Died On October 22nd

Discover the most famous people who died on October 22. The list includes people like Paul Cezanne, Paul Tillich, Kingsley Amis, Nadia Boulanger, Albert Szent-Györgyi. Famous personalities featured on this list, include composers, political leaders, poets and psychologists and from other domains of life. This list includes people from United States, France, United Kingdom & Hungary and many more countries.

Cleavon LittleCleavon Little
01 June 1939, American
Charles MartelCharles Martel
0686 AD, Belgian, French
Military Leader

Pretty Boy FloydPretty Boy Floyd
03 February 1904, American
Bank Robber

Mary WickesMary Wickes
13 June 1910, American

Soupy SalesSoupy Sales
08 January 1926, American

Paul TillichPaul Tillich
20 August 1886, German, American
Kingsley AmisKingsley Amis
16 April 1922, British
Poet, novelist and lecturer

Nadia BoulangerNadia Boulanger
16 September 1887, French

Khawaja NazimuddinKhawaja Nazimuddin
19 July 1894, Pakistani
Former Prime Minister of Pakistan

Albert von Szent-Györgyi Albert Szent-Györgyi
16 September 1893, Austrian, Hungarian, American
Paul CezannePaul Cezanne
19 January 1839, French
French artist

Archibald AlexanderArchibald Alexander
17 April 1772, American
American theologian
Ève CurieÈve Curie
06 December 1904, French, American
Younger Daughter of Scientist Marie Curie

Louis AlthusserLouis Althusser
16 October 1918, French
Philosopher, Politician, University teacher

Savitri DeviSavitri Devi
30 September 1905, French
Writer, Poet
Arnold J. ToynbeeArnold J. Toynbee
14 April 1889, British
Historian, Professor, Diplomat

Ewan MacCollEwan MacColl
25 January 1915, British
Singer, Playwright, Record producer, Composer
Richard HelmsRichard Helms
30 March 1913, American
Government official

Alessandro ScarlattiAlessandro Scarlatti
02 May 1660, Italian
Composer, Musician

Rollo MayRollo May
21 April 1909, American
Psychologist, Psychotherapist
Théophile GautierThéophile Gautier
31 August 1811, French
writer, journalist, playwright, literary critic,

Jibanananda DasJibanananda Das
17 February 1899, Bangladeshi
Poet, Writer
Bob FitzsimmonsBob Fitzsimmons
26 May 1863, British

Andrew FisherAndrew Fisher
29 August 1862, Australian
Politician, Diplomat, Trade unionist

Jimmy MillerJimmy Miller
23 March 1942, American
Record producer, Lava coches, Lyricist, Songwriter

Lino VenturaLino Ventura
14 July 1919, French, Italian
Film actor, Actor, Amateur wrestler
Red BarberRed Barber
17 February 1908, American
Sports commentator
Louis SpohrLouis Spohr
05 April 1784, German
Composer, Conductor, Musicologist, Music educator

Arthur JensenArthur Jensen
24 August 1923, American
Psychologist, University teacher

Choi Kyu-hahChoi Kyu-hah
16 July 1919

Ye JianyingYe Jianying
28 April 1897
17 November 1928, French, American
Painter, Artist, Sculptor

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David Cecil, 6th Marquess of ExeterDavid Cecil, 6th Marquess of Exeter
09 February 1905, British
Politician, Athletics competitor

Ferdinand I of PortugalFerdinand I of Portugal
31 October 1345, Portuguese

Chūya NakaharaChūya Nakahara
29 April 1907, Japanese
Poet, Writer, Tanka poet, Translator

Maurice BéjartMaurice Béjart
01 January 1927, Swiss, French
Steve DillonSteve Dillon
1962 AD, British
comics artist

Ernest HilgardErnest Hilgard
25 July 1904, American
Psychologist, University teacher
George Horace LorimerGeorge Horace Lorimer
06 October 1867, American

Sultan, Crown Prince of Saudi ArabiaSultan, Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia
05 January 1924, Saudi Arabian
Deputy Prime Minister

Mark MurphyMark Murphy
14 March 1932, American
singer, jazz musician
Choe GyuhaChoe Gyuha
16 July 1919, South Korean
Former President of South Korea

Janos AranyJanos Arany
02 March 1817, Hungarian
Edward Henry Carson, Baron CarsonEdward Henry Carson, Baron Carson
09 February 1854, British, Northern Irish

Çetin AltanÇetin Altan
22 June 1927, Turkish
politician, author, writer, journalist

Vartapet KomitasVartapet Komitas
26 September 1869, Armenian