948
Andrus AnsipAndrus Ansip
01 October 1956
Politician, Chemist, Entrepreneur, Businessperson

Adam Johann von KrusensternAdam Johann von Krusenstern
10 October 1770
Hilda TabaHilda Taba
07 December 1902

Arnold RüütelArnold Rüütel
10 May 1928

Johan LaidonerJohan Laidoner
12 February 1884
Estonian patriot
Gerd KanterGerd Kanter
06 May 1979
Estonian olympic athlete

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Gerd KanterGerd Kanter
06 May 1979
Estonian olympic athlete
Magdalena MielcarzMagdalena Mielcarz

Veljo TormisVeljo Tormis
07 August 1930

Heinrich LenzHeinrich Lenz
12 February 1804

Ginta LapinaGinta Lapina