Discover the notable alumni of Duke University. The list includes people like Richard Nixon, Seth Curry, Tim Cook, Mike Posner & Rand Paul. This list of notable alumni is loosely sorted by popularity and has people from different domains of life, such as intellectuals & academics, writers, scientists, media personalities and sportspersons etc.
Rand PaulRand Paul
07 January 1963, American
US Senator
Tim CookTim Cook
01 November 1960, American
CEO of Apple Inc.

Ron PaulRon Paul
20 August 1935, American

Cody KoCody Ko
22 November 1990, Canadian
Viner, YouTuber

Seth CurrySeth Curry
23 August 1990, American
Basketball Player

Mike PosnerMike Posner
12 February 1988, American
Singer-songwriter, Record Producer
Judy WoodruffJudy Woodruff
20 November 1946, American

David RubensteinDavid Rubenstein
11 August 1949, American
Co-founder of The Carlyle Group,

Ken WilberKen Wilber
31 January 1949, American
Writer, Philosopher
John W. CampbellJohn W. Campbell
08 June 1910, American
Science Fiction Writer

Paul FarmerPaul Farmer
26 October 1959, American
Dylan LaurenDylan Lauren
09 May 1974, American
Owner of Dylan's Candy Bar

Britt NicoleBritt Nicole
02 August 1985, American
Singer, Songwriter

Charles Hard TownesCharles H. Townes
28 July 1915, American

Bob WiseBob Wise
06 January 1948, American
Former Governor of West Virginia

Robert Coleman RichardsonRobert Coleman Richardson
26 June 1937, American
Hans Georg DehmeltHans Georg Dehmelt
09 September 1922, German, American

Matthew PatrickMatthew Patrick
15 November 1986, American

Cherry SeabornCherry Seaborn
06 May 1992, British
Ed Sheeran’s Fiancée, Field Hockey Player

Cerina FairfaxCerina Fairfax
1978 AD, American
Justin Edward Fairfax's Wife
Christian LaettnerChristian Laettner
17 August 1969, American
Basketball Player

Grant HillGrant Hill
05 October 1972, American
Art collector, Basketball player
Sylvia EarleSylvia Earle
30 August 1935, American
Marine biologist

12 April 1970, American
Stand-up Comedian

Adam SilverAdam Silver
25 April 1962, American
Belle KnoxBelle Knox
09 June 1995, American

William Kennedy SmithWilliam Kennedy Smith
04 September 1960, American
Dan AbramsDan Abrams
20 May 1966, American

Ben MulroneyBen Mulroney
09 March 1976, Canadian
Actor, Television presenter

Elton BrandElton Brand
11 March 1979, American
Basketball Player
Bailey ChaseBailey Chase
01 May 1972, American

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Charlie RoseCharlie Rose
05 January 1942
television presenter, journalist
Ayda FieldAyda Field
17 May 1979, Turkish, American

Douglas BruntDouglas Brunt
25 August 1971, American

Shelley Moore CapitoShelley Moore Capito
26 November 1953, American

Travis Lane StorkTravis Lane Stork
09 March 1972, American
Carlos BoozerCarlos Boozer
20 November 1981, American
Basketball player
Jabari ParkerJabari Parker
15 March 1995, American
Basketball player

Shane BattierShane Battier
09 September 1978, American
Basketball player

Benjamin WatsonBenjamin Watson
18 December 1980, American
American Football Player

Ken StarrKen Starr
21 July 1946, American
Elizabeth DoleElizabeth Dole
29 July 1936, American

Martin KrattMartin Kratt
23 December 1965, American
Television host

Jessica SpringsteenJessica Springsteen
30 December 1991, American

Eric BollingEric Bolling
02 March 1963, American
Presenter, Television presenter, Baseball player,

Dan ArielyDan Ariely
29 April 1967, Israeli, American
Richard BrakeRichard Brake
30 November 1964, American, Welsh

Merry ClaytonMerry Clayton
25 December 1948, American
Martin DempseyMartin Dempsey
14 March 1952, American
Military personnel

Aubrey McClendonAubrey McClendon
14 July 1959, American

Andrew McCabeAndrew McCabe
18 March 1968, American
Anne TylerAnne Tyler
25 October 1941, American

Larry KlaymanLarry Klayman
20 July 1951, American
Luis von AhnLuis von Ahn
09 August 1978, Guatemalan, American

Tucker MaxTucker Max
27 September 1975, American

Jay PritzkerJay Pritzker
26 August 1922, American

David LaurenDavid Lauren
11 October 1971, American
Family Members

William StyronWilliam Styron
11 June 1925, American
military personnel, novelist, autobiographer,
John CarreyrouJohn Carreyrou
French, American

Kyle SinglerKyle Singler
04 May 1988, American
Basketball player

Jerome BrunerJerome Bruner
01 October 1915, American
Psychologist, University teacher

John T. ChambersJohn T. Chambers
23 August 1949, American
Russell KirkRussell Kirk
19 October 1918, American
Political scientist, Philosopher, Literary critic,

Rita VolkRita Volk
03 September 1990, American, Uzbekistan
Fred BrooksFred Brooks
19 April 1931, American
Mathematician, Computer scientist, Engineer,

John Hope FranklinJohn Hope Franklin
02 January 1915, American
Historian, University teacher, Author, Professor,

Andrew BaldwinAndrew Baldwin
05 February 1977, American
Biologist, Officer, Model
Dave SimeDave Sime
25 July 1936, American
Athletics competitor

Ricardo LagosRicardo Lagos
02 March 1938, Chilean
Lawyer, Economist, Politician, Professor, Diplomat
Scott GuthrieScott Guthrie
06 February 1975, American
Programmer, Computer scientist

Walter RudinWalter Rudin
02 May 1921, American
Mathematician, University teacher

Joseph Banks RhineJoseph Banks Rhine
29 September 1895, American
Nathaniel PhilbrickNathaniel Philbrick
11 June 1956, American
Writer, Historian

John SiricaJohn Sirica
19 March 1904, American
Lawyer, Judge
Peter MaasPeter Maas
27 June 1929, American

John CockeJohn Cocke
30 May 1925, American
Computer scientist

Nancy HanksNancy Hanks
31 December 1927, American
Art historian

Susan AtheySusan Athey
29 November 1970, American
Clay FelkerClay Felker
02 October 1925, American
Reynolds PriceReynolds Price
01 February 1933, American

Edmund M. ClarkeEdmund M. Clarke
27 July 1945, American
Computer Scientist

Ian BarbourIan Barbour
05 October 1923, Chinese, American

Ace ParkerAce Parker
17 May 1912, American
Football player
Walter Hines PageWalter Hines Page
15 August 1855, American

James Rhyne KillianJames Rhyne Killian
24 July 1904, American

Jeffrey VitterJeffrey Vitter
13 November 1955, American
Computer scientist, Engineer

Ned MartinNed Martin
09 August 1923, American

Josephine HumphreysJosephine Humphreys
02 February 1945, American
John Spencer BassettJohn Spencer Bassett
10 September 1867, American

Eric K. ShinsekiEric K. Shinseki
28 November 1942, American
Military Officer
Bill GrossBill Gross
13 April 1944, American
Entrepreneur, Financier

F. Herbert BormannF. Herbert Bormann
24 March 1922, American
Harold GinsbergHarold Ginsberg
27 May 1917, American
Henry John HydeHenry John Hyde
18 April 1924, American

Situated in Dunham, North Carolina is the private research institute, Duke University. The university enjoys a total campus area of 8,600 acres including its three adjoining campuses. The ever-so-popular university enjoys its consistent inclusion among the best universities in the world as per several international university rankings. According to a New York Times corporate study, Duke University’s graduates are presented as the most sought-after and valued in the world. The university also ranks fifth to have created the most Rhodes, Marshall, Truman and Goldwater Scholars, among national universities. Duke University has spread its roots across the globe with partnerships, tie-ups and expansion in various countries such as China and Singapore. Being one of the ten toughest universities to get into in the U.S., according to Huffington Post, the campus comprises of niche, handpicked students who have displayed academic excellence. Even the excellent panel of faculty is handpicked to ensure that the students have access to one of the best education opportunities that the country has to offer. Duke University was deemed 8th in the 2017 U.S. News & World Report ranking of undergraduate programs at doctorate granting institutions in the country. With a student body comprising of almost 15,000 students, Duke University’s diversity adds profundity and depth in enriching the life of each student. The university also boasts and impressive list of alumni’s from the likes of President Richard Nixon to Charlie Rose to Tim Cook to Ken Jeong. Presenting to you, a complete list of achievers from Duke University.