Situated in South America, Ecuador forwards tourists almost everything one can think of – lofty mountain peaks, dense Amazon rainforests, indigenous markets, colonial towns, sun-kissed shores and lava-bursting volcanoes. Despite its miniature size, Ecuador is quite complete in itself. And just like its natural surroundings, Ecuadorians are accomplished as well. The country has produced many famous painters, historians, journalists, writers, photographers and so on. Ivan Vallejo Ricaurte Is a chemical engineer and teacher turned climber who became the first Ecuadorian to reach the summit of Mount Everest. Eugenio Espejo’s work as a scientist, medical professional and writer have been highly influential. He is till date regarded as one of the most enlightened thinkers of the 18th century. Not just men, Ecuadorian women too have left a lasting imprint on the history of the country. Matilde Hidalgo de Procel has too many firsts to her credit – she was the first Ecuadorian woman to graduate from high school, the first to vote in election and the first to hold electoral office in the country. Ecuadorian Hermelinda Urvina became the first South American to receive the license as pilot. Check out this section to find amazing facts about famous Ecuadorians, their life and their accomplishments.
Lenín MorenoLenín Moreno
(Political leader)

19 March 1953

Rafael CorreaRafael Correa

06 April 1963

Eugenio EspejoEugenio Espejo
(Writer & Medical Pioneer)

21 February 1747

Juan José FloresJuan José Flores
(First President of Ecuador)

19 July 1800

Alfredo Pareja DiezcansecoAlfredo Pareja Diezcanseco
(Novelist, Essayist, Historian)

12 October 1908

Huayna CapacHuayna Capac

1464 AD

Alfredo PalacioAlfredo Palacio
(Former President of Ecuador)

22 January 1939

Luis Antonio ValenciaLuis Antonio Valencia

04 August 1985