Died On July 23rd

Discover the most famous people who died on July 23. The list includes people like Ulysses S. Grant, Montgomery Clift, Philippe Pétain, Sally Ride, D. W. Griffith. Famous personalities featured on this list, include actors, political leaders, military leaders and aviators and from other domains of life. This list includes people from United States, United Kingdom, Brazil & Italy and many more countries.

Andrew CunananAndrew Cunanan
31 August 1969, American
Serial killer
Ulysses S. GrantUlysses S. Grant
27 April 1822, American
President of the U.S.A

Montgomery Clift Montgomery Clift
17 October 1920, American

Sally RideSally Ride
26 May 1951, American
Physicist, Astronaut

Vic MorrowVic Morrow
14 February 1929, American

William RamsayWilliam Ramsay
02 October 1852, British
Philippe PétainPhilippe Pétain
24 April 1856, French
Marshal of France

D. W. GriffithD. W. Griffith
22 January 1875, American
American director

Van HeflinVan Heflin
13 December 1908, American

Domenico ScarlattiDomenico Scarlatti
26 October 1685, Italian
Musical Composer
Mohammed Zahir ShahMohammed Zahir Shah
15 October 1914, Afghan
Former King of Afghanistan

Cordell HullCordell Hull
02 October 1871, American
Secretary of State, USA
Chaim PotokChaim Potok
17 February 1929, American
American author

William TubmanWilliam Tubman
29 November 1895, Liberian

Amy Jade WinehouseAmy Jade Winehouse
14 September 1983, British
Henry Hallett DaleHenry Hallett Dale
09 June 1875, British
Physiologist & Pharmacologist

Ernst Otto FischerErnst Otto Fischer
10 November 1918, German
Alberto Santos DumontAlberto Santos Dumont
20 July 1873, Brazilian
Brazilian aviator

Amy WinehouseAmy Winehouse
14 September 1983, British
Singer-songwriter, Guitarist, Jazz musician,

Reginald DyerReginald Dyer
09 October 1864, British
Eddie RickenbackerEddie Rickenbacker
08 October 1890, American
Aviator, Racecar driver, Military personnel

Leo McKernLeo McKern
16 March 1920, Australian
Hassan II of MoroccoHassan II of Morocco
09 July 1929, Moroccan
Former King of Morocco

Alberto Santos-DumontAlberto Santos-Dumont
20 July 1873, Brazilian
Aviator, Inventor, Balloonist

Roger ShermanRoger Sherman
19 April 1721, American
Politician, Lawyer, Judge, Diplomat

Eudora WeltyEudora Welty
13 April 1909, American
Bridget of SwedenBridget of Sweden
1303 AD, Swedish
writer, philosopher
Götz von BerlichingenGötz von Berlichingen
1480 AD, German

Isaac SingerIsaac Singer
27 October 1811, American
Actor, Inventor

Syed ModiSyed Modi
1962 AD, Indian
badminton player

Mario BregaMario Brega
05 March 1923, Italian
Aliki VougiouklakiAliki Vougiouklaki
20 July 1934, Greek
Actor, Singer, Film actor

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Giuseppe Tomasi di LampedusaGiuseppe Tomasi di Lampedusa
23 December 1896, Italian
Writer, Novelist

Andries PretoriusAndries Pretorius
27 November 1798, South African

Djalma SantosDjalma Santos
27 February 1929, Brazilian
Association football player

Sidney WeinbergSidney Weinberg
12 October 1891, American
Banker, Economist
Thorbjörn FälldinThorbjörn Fälldin
24 April 1926, Swedish
Politician, Prime Minister

George Lyman KittredgeGeorge Lyman Kittredge
28 February 1860, American
musicologist, literary critic, journalist
James R. Jordan, Sr.James R. Jordan, Sr.
31 July 1936, American

Chūhei NambuChūhei Nambu
27 May 1904, Japanese
Athletics competitor, Journalist, Sprinter

Eudora Alice WeltyEudora Alice Welty
13 April 1909, American
John Richard HopkinsJohn Richard Hopkins
27 January 1931, British