Died On July 16th

Discover the most famous people who died on July 16. The list includes people like Harry Chapin, Talia Castellano, Stephen Covey, Hilaire Belloc, Alan Vega. Famous personalities featured on this list, include poets, football players, journalists and spiritual & religious leaders and from other domains of life. This list includes people from United States, United Kingdom, France & Germany and many more countries.

Carolyn Bessette-KennedyCarolyn Bessette-Kennedy
07 January 1966, American
John F. Kennedy Jr.John F. Kennedy Jr.
25 November 1960, American
Son of John F. Kennedy

Anne of ClevesAnne of Cleves
22 September 1515, German, British
Former Queen of England

Mary Todd LincolnMary Todd Lincoln
13 December 1818, American
Former First Lady of the United States

Celia CruzCelia Cruz
21 October 1925, American

Harry ChapinHarry Chapin
07 December 1942, American
Stephen CoveyStephen Covey
24 October 1932, American
Writer of "The Seven Habits of Highly Effective

Hilaire BellocHilaire Belloc
27 July 1870, French, British

Jo StaffordJo Stafford
12 November 1917, American

Martin KenzieMartin Kenzie
29 April 1956, British
Julian SchwingerJulian Schwinger
12 February 1918, American

Alan VegaAlan Vega
23 June 1938, American
Robert MotherwellRobert Motherwell
24 January 1915, American
Abstract Painter

Talia CastellanoTalia Castellano
18 August 1999, American

Albert AnkerAlbert Anker
01 April 1831, Swiss
Ellen G WhiteEllen G White
26 November 1827, American

Johnny WinterJohnny Winter
23 February 1944, American
Guitarist, Singer, Singer-songwriter, Record
Ivan VI of RussiaIvan VI of Russia
23 August 1740, Russian
Emperor of Russia

George A. RomeroGeorge A. Romero
04 February 1940, Canadian, American
American-Canadian filmmaker

Ellen G. WhiteEllen G. White
26 November 1827, American
Albert KesselringAlbert Kesselring
30 November 1885, German
German military commander

Dora MaarDora Maar
22 November 1907, French
Photographer, Artist, Painter, Poet,
Jon LordJon Lord
09 June 1941, British
Composer, pianist

Pope Innocent IIIPope Innocent III
22 February 1161, Italian

Herbert von KarajanHerbert von Karajan
05 April 1908, Austrian
Conductor, Music director

William AsherWilliam Asher
08 August 1921, American
Karl AlbrechtKarl Albrecht
20 February 1920, German
Kitty WellsKitty Wells
30 August 1919, American
Songwriter, Singer

Stephen SpenderStephen Spender
28 February 1909, British
Poet, Writer, Essayist, University teacher,

Heinrich BöllHeinrich Böll
21 December 1917, German

Mahbub ul HaqMahbub ul Haq
22 February 1934, Pakistani
Economist, Politician, Financier, Banker
Charles I of HungaryCharles I of Hungary
1288 AD, Hungarian
King of Hungary

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Thomas KydThomas Kyd
06 November 1558, British
playwright, writer

Ivan VIIvan VI
23 August 1740, Russian
Emperor of Russia

John Henrik ClarkeJohn Henrik Clarke
01 January 1915, American

Charles StuddCharles Studd
02 December 1860, British
Cricketer, Author, Missionary
Bob BabbittBob Babbitt
26 November 1937, American

May SartonMay Sarton
03 May 1912, Belgian, American
Writer, Poet
Beate Uhse-RotermundBeate Uhse-Rotermund
25 October 1919, German
Aviator, Entrepreneur, Sex educator

Alex ColvilleAlex Colville
24 August 1920, Canadian

John P. MarquandJohn P. Marquand
10 November 1893, American
Jack GoodyJack Goody
27 July 1919, British
Anthropologist, University teacher, Non-fiction

Alcides GhiggiaAlcides Ghiggia
22 December 1926, Uruguayan
Association football player, Association football
Julio AbbadieJulio Abbadie
07 September 1930, Uruguayan
Association football player

Kōji NakanoKōji Nakano
01 January 1925, Japanese
Translator, Novelist, Critic